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John Carter of Mars

Finally finished it!
Here's the colored version of this John Carter piece I posted a few weeks ago-- [link]
The pen and ink version will actually be appearing in Tantor Media's new e-book version of A Princess of Mars, but I just couldn't help but take the image all the way to colors! I'll let you know when the e-book comes out.

I just saw the John Carter movie this past weekend and thought it was awesome! It was really cool to see all those Barsoomian creatures alive on screen-- Woola stole every scene he was in!

It wasn't a perfect movie-- for instance turning Carter from a guy who was tongue-tied and awkward around women into a brooding widower seemed like a strange decision to me, and I was kind of disappointed that Tars Tarkis, Sola and Sarkoja's relationship, which I thought was particularly Disney-friendly in the books, was handled as a rushed info-dump-- but that said, it was a lot of fun and had excellent visual designs.
Also, Dejah Thoris wasn't quite as naked as she was in the books, but she still looked gorgeous, and her costumes were cool enough that it was almost worth it... on second thought, no, that's not true :P

Anyway, I guess monsters, explosions and hot babes are pretty much what I look for in movies.
I have simple tastes.
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Definitely on my want list.