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Figure Drawing 03

By ReillyBrown
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The drawing session that I usually go to is hosted by Dorian and Liana Vallejo who are both extremely talented portrait artists. One thing I always find funny about the drawing sessions is that although I spend most of my days drawing comic book images, my figure drawings tend to be more realistic, and even though they spend most of their time doing realistic portraits, their figure drawings tend to be more impressionistic or fantastic. It's interesting to see artists stretching creative muscles they don't normally use!

If you're interested, you can check out Dorian's work here--[link]
and here-- [link]
And Liana's stuff here-- [link]
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Beautiful work.
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absolutley stunning, how often do you attend life drawing classes per week, id love to know i do it once a week but i dont think its enough
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For a while I was going twice a week, but that was a few years ago. I barely ever get to go these days, and I miss it terribly!
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thanks so much. i hope you can get to go soon. i love seeing great artists life drawings.
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The crosshatching is somewhat reminescent of Rembrandt, very nice!
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Damn, quite a compliment, thanks!
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waw. that is breath taking... such fine and detailed sketching on the shadows!!
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really loving the use of line
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beautifully done
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Thank you! I've got to go to some more figure drawing some time soon. Maybe I'll post more of the drawings up here :)
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Thanks a lot! I don't get a chance to do full rendering in ink very often, and I really love it. It's great to do for life drawing, but takes a really loooong pose!
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Thanks, glad you like it!
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This is so great Reilly. Looking it over it is almost fully supported by cross-hatching it would be interesting to see how it looked without any of the contour lines at all.

I'm hoping to hit at least one of those sessions before I move back to MA and completely lose the opportunity.
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Great marks in this fine drawing. Barrie
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Wonderful work here Reilly! And yes I agree actually! It's weird seeing eve in something as simple as animation class how the styles differ when doing different jobs
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whoa.. this is amazing. I remember one called Boris Vallejo, does he had anything to do with Dorian and Liana Vallejo?
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I've always been a fan of cross-hatching, and you've made great use of it here. There's very nice contrast. I like how you have made her whole belly dark, but it's still easy to make out her abdominal muscles.
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