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Deadpool 47

This is a panel from an issue of Cable & Deadpool from a couple years back. I don't remember the issue number, but it's the one where he goes back in time and teams up with Captain America and Bucky in WWII.
Sometimes individual comic panels can be pretty cool on their own, out of the composition of the full page where they might get overlooked, and I want to practice my Photoshopping skills, so I thought it would be cool to pull out a panel I liked form an old issue.
I was looking through tutorials I'd downloaded, and trying different coloring styles than I usually use, and I think it could look pretty cool, but I definitely need more practice with it.

Any coloring suggestions or critiques would certainly be useful.
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He looks to freaking nonplussed. 
PhoenixMasterless's avatar
That Must have hurt
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"Bah!  You suck!  Now where's that aspirin?"
DeadpoolDP's avatar
AHHHH! Didn't hurt
TheUnsettlingGlow's avatar
Ouch. That looks like that stung a bit.
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Amazing art pic :D
joselitoaxl's avatar
nice job!!!!!!!!!!
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Wake It Off Wilson , Wake It Off !!!
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I'm new to comics, and so far Deadpool is the only one I've read but what I lack in variety I certainly make up for in quantity, I've read quite a few. I just recently read the Deadpool & Cable collection (#36-50), the art is fantastic! probably my favorite so far (might have a little bit to do with Bob being in it - the story was also my favorite) I love your compositions, and this image is hilarious :D you really capture this character
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Thanks so much! Glad you liked the series so much-- and your Bob appreciation shows that you're certainly a citizen of excellent taste!
KimHeiseArt's avatar
No problem! :) just keep us updated here on which cons u r going to so that I can get something signed :D (I'll be the one in the Hydra costume, maybe) (when I get to that point in my life when I start putting things on walls you can be sure I'll be back to buy some of your work) :D
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somebody's gonna need some serious bandaids.
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Or a healing factor ;)
krautbuster's avatar
yup. but the idea of deadpool with a hello kitty bandaid on his head struck me as funny.
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Stunning! Your work on Cable and Deadpool was simply awesome, sir! Your style is amazing :D
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Nice work man.
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