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Con Prep 4: Splendid River

By ReillyBrown
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Today's Critique is for Splendid River, who you can check out here-- [link]
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I continue to enjoy your critiques. Very insightful.

I am kind of sad that I'm not an artist now, because if I was I'd totally submit a portfolio with a crazy made up name just to see your head explode! Heh.

Just kidding! But even though you do keep repeating the "real name" thing, it needs to be said. I think it's great that you have such a good grasp on both the art and business/practical sides of things and share that with people. I have met some artists/writers who don't really get the practical side of the publishing business, although granted they're usually the ones who are just starting out. Not always, though.
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I'm happy for this guy. I think it's a very positive and insightful review!
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Sir, I'll have to say I'm grateful to all the critiques you made for my portfolio. They're all wise and helpful advises that I myself found to help me a lot on my career. I don't have anything to complain on every word you've said here and I'll do everything to improve my portfolio.

So once again sir, I can't thank you enough for this, and it's a great honor to have your words on my works. Good day sir :)

P/S: Splendid River actually is the translation from my real name in Vietnamese, that means it's both my real name and not. Changing it back to my real name is really a good advise that I should consider seriously :)

And I'm really working on a steam-punk magazine comic for a local comic company, I'll post it on after it's published. I hope you'll stop by to see when it's on. ^^
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Good Stuff Reilly! I will take some of the points you made in this for my own portfolio!
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