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i was gonna color this but i never found the time so i'll leave it as just inks for now. can you name everyone in the picture????
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Flimflanboy|Hobbyist General Artist
Kinda crazy seeing Ol' Rock Lobster, Fuzzy, and the Good Doctor in the same picture. Well done!
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FlimflanboyEdited |Hobbyist General Artist
Also, just noticed Cucumber, Dora, and Phobia.
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Do I see Barry Steakfries?!?
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I would just like to point out that any universe containing Dr. McNinja and Commander Badass( and by extension Mr. Fish) would be so awesimeradicalcool that it would break time.
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Kotorchix|Hobbyist General Artist
Jim from Skindeep?
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corsairoftheseas|Student General Artist
.....oh. Wow. Dave is on the stairs. I guess nobody warned him?
I can name Dave, Julie, Vattu, Kat, the monkey from a comic I can't remember, Phobia, Dr. McNinja, Cucumber Quest Kid, Commander guy from manly guys doing manly things, the fox from Gunshow, most likely the dinosaur from...oh dear, the MSPaint comic... Not MSPA, but geez louise, I just can't remember what it's called! And Beartato. Aaaaand that's all!
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cupcakepoo|Hobbyist General Artist
monkey is from Love Me Nice
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Didn't notice McNinja 'till he was pointed out to me...fitting.
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This is just too awesome!
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korybing|Professional Digital Artist
Oh gosh I had forgotten about this! Look at this great party! I feel honored to be part of this group of rad people hee hee hee
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Ya'll are small time.

Dr. McNinja (Dr. McNinja)
Cucumber (Cucumber Quest)
Marshmallow Kitty (Girly)
Jim (Skin Deep)
Phobia (Gastrophobia)
Fuzzy (Sam and Fuzzy)
Dawn (Dawn of Time)
T. Rex (Dinosaur Comics)
Mike (Dumbing of Age, I'm guessing, since he's drinking and not happy)
Chester (Chesterbot 5000)
Fox (Gun Show)
Beartato (Nedroid)
Dr. Voluptua (Dr. Voluptua)
Cecilia (Johnny Wander)
Reagan (Templar AZ)
The Commander (Manly Guys Doing Manly Things)
Vanderbeam (Starslip)
Girlbot (The Intrepid Girlbot)
Dave (Homestuck)
One of the many nameless characters from (Pictures for Sad Children)
Kurt (Effort Comics!)
Julie (Monster Pulse)
Dora (Questionable Content)
Vattu (Vattu)
Liz (Dead Winter)
Mac (Love Me Nice)
Grier (Oglaf)
Kat (Gunnerkrigg Court)

Fuck, that still leaves four...
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Not 100% sure, but I think the guy next to the Oglaf lady is from a comic called Darken.
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Oh hey there Captain Munch! How are you enjoying your not copyright infringement?
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The fact that I only know a few of these means that I must READ MORE WEBCOMICS
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Skull (PvP)
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I see Dave Strider from Homestuck, Greir from Oglaf, and Dr. McNinja! :dummy: Which reminds me, I need to catch up with Dr. McNinja again.
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Why the Sex Robot? Also, i think i see someone vfrom Slipshine.
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Phobia [Ghastrophobia]
Chester [Chester 5000]
Vatuu [Vatuu]
Julie [Monster Pulse]
Mac [Love Me Nice]
Fuzzy [Sam and Fuzzy]
Dawn [Dawn of Time]
T-rex [Dinosaur comics]
Vanderbeam [Starslip]
Girlbot [The Intrepid Girlbot]
Doctor Voluptua [Doctor Voluptua]
Person? [Pictures for sad children]
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Dave from MSPA on the stairs?
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::Cracks Knuckles ::

Dr.mc Ninja [ Dr.mc Ninja]
Marshmellow kitty[ girly]
Mike[shortpacked its walky etc]
Secretary Sidekick[ girly]
Blue Monday [deadwinter]
The Commander [manly men]

Dora[ questionable content]
Casper [Darken]
dunno but shes from [oglaf]
Kat[Gunnerkrigg Court]

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