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Pony Shorts - Imagination

By Reikomuffin
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Yay another strip. My thesis is over and now I can finally lol around. :iconpinkiehpie:

Ponees (c) Hasbro, Lauren Faust
Comic by me
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cardboard boxes and imagination the only toy kids really need
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LilllyEeveeHobbyist Artist
me in a nutshell XD
Udeadmonkey9's avatar
Markiplier BOXEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GameAddictedDragon's avatar
Man, boxes were fun!
kawaii-llama's avatar
kawaii-llamaHobbyist Artist
i still make box forts with my sis.
GameAddictedDragon's avatar
Almost read that as "box farts".
kawaii-llama's avatar
kawaii-llamaHobbyist Artist
hahahahaha what!
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Ah, the wonderful whiles of...:iconimaginationplz:
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I guess someone realy likes Metal gear, huh ? ^_^
tehursus's avatar
Corn pedos? D:
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ReikomuffinHobbyist Digital Artist
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ChromArtChillHobbyist Traditional Artist
My childhood in a nutshell
supersexyghotmew95's avatar
My life in a nutshell
Er sorry
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WalkingWithPinguHobbyist Traditional Artist
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You should've added one last panel where the "cornpedo" has fired and AJ stands with a corncob in her mouth, her entire expression entirely unamused. 
Kapuchu1's avatar
That would've been hilarious, I think :3 
ScarletandLunaRcool's avatar
ScarletandLunaRcoolHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yep, LOL.
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zora-artistStudent Digital Artist
this is so funnny reiko!! XD
your great!
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:icontwilightproudplz: Damn, is there anything a cardboard box can't do? Everypony should have one.
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StormCutieStudent Writer
Cornpedoes? Really?
Of course XD
MillenniumFalsehood's avatar
MillenniumFalsehoodProfessional Traditional Artist
D'aww, that's adorkable! :D
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Twi's being silly and there's noting AJ can do to stop her.
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jyroman53Hobbyist Digital Artist
Magic BOAX !!!!
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