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Pro OCxCanon Stamp
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After having getting quite annoyed with all the "Canon does not love your OC" stamps, I came up with this as a rebuttal to them.

First of all, you don't own the Canon, so you can't go and make such ridiculous claims. And more importantly, you're not the creator either, and I'll have you know that the majority of authors/mangakas/whatever are perfectly fine with OCs being paired with THEIR characters.

Also, would you use the same argument against Yaoi/Yuri/crack pairings, too? I bet you wouldn't just because the characters are Canon, which is completely hypocritical and biased.

For those of you who share my opinion on this matter, feel free to use this stamp.

P.S. This stamp doesn't apply to characters who are already in a romantic relationship (i.e; Ed and Winry from FMA, Vegeta and Bulma from DBZ), only to those who were never given ANY sort of love interest. Just thought I'd clarify that.

EDIT: If you're going to disagree with me on this, at least TRY to be mature about it in your responses.


EDIT 2: Added quotation marks to the first text frame.

EDIT 3: Changed the title so people won't get confused. Altered the delay on some frames in Image Ready.

Stamp idea ©: Me.

Template ©: ~LunaDora.
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Comments (233)
Tattletail25's avatar
Can you at least respect opinions
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BigChungus2550's avatar
nope sorry. We all just like to bash each others opinions with no remorse or thought at all! :D
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King-Artemis|Student Traditional Artist
So true!
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Slangolator's avatar
Slangolator|Hobbyist General Artist
I always put the name of creator whenever I use an element of media that is not mine
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Alexchu19963th's avatar
I ship Canon X OC for fun 
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KittenVillain's avatar
KittenVillain|Student Filmographer
I just always say "I know they don't, it's a work of fiction for a reason and it's just for a bit of fun, relax."
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lenoremarcus's avatar
lenoremarcus|Hobbyist General Artist
Someone give a beer to this nice lady!!

I Totally agree!!!
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Jade-The-Ravinkitty's avatar
Agreed, although it never happened to me... yet
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PrincessWhiskee's avatar
( BTW I say "you" a lot as in the people who say this kind of stuff, not literally you )

It just doesn't matter. None of it matters - not to be nihilistic really, but they are FICTIONAL characters made to be ENJOYED, the creator isn't going to come knocking at your door with the police and say "sorry but UH, my fucking creation DOESN'T WANNA BANG YOUR OC" Like there's millions of OC's out there. Does it matter if someone ships their character with a real character, it's not going to end the show/movie/whatever you're watching, half of them do it for fun. 

It literally effects you in no way - nor the show - nor the character. The creator doesn't care, the people working on the thing don't give a shit, the only people who care about a tiny thing which is probably a phase is you. -Shrug- To me - I'll ship my stupid characters with whoever I want, I don't care if they are married to 7 women and said "I will not date ( insert OC name )", I'll do it. It's not real. It doesn't have feelings, it will never love you back, it will never say "No". 

Anybody who I've talked to about this outside of the community of DA don't care, one bit. Because it makes me happy - it makes others happy. So it doesn't matter. 


The bashing is so...immature and unnecessary, Who cares if your OC is mary sue? Who cares if you bang a married canon character, T h e y a r e n o t f u c k i n g  R E A L. As long as you can disconnect from the fantasy world and into reality and realize that - I see no harm.  The point of getting into these worlds is to have FUN! Maybe if you're RPing or actually doing stuff with the character maybe take some precaution but if it's just to make shitty little fan fics and draw it, I literally see no harm.
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Fennekin-Kurta|Student General Artist

I completely agree with you

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austinpopdan's avatar
I absolutely despise shipping Canon X OC and nothing anyone says is going to change my mind on that mater. That said, I'm not gonna throw a fit or send death threats to someone because of it.
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blindstitic|Hobbyist Digital Artist
fucking pussy lmao
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austinpopdan's avatar
Man this comment isn't even that old and I've already stopped caring about shipping one way or the other. Don't like it, don't hate it, don't care about it at all. Man I sound so whiny in that first comment.
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LOz-Lola123|Hobbyist General Artist
I don't support OC X canon as much I used to but I still don't like people whining about it. 
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AriaGrill|Hobbyist General Artist
I love this especially when people are on about canon when the creators/head show runners say there is no canon or, when they have the multiverse in place where literally ANYTHING is possible 
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diamondtwins's avatar
i mostly agree with this
i support people shipping their oc with canon characters unless its like a "everyone that loves him is dead!!"

somethin like that :v
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edmondsarah76's avatar
like cutiethekitten with,sans i think he's called? (not into undertale,just stumbled onto a few rants)
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randomnerd12's avatar
randomnerd12|Hobbyist Artist
but it's still pretty cringe
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sunnythefallercat6's avatar
sunnythefallercat6|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I agree, but some people don't let the canon character be paired with other canon characters because they're "dating" their oc.
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mixjestiic's avatar

this stamp needs to be seen by those who did 'Canon doesn' t love your OC' stamps

srsly, those kind of stamps start to get annoying.

If it is'Canon doesn't love your MARY-SUE OC' THEN that's right.
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TheAnimeLord2013's avatar
my LOK oc, Golu, loves Lin Beifong and married her a year after Kuvira fell according to my earth avatar story
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CleanClear777's avatar
*smacks lips* people can ship whoever they want does it kill people that fucking bad + don't forget that canon characters are other people's OCs as well + now if it was a mary-sue OC/canon with canon character pairings then yes it/that would be a huge problem
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