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after thinking a bit and stuff i decided to start doing commissions, but cause most of the watchers should know my work i won't do anything.
For the specifications look below, i should've listed everything there, if i forgot something and it comes up in a commission i will tell you and add it to the list afterwards, even thought i don't think that something like that should happen^^.

Obviously i don't do commissions for free, for that the price will be higher the more work i have (and the more work my pc has cause my MMM breaks sometimes if i use too many models what can cause a bit trouble)
I accept 5 Requests at a time for now, if i get faster doing them i might change it and once i have time i accept other commissions again.
For the Payment: After everything with explainations for the commission is done i make it in order, once your's is finished i can show you a small preview of the picture if you want as well as my paypal adress so you can pay for the picture, after the money arrived i upload the picture on my homepage where you can get it, not on deviantart. (if you don't want me to upload it there i can send you the file on other ways, but in that case with a copyright info on it for obvious reasons^^)
If you want something bigger, more pictures or such what costs more money but also is more work i may wask you to send half of the costs before i start to work, in that case i would do that commission as the next in order, and once the pictures are done it goes the same as with normal commissions (see above).

Additional Info:
-Only Pictures, no Video comissions.
-Pictures come in "jpg" or "png"
-Pictures come in at least 1920x1080px (depending on the size the cost be higher)
-No male characters, when you look at my pictures you may already noticed that there never was a male^^
-No anal stuff and such
-only humanoid character models
-Don't expect any good looking sex scenes or anything like that. I can only go as far as the models make it possible
-I mostly can only work with models i have, if you want a specific character i will tell you if i could find a good model for her or not.

-Most important for stages and models, you can always ask what models i have^^

Normal Picture: 5€ (5.77$)
(Normal Picture = 1 stage with up to 2 characters, i don't count accessories or such stuff extra as long as its not too much)
Each additional Picture: +2€ (2.31$)
Each additional Character Model: +3€ (3.46$)
Depending on how hard the requested model is to find and what the commission is: +up to 5€

I only accept payment via Paypal, please keep that in mind before you ask.

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What models do you happen to have currently?
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that... are a "few" ....
should be around or even over 100 by now so it might be a bit hard to list all of them^^°
for the bigger collections i can se i have several vocaloid and touhou characters as well as all the models i've used so far^^.
for others check the link below, it shows pictures from some models.…

and the next link shows folders where i sort models into, so for these you just can ask for a name of that anime/game and i can tell you (cause i don't have pictures for every single character i have a model from^^°)…

if you can't see the pictures from these link tell me and i will upload them somewhere else
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Sorry for the late reply. Thank you. 
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no and like i said you can still ask me to look for a model you would like to have. if its not too hard to find it won't even cost more^^ and also i can still send you screenshots from the other folders. while it would be easier to talk about that on discord, or twitter (cause i get mobile notifications if i get private messages there^^) we also can work here in private messages^^ and at some point i'll definitly make a site on my homepage where i can list all the models i have ~_~ makes this alot easier