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after thinking a bit and stuff i decided to start doing commissions, but cause most of the watchers should know my work i won't do anything.
For the specifications look below, i should've listed everything there, if i forgot something and it comes up in a commission i will tell you and add it to the list afterwards, even thought i don't think that something like that should happen^^.

Obviously i don't do commissions for free, for that the price will be higher the more work i have (and the more work my pc has cause my MMM breaks sometimes if i use too many models what can cause a bit trouble)
I accept 5 Requests at a time for now, if i get faster doing them i might change it and once i have time i accept other commissions again.
For the Payment: After everything with explainations for the commission is done i make it in order, once your's is finished i can show you a small preview of the picture if you want as well as my paypal adress so you can pay for the picture, after the money arrived i upload the picture on my homepage where you can get it, not on deviantart. (if you don't want me to upload it there i can send you the file on other ways, but in that case with a copyright info on it for obvious reasons^^)
If you want something bigger, more pictures or such what costs more money but also is more work i may wask you to send half of the costs before i start to work, in that case i would do that commission as the next in order, and once the pictures are done it goes the same as with normal commissions (see above).

Additional Info:
-Only Pictures, no Video comissions.
-Pictures come in "jpg" or "png"
-Pictures come in at least 1920x1080px (depending on the size the cost be higher)
-No male characters, when you look at my pictures you may already noticed that there never was a male^^
-No anal stuff and such
-only humanoid character models
-Don't expect any good looking sex scenes or anything like that. I can only go as far as the models make it possible
-I mostly can only work with models i have, if you want a specific character i will tell you if i could find a good model for her or not.

-Most important for stages and models, you can always ask what models i have^^

Normal Picture: 5€ (5,77$)
(Normal Picture = 1 stage with up to 2 characters, i don't count accessorys or such stuff extra as long as its not too much)
Each additional Picture: +2€ (2,31$)
Each additional Character Model: +3€ (3,46$)
Depending on how hard the requested model is to find and what the commission is: +0-5€

I only accept payment via Paypal, please keep that in mind before you ask.
Cause i can't make a Custom page without Core membership i'll just use this Journal here^^

So basicly as you can see i greated some random stuff again and if you wanna see these earlier and faster you can follow me on twitch, i post at least 4 pictures a day (as long as i have some to post xS) and if that post gets a specific number of likes (will be mentioned in the specific post) before i go to sleep XD which basicly means between 12 and 16 hours, i will upload another 4 ^^

So if you wanna follow and see them, here's the link, if you like what you see there, like and share it^^.
Hey There^^
I'm going to gather questions for my next QnA Video (will be released on Youtube and My Homepage) So if you have Questions for me you can ask them below this Post (as a Comment) On Youtube under the annoncement Video, on My Homepage under the news Post and on Twitter with #askreiko 
I'll answer every Question asked there in my next video (in around 2 Weeks), cause i get my new PC next week i finally can creat new MMD Content *_*

Well then, i can't wait to read your questions x3. See you in about 2 Weeks <3