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The Shrunken Pets - Alternate 031

Commission for :icontmancrusher: and a continuation of the previous pictures, this one has pictures from 001-128
It takes place somewhere in the normal "The Shrunken Pets" story, changing the way the story would've gone.
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yoshiegg64's avatar

Still not extactly sure where this breaks away from the main story but I think we have enough to guess. Also strange to see Katsuragi show... gratitude?

Tmancrusher's avatar

her way of gratitude, and yeah this is more non-canon from the main story and kinda happens between Sara and Artorias coming into the picture but before Sakuya and Milla grow back to full size

yoshiegg64's avatar

Does it? Almost seems like a sequel given Artorias states she had Ia and Katsuragi as her pets (pg. 10).

Though that leaves the question of where Ia, Milla and Sara are in this story.

Tmancrusher's avatar

Yeah, it could be taken that way, Katsuragi somehow got big again and was able to get her hands on the shrink ray shortly after being artorias pet.