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YT-1300 Deckplan Variations

One of the great things about most ships produced by the Correllian Engineering Corporation is how easy it is to customize them to suit the needs or desires of the user. Not only are after market modifications generally simple to implement, potential buyers have a variety of options available even just purchasing factory stock variations!

Freight and Passenger layouts are the most common stock model YT-1300 produced, with the freight variant having a slight lead in sales.

Courier variants tend to be a compromise between the cargo capacity of a light freighter and the extra accommodations of a small passenger ship, only typically more comfortable than either of the other two.

Transport variants sacrifice comfort for even more passenger capacity, and either have regular short routes with only a few days at the most between stops, or serve as cutters for system militia forces or small mercenary companies.

Please note that the actual position of the cockpit is irrelevant to the purpose of the variant, and whether it is located port, starboard, or foreword is more a matter of the preference of the original buyer.
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Seeing variations like this with such attention to detail is both very good and IMHO, very long overdue.  Admittedly most of my own deckplans are/were done for gaming in my local group, but a few designs i want to revisit and clean up, maybe redraw with a few gaps and spaces as appropriate to be more realistic.  It is in my hindsight i realize i was greedy for 'action space' for characters and stuff to be in, and didn't leave room for much else.

I have to remember that Star Wars is very much a 'lived in' universe, and that means other stuff.  Even if it's crammed into a few inches inside a 'wall' or bulhead.