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Chairman Rose

This is a redraw from the battle~

I want to add some infos here since there's chance more people will stop here incase you're following me around here 

DA is very much dead. Not as dead as I thought it would be but it's still pretty close. A lot happened since the last time I posted things here but I'm still much attached to this place so I'll stay for now. Be aware that I'm much more active on my tumblr, instagram Reikiwie & Twitter / Facebook too. If you want more news from me, go there, I'm not so much alive here. And I believe on 5k watchers, more than 70% of them are not checking any updates from my account so yep.
Thank you if you're still following, I'll keep in touch !

Note aside, my commission journal has been deleted by DA, so for now, all the infos I had as a back-up died lol. I'll be creating new commissions sheet very soon <3

Art by Rei ©

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When I first saw him, I had a feeling that he was going to be the villain. It turns out I was right...
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I think everyone got this vibe from him xD
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I still watch, especially to see if there were any fun YCHs that I missed... Which often was the case. Even now, I see some in the gallery and wish it was February, already.
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Aahah I understand n_n !
I'm preparing some nice ych for Valentine's Day c:
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His theme music honestly caught me off guard when I first heard it ngl

He looks great! 
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Me too ! I honestly didn't expect to love his battle theme that much !
Even if he's not appearing much in the end, I freaking love his character !
And thanks <3
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