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Lone Prayer
For the young pacifist
A lonely soul, why did you climb that infamous mountain? Did you hope to find something when you reach the top or did you wish for peaceful oblivion? I can’t imagine what you have been through; without family or friends to support you. No one wants to be alone and it hurts so much when no one believes in you. Despite that… you never wished pain upon anyone else. That kindness you show to others is considered true strength even if you don’t believe it.
No matter how dark and hopeless it may seem… you never lost your determination. Never lose that small light from your heart and soul – for there is hope beyond the pain. While I do not know the meaning of life; like you it must exist. I hope that you will find happiness at the end of your journey.
For the little prince
When I saw him for the first time I noticed that he was truly the child of the king and queen with his looks. I thought it was downright awful to call this kind and adora
:iconreikisakura:ReikiSakura 1 4
The colorless heat haze had continued
to sway in the familiar scenery that expanded
before my absorbing eyes
Gently rolling like a wave,
my chest tightens, unable to return
Memories melt to the other side of the dream
I locked away my feelings and now grasp firmly
my weaved red string so it doesn’t come loose
I spun, took the darkness, and all alone pledged words
Did they slip into the sound of the river and disappear?
Upon washing ashore, I gather my voice, and wonder if my someday to bloom shadows
are able to protect someone along the road I start to move down
My heart that was shined on by the clouds
as if dancing, as if crying
was always enduring, I let tears fall
From my finger that pointed
to the palm of my hand
was a light that shined in my inexperienced emotions that mix together unclearly
Going around and repeating, this story will never end
because my breath that continues to protect won’t be put out
Teach me the meaning put into a single clear drop
I know that th
:iconreikisakura:ReikiSakura 1 0
2 Keys
It lost its meaning to shine
I lost the heart that I believed in
That’s why the tears are still here
The reason to that day I’m picturing
I bent, spread and tore it to shreds
Destroyed it then gathered it and cried again
My fingertips trembled holding our key
I was frozen seeing it was definitely two keys
I want to vanish, to melt without leaving even a trace
despite there being nothing beyond the light
The future I expected to see was just a fleeting dream
My unheard voice vanishes with morning dew
I want to lock up everything tied between us
so that we can open it up together, just us alone
It lost the overlapping meanings
I lost what I should have protected
but we still pass by each other
searching for the reason to that day
I bent, spread and tore it to shreds
Destroyed it then gathered it and cried again
My fingertips trembled holding our key
I was frozen seeing it was definitely two keys
I want to erase everything without staining your hands
Your words are entwined in
:iconreikisakura:ReikiSakura 1 0
Closed Wings
Far away, in front of me, now
As if dissolving, I saw tomorrow
Warm, the heart I protected is
Wandering to come back
Because I’ve already lost something
I was avoiding the darkness
I’m keep searching for a way to escape from this place
It doesn’t end, the sound of my past’s tears
Slipping into the falling rain, taking out
From the eyes of this fragile myself the lurking night
I’m in front of an opened door but
I’m sucked up, I want to wake up
Tied, until yesterday’s memories
It can’t move, the myself of now
The wind I felt seemed a lie
Covering new life
I can’t stop my feet from pursuing what I was tied to
I look back again to the colorful days
Now all blurred, I can’t recognize my own heart
Imprisoned into a colorless world
I’m keep searching for a way to escape from this place
It doesn’t end, the sound of my past’s tears
Slipping into the falling rain, taking out
From the eyes of this fragile myself the lur
:iconreikisakura:ReikiSakura 0 0
If the warmth everyone feels
In each other were to change
Into gold, if that could happen,
Through this future, anyone would choose
I believed I could fly
Just the way we did then…
All across the wide world, just once more
Just the way it is now, just the way you are…
You’re just breaking through the clouds
Please, stay gold…
Just the way you are now,
Your style will bring me new smiles
No matter where you’ve been
As long as you are
No matter where you go
I’ll never be tired of anything
No matter how far the distance
We can make it, It’s simple, If every day
changes, it changes with you
Through this future, anyone would choose
I laughed that I could fly
Just the way we did then…
All across the wide world, just once more
With just your smile
Everything’s changing in the world
Please, stay gold
I’ll never forget that smile
Your smile will bring the new style
No matter where you’ve been
Just because you were
No matter w
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Nocturne Sky Kaleidoscope
The starlight reflects in the night sky
Shining and expanding its brightness in all directions
The certainty of your sight over me makes me feel
Like a starlight delineating a kaleidoscope in the nocturne sky
The warmth around me finally makes me calm, dispelling all my worries,
All the pain and sadness disappear as if I was finally waking from a dream
It is as if the intensity of my love suffocates my soul,
However, it is a feeling that fills me with happiness
My love is my greatest weapon,
There is nothing in the universe that can defeat it…
The strength of my feelings illuminates the sky with starlight,
Emitting and reflecting their glow in all directions
The light is dispersed into small fragments when my heart breaks,
Like a starlight delineating a kaleidoscope in the nocturne sky
Slowly, from this place I’ll get to the higher limit
The warmth disappears, but I will not feel scared again
I’ll spread my wings with strength and elegance
And I will always carry my
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Phantasm Flower Judgement
(Lost in the past)
(Close to the end)
Night has fallen down, and I’m responsible for these people…
Just a bunch of dreams
I keep trying to hide my scars from the others, just as always
All your faults will turn into disgrace if you ignore my call
My memories flutter around like cherry blossoms, just a monochromatic remembrance
Isn’t there a way to achieve peace and harmony?
You’ll find out if you reach heaven
(Over the sky)
Greed always lead to grief, no matter who you are, it’s a swaying dream
Befriending strangers around you lead to a dead-end, doesn’t it?
No matter how much you mean it, the future will take shape,
You can’t help it, it’s just an illusion
Just a naïve desire on you made me mature on this tear-stained land
Even those beautiful memories will be forgotten as easy as breaking a straw
Smiling every day… a voice vanishing into a mutter
Inadvertently missing the memory of an old melody
(I feel out tonight)
Now you
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Those Two As Always
Voices at odds with one another, nights we’ve been hurt,
(It’s Always) I’m Sorry… (Then) Thanks…
In the end we’re both laughing together!
With a clock that’s started to break, it’s all the same whether you look at it or not -
It moves, it stops, and then it just moves again
What do you see in the time it takes?
You’re the only think you need to be afraid of.
Sometimes violently sometimes gently, our shadows run into each other
It’s the story of you who are overwhelmingly innocent and I who am somewhat weak,
Tangling together as always and ever -
Well, so to speak.
Voices at odds with one another, nights we’ve been hurt,
(It’s Always) I’m Sorry… (Then) Thanks…
In the end we’re both laughing together!
Black and gold and red and white all mixed up playing together
Isn’t this what “exceptions” and “the day to day” is?
Even if it doesn’t really make sense,
:iconreikisakura:ReikiSakura 0 0
Highway to Heaven
The eastern wind makes us know the time to start of a Game
On the Game, you can be true, It asks if you are ready to play
Don' be scared to play, You can be brave to get your way
Never look back to the place you have been in before anymore
Hey, play the game!
I know you have wanted to play
All I want is just your decision for the game
The everlasting beats go on
Get it up! Get it up! Get it up! Let's Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!
Now way to step down this game
Oh, groovin' on the way to get my love, Alright?
Drivin' on the game! I get the top of speed
Highway to Heaven of mine, Red zone's the only ticket of the way
I believe "Miracle is coming here now"
D'you get the top of speed?
Highway to Heaven you want
It's groovin' on the way to get my love all night long
Oh, yes! I'm just drivin' on the game!  
Can't you see your shot not to hit my heart any more?
If you want to hit my heart, you have to get your top of speed now
But I'm just so fast, Can you catch up to me who drive
Never say "N
:iconreikisakura:ReikiSakura 0 0
Yuumu - Gentle Fog
For some reason, the first thing that comes into mind when I close my eyes
Are the young shadows of a promise made, blurred in the dim light of that day
“Even now, is there still something left by your side?” – I ask
If the wind will carry my question, surely your answer will reach me
Remember when we were kids, that broken clock, covered in dust?
How we moved its hands forward with our fingers, not saying a word?
That place where it all began, a place with no name I called my own…
No matter where I am, I promise, I swear
Forever and ever, to search for tomorrow
“Even now, what is this still left by my side?” – I ask myself
Though I’ve already thrown away everything I thought might break…
The days you gave me were too much for me to carry
So I took with me just a name, leaving the rest to you
That place where it all began, a place that one day had become my own…
When I return, I know for certain
I’ll g
:iconreikisakura:ReikiSakura 0 0
I stop time, breaking for a sigh at my everyday routine, but still
I smile at the light filtering in through the window
As I look out at the night sky and its flowers suspended in mid-air, I feel
A nostalgic pain, which becomes hope for me to face tomorrow
I place all of my nostalgic past before me, add color and fall asleep
Instead of looking back, I’d rather paint my feelings for the future
Now I’ve started running, I’m sure that nothing will stop me
Whenever I feel pain, I look up at the night sky…
All of the dancing flower petals gently embrace my heart
Then send me off with a wind at my back, waving at me as I go
When I finally brought myself to face the pain I’d carried all this time
I saw a morning in which I knew I’d find my answer
Unable to contain myself, I sang, and my song reverberated in this small room
As I kept singing, letting out my voice
I paint even more color on an already colorful canvas
I’m sure now everything will shine
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Neverending Night
In the distant mountains lies a place between your world and mine
Where the drifting spirits come to purpose how our fates entwine
Outside, the rain is falling softly as it does throughout the year
And from my window I behold the blossoms quietly appear
Never-ending night, hear me crying
Never-ending blooms, grow
Through the bitter fight I’ll be flying
And I won’t let go
From the shadow-land, come and find me
Or with shadow-dreams, flee
And with orb in hand, spirit binding
I will set you free
Flowers blanket all the countryside like freshly fallen snow
I know the answer’s waiting somewhere, as it was once long ago
Do you wait to cross the river from the shores of shallow tide?
And what will happen to your phantom if you reach the other side?
Never-ending night, hear me crying
Never-ending blooms, grow
Through the bitter fight I’ll be flying
And I won’t let go
From the shadow-land, come and find me
Or with shadow-dreams, flee
And with orb in hand, spirit bi
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I Wish
“When I wish upon a star” (x2)
I thought I heard
A voice calling me
Off somewhere far away,
So I pause and listen…
I cannot forget
The warmth of your hands;
I just close my eyes…
“When I wish upon a star… close to you”
“When I wish upon a star, I wish that I’d be close to you…”
As the curtain of night falls,
I search for you in the bright and dazzling world above.
No matter how fast I chase, this overflowing starry sky is endless
It reminds me of your broad back…
No matter how many times I ask, do my trembling emotions even reach
These unanswering stars…?
Still, I let my feelings for you ring…
I want to keep watch
Over time as it races by
Until finally the day comes
When we find each other
Would you realize it was me
Even if I had become
Something that had no form?
“When I wish upon a star… close to you”
“When I wish upon a star, I wish that I’d be close to you
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Hello everyone, how are you doing? I'm sorry to those for those who want to see me upload more than cute pics of Baeksan but thanks to a good friend I've been thinking of writing something just for the sake of expression and no interest in anything else (attention, etc). It's likely to be thoughtful drabbles about random subjects that come into mind but at least it'll give some insight to how I think and feel, which is indirectly what literature can do but I won't go on about this unless neccessary. For the moment I'm going to discuss something that's been around for a long time; the world and art of fortune telling.

Zodiac, Tarot cards and other such mediums are used in this field and while I'm no expert I do think it's something to ponder on occasion since the subject gives some insight about ourselves in a general and sometimes spiritual level. How we act, think, feel and go about in our lives and how we interact with the world and people around us. While there are a great deal of characteristics, traits and so on I'm not going to list them and I won't encourage people to do so, intense monologing is very boring (in my book, boredom is very bad, avoid it!).

Moving on, I know of at least three different types of Zodiac signs and I'm willing to share mine with you all. For the month (I'm guessing European origins possibly but I have no proof, I'm sorry about that) I am a Virgo. The year, I am a Tiger though the exact element I haven't figured out yet and also for the month but not officially known is the Wang Long fortune telling I learned about from Persona 2 Eternal Punishment. This system also involves the months of the year. My sign from there is the Black Dragon.

While the first two are more easily known Wang Long is another matter but this isn't something to worry about, it's more of a fun thing that no one should take seriously-really.
Each The 12 Wang Long dragons are celestial guardians from the heavens who are in charge of protecting the world and the flow of Fukugi (life), namely the elements and virtues. Their greatest opposition is namely Kegare (negative emotions, etc) and the Dragon of misfortune Joka. So in summary, the Wang Long embody good luck and Joka, the bad. Now, for the info;

January - the Yellow Dragon
Protects balance, responsible and patient
Good Affinity - Gold
Bad Affinity - Silver

February - the Blue Dragon
Prefers reform, intellectual and calm
Good Affinity - Navy Blue
Bad Affinity - none

March - the White Dragon
Rules emotion, warm-hearted and easily moved to tears
Good Affinity - Moon
Bad Affinity - none

April - the Scarlet Dragon
Leads battle, rash, hasty and stubborn
Good Affinity - none
Bad Affinity - none

May - the Gold Dragon
Protects the world, realistic and reasonable
Good Affinity - Black, Yellow
Bad Affinity - none

June - the Navy Blue Dragon
Gives rise to liberation, lively and witty
Good Affinity - Blue
Bad Affinity - None

July - the Light Dragon
Values morals, sensitive and caring
Good Affinity - Moon, White
Bad Affinity - Red

August - the Red Dragon
Rules passion, confident and adventurous
Good Affinity - none
Bad Affinity - Light

September - the Black Dragon
Grants wisdom, earnest and enthusiastic
Good Affinity - Gold
Bad Affinity - none

October - the Silver Dragon
Protects moderation, artistic and pacifistic
Good Affinity - Purple
Bad Affinity - Yellow

November - the Moon Dragon
Creates mysticism, traps passion within their heart
Good Affinity - White, Light
Bad Affinity - none

December - the Purple Dragon
Honors justice, honest and wish to be free
Good Affinity - Silver
Bad Affinity - none

Note: I apologize if I made a mistake but please keep in mind that this isn't something to worry or obsess about, it's just something that I like to share with people, that's all. Also I own none of this fortune telling stuff; I can discuss it but that's it. ;p

And now for the next little jig, Birth Arcana. The Arcana are 22 Major symbols with Tarot cards with the Sword, Cup, Pentacle and Wand as the four Minor Arcana. This is just something that I read while looking up Persona related info. And before I forget, this system is rather odd so please don't take it for real. Even I don't think it's that helpful but it prevents boredom to an extent. :rofl:

According to this system one uses a rather simple formula that requires the month of birth, the day of birth, the first two digits of the birth year and the last two digits of the bith year which all will be added together. Don't panic if you were to get a three digit total, just simply add the first two numbers to the third and continue from there. Simple, yet not as reliable as the typical systems. *shrugs*

To better illustrate this formula, let's take a random birth date. Example: Oct. 4, 1987
October is the 10th month
4 is the birth day
First half of the birth year is 19
Second half of the birth year is 87
10 + 4 + 19 + 87 = 120, 12 + 0 = 12

Now we need the appropriate Arcana number to do the next step and I'll include the official numbers as well;
0 - Fool
I (1) - Magician
II (2) - Priestess
III (3) - Empress
IV (4) - Emperor
V (5) - Hierophant
VI (6) - Lovers
VII (7) - Chariot
VIII (8) - Justice
IX (9) - Hermit
X (10) - Fortune
XI (11) - Strength
XII (12) - Hanged Man
XIII (13) - Death
XIV (14) - Temperance
XV (15) - Devil
XVI (16) - Tower
XVII (17) - Star
XVIII (18) - Moon
XIX (19) - Sun
XX (20) - Judgement
XXI (21) - World

Now with the result 12 we just got earlier, that corresponds to the Arcana XII which is the Hanged Man Tarot. Then adding the digits together again we get 3, Arcana III is the Empress and we're done with that one. :)
Note: Due to this system, having the number 19 from the start will be a triple set with the Sun, Wheel of Fortune and the Magician Arcana (19, 10, 1). Congrats to the lucky ones who get this. ;p
On the other hand getting the number 0 is impossible using this system, which is another reason why I don't trust it that much. Still, I find it rather impressive that my birth Arcana according to this are the Hermit and the Moon, which relate to me in some ways although I originally started with the Hermit anyways from another system. Strange no?

Hope everyone liked this informative, yet weird and long journal entry that I have posted in a long time. I'm sorry for that but I'm not leaving the site, that I promise you all. Feel free to comment if you wish, but otherwise and most importantly, be safe, healthy and live long lives. Take care to those who read this and those who don't anyway. (I'm that nice) XD


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