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[ IndieVille ] Nino Bellerose by Reiki-kun [ IndieVille ] Nino Bellerose by Reiki-kun


His app needs a lot of updating, Most of the writing has been done, current appearance (more sharp in facial features) [ IV ] Mage apprentice 


✨Personal  ✨

■ Name: Nino Bellerose
■ Nickname: Niño, Kiddo, Boy
■ Gender: Male
■ Age: Appears 27 ( Actual age: 30 )
■ Race: Human mostly, Mage apprentice
■ Ethnicity: French-American
■ Romantic / Sexual Orientation:  demiromantic, Homosexual
■ Height:  6"2 | 188cm
■ Misc:
Nino was born blind and has never seen it as a problem.
- Speaks English and French, picked up a little Spanish from Graysen, Ammon, and Hansley.
- Has a mild form of Autism: for more info just have a quick read!
- From a young age, Nino has had a lot of help learning how to 'handle' his autism. 

- Would like to write a (Braille) magic book /memoir someday to teach others what he has learned and has started to write little stories and happenings.
- Has picked up a smoking habit from being around Gray, Hans, and Merle However he is more of a company/stress smoker than anything else.
- Even though a demon is sealed within Nino, There is no sign of the demon to be found yet

■ Job: Jobless? / Full-time apprentice under Hansley ( and Merle ). Aspired writer, 

■ Personality:  Sweet | Caring | Friendly | A tad spoiled | Gullible | has no off button | Suspicious

Sweet -
Nino is a sweet person, kind to others and is easy to talk too, He is the kind of person you would expect to have no enemies.

Caring- He cares deeply for his family and friends, He tries to take care of them as well as he can and will protect them to the best of his capabilities.

Friendly- Nino is friendly and very accepting of people in general, He comes off as very approachable. He isn't quick to dislike someone, If you are nice to him he will most definitely be nice to you.

A tad spoiled- His 'dad's' and friends honestly spoiled him too much, he became too used to getting what he wanted that even now when he's matured he'll at times get ticked off when he doesn't get what he desires. 

Gullible- Gullible but not stupid, Nino is easy to trust people and likes to listen to their stories and likes to believe people are being truthful. Though he knows when to take it with a grain of salt.. mostly

Has no off button- Nino has a habit of going on about things for too long, This is just part of his autism; he gets very fixated on topics that he loves or thinks are fascinating. He appreciates it when people are honest and upfront with him when he does this cause he doesn't notice it himself. When you warn him he'll pay attention to it next time.

Suspicious- Nino has grown to be more wary of people, as kind as he is he keeps his distance at first to see what the other party wants. If he is approached in a positive and welcoming manner he is quicker to be nice to said person.

■ Background:
Nino grew up in a foster family, To later be adopted by his foster dads, and he is proud to call Astor and Gaetano Bellerose his parents.

Born blind Nino's birth parents couldn't look after them as they felt like they didn't have what it would take to raise a child with a disability next to the children that they already had.
They ended up bringing Nino to an orphanage and put him up for adoption while he was still a baby, It didn't take long for Nino to be taken into foster care by Astor and Gaetano Bellerose,
The couple was already known by the orphanage as over the years they would take more children with disabilities or health problems in their care.
Nino grew up in a big country home in a loving and caring foster family along with many other siblings, Most would leave once they were adopted or old enough to move out, Except Nino ended up being adopted by the two men. 

His father, Gabby had a passion for stage magic and loved to entertain the children with tricks or take them to small town magic shows.
Even though Nino couldn't see the tricks being performed Gabby would never exclude him from the fun, To the contrary, Gabby started to teach Nino small tricks instead.
Nino loved it, and due to his autism started to hyper-focus on magic, Neither Gabby or Astor stopped him from doing this and it ended up being a small obsession to Nino.
This isn't much of a problem, he would just sometimes not stop talking about it-- and I might just have a huge mage-themed collection back at his home--
His family would never tell him when he did a trick wrong, which only fueled his passion for stage magic.

As he grew older Nino enrolled into a high school institution for the blind and visually impaired, This was a campus-based school and the first time Nino would be away from home for so long.
Even though making friends wasn't always that easy Nino enjoyed his time at the school.
After getting his high school diploma's Nino went back to living with Astor and Gabby at the countryside. He wanted to take a break year before heading to college-- but he never ended up going.
Nino started to help out His dads with taking care of the foster children that came and went.

A little later Gabby would introduce Nino to Hansley, a Stage magician he knew from 'back in the days'. Gabby had reached out to Hansley asking if he was looking for an apprentice.
Hansley accepted taking Nino as a (stage) Magician's apprentice but, he might just have ended up teaching him actual magic--

It didn't take much for Nino to accept that magic was real and that there was a whole world he didn't know about, Hell he barely knew anything about the one he was living in now anyway, Nino is enjoying his time as Hansley's apprentice and is glad to travel around with him. Hansley has been teaching Nino different kinds of magic to help him broadening his world, Mainly focusing on a sensory type of magic to help Nino 'see'.


Almost as if by family tradition Nino ended up being possessed by a demon which thought they could get to Hansley through Nino, Planting itself in Nino as something the size of a seed, it took its time growing and feeding off of Nino's emotions. First interacting with Nino as a simple voice in his head. Making Nino think he had become crazy, maybe even schizophrenic, Only later when the voice started to become more violent, Telling Nino to act out certain violent acts and tasks is when Nino started to become scared and trusted his fears into his teacher by telling him what was going on.
After a little, the Demon was found out when he started to try and take over Nino's body. As the Demon had intertwined so much with Nino it was easier (and safer) for Hansley to seal the demon within him.
Since the Demon was still so weak when it was sealed deep within Nino his presence is barely noticeable.

Hansly brought Nino to Indieville to recover from his binding with the demon, It's taken a year for him to return to ' normal' and he hasn't seen much of the demon ever since. Aside from the fact that his aging progress has stopped and he is slightly stronger than a normal person Nino has never fully returned to being the same person.
In his recovery year, he barely went outside and spent most his time inside Hans his house with either Hans, the twins or gray to help him out. After a couple of years, Nino has started to go outside again and start a new life for himself. After being in Indieville for a little he ended up meeting Merle, a friend (?) of his teacher. After expressing genuine interest in learning from Merle the man was kind enough to teach Nino as well. 

With the time that has passed Nino seems to have returned to beings his normal old self, Though he is more wary when it comes to strangers and demons.

■ Likes & Dislikes:

+ Loves to read his books. Likes having people read to him as well, but will only let people who are close to him do so.
+ Magic (a lot), He is extremely passionate about this.
+ Sitting in the sun.
+ Feeling the rain on his skin.
+ 'the twins', two of Hansley's Familiars that he's taken a liking too during his recovery.
+ Paul one of Merle's Familiars, Nino doesn't take as well to the other birds.
+ Gardening, ( Loves the way Moss feels. )
+ Practising magic and working hard to be a grand magician.
+ Writing, ( he aspires to be a writer)

- Thunderstorms. The sound and smell can feel very overwhelming. 
- People that belittle him/ baby him too much for being blind. Especially strangers
- Hugging/hand holding/ Close contact with strangers in general. He tends to be easier on people he is close with but still not as much.
- To be suddenly touched without warning. ( once more, especially by strangers ).
- Fast food, it's not that he hates it he just prefers freshly homemade food...


■ Class: Cleric
■ Favorite Food: Hot Cocoa
■ Stats: [15] 

     TOUGHNESS:  [1]
     STURDINESS: [2]
     CONFIDENCE: [3]
     INTUITION:    [4]
     LUCK:              [5]

■ Items: 
- Cold medicine x2
- White Cane.
- Postbag that contains: His favorite book (in braille), Some snacks, Keys, Sunglasses, tissues and some documents-

■ Weapon: 
- Magic: 
Nino is specializing in Sensory Magic, Which helps him to see when he want's too.The magic is channeled through his body; through sonar waves.
He's been practicing this for a while now and has gotten a great hold on how it works. The more focused Nino is the sharper his surroundings. If he is really focused he can even see the letter indents on a page.
The more magic emits from a person or object the sharper it becomes to him.

Next to this Nino is able to use a couple of different spells and potions he learned from the books and tips he has gotten from Hansley. His herbal and plant knowledge comes from Merle.

-Strenght: Since Nino ended up with a demon sealed away in him he has gained a little more strength and sturdiness than your average human. Yet he isn't fully aware of how strong/sturdy he actually is.
strength not yet reflected in his stats

■ Money: [ Money Tracker ]


Bullet; Black  Dislike |  Bullet; White Not sure   |  Bullet; Yellow Alright | Bullet; Green  Oke! |  Bullet; Blue Nice person Bullet; Orange Friend! | Bullet; Purple  Familly  |  Bullet; Pinkaffection/Close or Crush |  Bullet; Red ✨✨✨✨?!?!?!

Bullet; Orange Bullet; Purple | Astor Bellerose - His foster dad, Astor was a strict person and the one to tell Nino off when he did something out of line. Tough Nino loves the man very much and calls him his father.

Bullet; Orange Bullet; Purple | Gaetano 'Gabby' Bellerose - His Other foster dad, Gabby was the one that sparked Nino's interest in magic and would always include him in events and tricks, supporting every choice nino makes. Even tough he loves both Astor and Gabby, Gabby might be his favorite of the two--- Nino and Gabby are very close. 

Bullet; Green Bullet; Orange Bullet; Purple Bullet; Pink Hansley 'Hans' De Costana Hans is definitely an important person in Nino's life, Nino feels he owes him so much for how he's treated him and the opportunity given to him by Hans. He's extremely happy to call himself Han's his apprentice in magic. Nino currently lives at Hans his place and enjoys his company very much. Hans is like a father to him.

Bullet; Green Bullet; Orange Bullet; Purple Bullet; Pink  | Merle - Definitely a more complicated individual than what he is used too, At first Merle came off a bit scary but the man grew on him, or well more like Nino grew on Merle- 
The fact that Nino cannot see Merle's expressions probably helped quite a bit as he's not afraid to bug him. Nino is thankful to Merle as well for learning him about magic. Merle is like a weird father to him.

Bullet; Green Bullet; Blue Bullet; Orange Bullet; Purple | Graysen Alvaro  Hans his past apprentice and a good guy, Gray often teaches him new things or new tricks, Nino thinks of him as an older brother and loves being around him when he lets him. Doesn't always pick up on Gray's salt or sarcasm but that might just be for the better. Will do his best to follow Gray's tips!

Bullet; Green Bullet; Blue Bullet; Orange | Matthias Khaye - Nino and Matthias get along just fine, He enjoys Matti's company and the two seem to be good friends. Nino loves visiting Matthias his place and nosing through the books his grandmother left behind.

Bullet; Green Bullet; Blue Bullet; Orange | Ammon  Nino met him through Gray, Seems like a fun guy but falls way too easily for his jokes. Ammon takes him around on small adventures which might actually just be Ammon putting Nino up to bad stuff-- 

Bullet; Green Bullet; Blue Bullet; Orange | Sofia  A good kid! She is such a sweetheart and a big help guiding him around! Loves it when she comes over for playtime and will gladly keep an eye on her... err.. i mean you know.

Bullet; Green Bullet; Blue Bullet; Orange Bullet; Pink | Tomiel - Tomiel is a real sweetheart, Nino considers him a close friend and loves being around him, there is just something calming to him- Nino absolutely loves it when Tomiel reads books to him.

Bullet; Green Bullet; Blue | Jahel - Jahel is a good person and fun to be around. Together they get to discover new things as Jahel doesn't know a lot of things and nino has a hard time describing then visually---

✨RP ✨

■ RP method:  Discord*, Headcanons I LOVE DOING HEADCANONS. I currently prefer HC's over big RP's.
*You can ask my username privately 

■ Shipping?: I like for relationships to develop naturally  Friendships? Always! I prefer for ships to happen naturally. (tho im not that keen on shipping nino)
 (also if shipping contains anything nsfw - pls be 18+ hah a even if its crackshipping ) 


IV: The Circle of Magicians by NanoColors   [ IV ] Nino Expression meme by Reiki-kun [ IV ] Mage apprentice by Reiki-kun  [IV] I can be your Angle or yuor devol by Reiki-kun
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