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Hey, I'm Rei/Jay, a self-taught artist from The Netherlands,

Freelance illustrator and concept artist.

I Love creating 2D and 3D art and find a lot of fun in making Customs, Adopts, and Speedpaint videos!

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Work Que (Trello)

🌱PSA for those that own one of my adopts!🌱

Friendly reminder that if you own one of my adopts, bought, traded or gifted to you, to please check or update the ownership of the character on my adopt account;

@ReikiixAdopts !

This is both for me to keep track of where my characters go and to help prevent character/art theft and scamming!

All characters uploaded to my adopt account will state if they can be traded, gifted, sold, and for how much they can be sold.

It doesn't take too long and it would be a big help to me.

I would really appreciate it!

Post Spotlight

Do NOT use my OC's (or use/repost my art in general). Just a reminder that I do not allow reposting of my adopts, Oc's, or art. Me posting reference sheets of my original characters which I love and use in my own stories does NOT give you permission to use them for yours. Naturally If you have bought or commissioned art work/a design, then the owner can do with it what they want as long as they keep to my T.O.S. but damn, I can't believe I have to keep saying this...

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Hello I just saw your artwork and I am amazed! I am trying be more positive about my artwork and your a huge inspiration! I hope to end up good like your work! 💙

I love your art style<3 <3

Your art style is to DIE for!

Psst Before I jump ship, wanted to thank you again for everything you did for Eris. <33

Finally drew her and wanted to share w/ you > ///w///< <3
ErisDiscordia by Khimi-chan
No worries ill deff check in at least once every two days! 
And I'm honestly so glad you enjoy their design so much she was a pleasure to work on! ♥
JKSHDf?!?!! Holy cow how have I never seen your art before? Found you via. TH with one of your kiddos on the front page and holy??? Your art is so beautiful hnghnghn- Do you use photoshop to draw? If so, what brush d'you use for the super nice, blendy soft shading? I love the mix of hard and cell aha-
To clarify, I see in art like here: [$] Character page for SkellumSketch where you have some subtle blending on the blush and the nose, is that just a default brush or do you have a specific one you use? ^^
Sorry for all the questions aha, I just really love your art!