Tda Rules Evaluation (2020 ver.)

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heyo, for those of you who knew me back from my hylian-trash account, know that i made a journal evaluating and looking over Tda rules. (which i have reposted on stash, because i was getting a lot of questions i couldn't answer at the time.) i wanted to take a moment to look over Tda's guidelines yet again, from readmes to their blog, plus due to recent events. Seeing as Tda is still a very prominent model style - it wouldn't hurt to look into what the guidelines are. i broke up the sections as best as i could; i will be repeating some info from my old journal about this, because the guidelines remain the same. i am not going in any specific order, but i will primarily be diving into specific rules that is something the community could have some clarity on. 

i will also be mentioning a few users who might have run into trouble with the community due to lack of information.

DISCLAIMER : before anyone questions where i am getting my info from, and/or if it's right, i have spoken with Tda's OFFICIAL representative(narupajin on twitter) multiple times to help me clarify some rules. i am also looking at the most recent readme file, which is dated from 2017, alongside with Tda's twitter and blog. it might not be correct down to the finest detail, but i did try my best to get everything down.

with that out of the way, let's dive in !

Use this model within the limit of Piapro Character License and this Terms of Service.

this is simple to follow. the guidelines to Piapro's Character License is on their site, which is here. 
the guidelines are relatively simple to follow. i won't translate it because google translate does a relatively decent job at it.

Do not ruin the feature and image of Tda style. The edited model(s) shall be clearly recognized as Tda-styled model(s).

i am starting with this one, right off the bat. this has been a topic up for discussion for several years so let me clarify this. 
you can edit Tda's model to extreme lengths because it is counted as deforming and changing the original shape. 

however, the model MUST REMAIN 100% Tda, primarily the base. you can use parts from other creators, as long as it's LEGAL.
so for example, HatsuneDKaname's edits are in fact LEGAL. because the base is 100% Tda unless stated otherwise.
same goes for other creators such as qeuxin, who was told his face edits were illegal. it's not.

05/10/20 EDIT : my representative asked me to elaborate on the first part of this rule. what does Tda mean by "do not ruin the feature and image of Tda style" ?
as stated, the base model must be ENTIRELY Tda to be considered Tda at all. no matter how heavily it's edited.


that does break Tda rules, so do be weary if you are making face merges with Tda, because it's not something you want to put out in public.
personal use - sure, but again, do be careful.
05/02/20 EDIT : narupajin touches on this topic briefly (and vaguely) in this tweet.
here is my conversation with narupajin regarding HatsuneDKaname's edits
(narupajin did not know HatsuneDKaname is female, that is a mistake on their part)

Naru01 by reiikuma

Naru02 by reiikuma

which follows up to the next rule.

Redistributing the unprocessed original model. Trading the original model is also forbidden.

when distributing Tda models, it MUST BE EDITED IN SOME FORM.
so adding facials, morphs, recoloring etc. - you can redistribute the model, BUT IT MUST BE EDITED.
you must also remove the CRYPTON logo on her ankle as well before redistributing.

Editing this model into naked or base model(s).

this is due to the fact it will fall into r18 territory that may violate Piapro's Character License.
Tda also covers this on their blog.
(the english translation provided is confusing, but in the original japanese form it briefly states that distribution of a naked base is prohibited)

Blog Entry 47 (2013)

So again -

Removing any part(s) from non-editable model(s) and attaching it/them to this model.
Removing any part(s) of this model, regardless of in the original form or edited form, and attaching it/them to other model(s) to create and/or edit the model(s) that is/are not Tda-styled.

this is pretty self-explanatory. don't use illegal parts from other models on Tda, along with removing any Tda parts (regardless of being edited or not) and placing it on other models that are not Tda.
for example, using Tda hair on a YYB model - a violation of rules. easy and simple to follow. 
this also applies to game rips. some companies do not allow their parts to be ripped, so do be wary about that when ripping parts.
ESPECIALLY SIMS 4 CUSTOM CONTENT. if the creator of said custom content does not allow ripping or distribution of their work, you are not only violating their rules, but also Tda's.

Any edit that violates public moral and orders (e.g. NC-17/X-rated expression)

this is talking about violence, gore along with sexual content.
also self-explanatory. don't use Tda's model data for violence, gore and sexual content. alongside anything blatantly offensive (ie. racism, homophobia, antisemitism etc.)
Tda addresses this on their blog as well.

Blog Entry 50 (2014)

no guts, no blood, no fetish art, no n*zis.


Lastly, When using this model for commercial purposes, you shall obtain prior permission from Crypton Future Media Inc., the copyright holder of Hatsune Miku, and then contact Tda.

Tda has addressed this in several blog posts alongside several tweets on twitter, linked below.

Blog Entry 53 (2019) - Blog Entry 52 (2017)

One Two Three Four

this is a very big issue within the MMDC (and VRChat, but i am primarily covering MMD), any form of commercial use with Tda, whether it be real currency or fake, 
it's easy to understand, so please be wary of what commissions you are holding.
pose commissions are fine because you are not selling the model itself.
however, video and render commissions featuring a Tda model is a violation of their rules, as stated in the twitter mentions above.

if there are any questions you might have about certain things i did not mention, please let me know and i will try and back them up with what i can find, along with speaking to Tda's representative if needed for extra clarification.

thank you and i hope this cleared things up !
happy modeling !!

also thank you to SonicandShadowfan15, AkemiWhy and SmolSpoon for explaining some of the rules to me, since English is difficult for me to understand.
© 2020 - 2021 reiikuma
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can we use non tda clothes on tda models

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Hi! I've heard that tda doesn't like their models being used in things like VRchat but would I be able to use them when making a non prof game using renpy?


Hello, reiikuma is inactive so I am replying.

From what he told me, you are free to use Tda within VR chat as long as it's for personal use only, and not profited, along with staying within the rules above (ie. no r18, gore etc)

However, if it's a game, that is where you cannot use Tda's assets. Even if it is non-profited. Do be careful and just stick to having an avatar, not making a game with it.

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Now I'm a little confused I got a reply saying that that rule was only present on the wiki but now it's gone? I'm not trying to say I don't believe you but could you show me where tda says this because I'm getting different responses


this here

this is referring to a VRChat user a while back by the name "LittleMouse" who made profit off of Tda models. there's also a tweet by narupajin as well (which reii and i have yet to locate) talking about how it's fine to have Tda models in other programs as long as you're not profiting of off it and it's only for personal use.

PinkLemonade2's avatar

I have no intention of profiting off this or using it in vr chat or making some amalagamtion characters, I dunno if I'm riding the line here but I don't quite understand the difference between using it in a free game and in videos as other people do?

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This is very helpful thank you

Your such a great person :)

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Does monetizing YouTube videos count as commericial use?

reiikuma's avatar

As far as I can tell no. However I might be wrong, so be wary of that.

Fukushimashiro's avatar

Hmm, from what I read, making money=commercial use. I never monetize my MMDs anyway because I use ripped motions and that's a whole different story

reiikuma's avatar
true. however, if one were to be distributing a paid motion using a tda model, WITH monetization, i would assume that would be fine ? though again, i could be wrong.

i would suggesting asking Tda’s rep if possible.
though last i heard, they were busy.
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Thank you so much for explaining everything and taking your time, we really appreciate it!

theMagical1sa's avatar are a blessing into this world. Thank you for taking the time to evaluate and explain Tda's terms of use. Kao Emoji-79 (Oh thank you) [V4]

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time to do more intense editing

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" the model MUST REMAIN 100% Tda "

I think now i get my answers about using TDA clothes on a character based on the Neptunia's franchise, event without any intention of redistribution (it was for a sort of manga).

Thanks you your post was really useful.

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if you mean clothes made by creators in the mmdc that are fitted to Tda, then that doesn't break Tda's rules, because it's a clothing piece that doesn't have Tda meshes attached to it.
but if you were to take, let's say, a part from Tda's Append Miku model, then that's breaking guidelines.

what i mean by a model being "100% Tda", it primarily referring to face and base editing.
like face merges are breaking Tda guidelines.

you can essentially edited a Tda model as much as you want, as long as it stays within Tda's rules.
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It was clearly a TDA clothes i mean i guess i'm not really familiar with the vocaloid universe :)

Is this one, i mixed some clothes like i said before with a Neptunia's based models, so as long the meshes is a part from a TDA model i was breaking TDA rules.

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hm, i see.
i'm glad i was able to clear some things for you then.
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It's a bit sad because the outfit was giving a really nice touch to this character but on the other hands i don't want to harm anybody else work or put my oproject in danger so i'm glad i found your post to clarify once for all this point.

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there's no saving the models in VRChat. they're everywhere.

but for the R18+ posts? if you'd look at a group with a designated folder for that category, you'd see that most of them are all Tda. it's disappointing tbh

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lul everyone thinks I'm a guy so i'm already used to it by now Llama Emoji-21 (Speechless) [V1] 
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Thanks for the explain I finally understand what the rules are saying.

Do you mind I translate this journal into Chinese? I have some friends which unable to understand Japanese and English at all.

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however, i will be updating this frequently
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