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Feel free to panic - Half Life

...This is old, just posting for the sake of it...

This is, as you can see, a HLcomic I made awhile ago.
It’s just something I wanted to do at the time, and it… well, it received both good and bad criticism. This is also the only “feel free to panic” ever to be released.
If you’ve played HL2, hopefully you’ll recognize some of the sentences and places.

Hope someone like it, and I apologise for bad English, bad drawing and anything other that’s bad. This is also probably one of my first "serious" comic. One of the few.
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Lol! This is awesome! Your English isn't bad in this, it seems just fine to me.

I love panel 3, it reminds me of Makani's explanation. XD

And panel 4 actually reminds me of an early preview f Half-Life 2… Screen fades into Alyx standing in front of you, and then she's like, "Gordon? Snap out of it! You're staring at me again!" XD

Panel 1 is funny because they were BOTH right! Obviously.
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haha this is even better than the last one :D
reigneous's avatar
I disagree, but thanks =P
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I dont understand how this could get bad criticism.
i mean, i don't see anything bad.
your english isn't bad
it's hell as funny
what could be wrong?
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Thanks dude! :D

To be fair, that was 3 years ago now, and I kinda agree with some of the critic I got. At least now, looking back at this. I can do a whole lot better now, and I'm actually thinking about redoing this one to see just how much better I can do it.
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Your Welcome, and good luck.
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LOL I like how baby Gordon still has that goatee. XD
reigneous's avatar
Haha, thanks. Didn't even thing about that to much, it just seemed... obvious that he was born like that... :D
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hehe....I asked myself the same question, but then I found the design notes that said that with a speach-less Gordon, the player would live into the game more. And it seems to work
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Åh, såg nu att du var norsk. Då kunde jag ju nästan svarat på svenska... ^^
gdpr-6016752's avatar ikke merke til at du var svensk XD
Så begge har skyld i det.

Du har rett med at det en bit av sjarmen til Gordon at han ikke snakker og det. Jeg synes det er bra at vi får styre Gordon cut-scenes. Slik får man alltid en ny vinkel hver gang man går banen om igjen, og det at man kan bruke zoom som man vill.
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Yeah, your right. It would be really odd to hear Gordon say anything, and respond to Alyx and stuff. A part of his "charm" is the whole mystery behind his character, which wouldn't be there if you would hear him speak (and far most, see him - like in cut scenes and stuff)
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he he. i havent played HL2 much, but i get msot of this.
very cool!
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Well, thank you very much. :boogie:
I'll probably start doing new, fresh comics some time soon, and upload. Hopefully, they'll be better.
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huzzah for more comics like this!
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