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:iconreignboy:Reignboy posted a status
Blizzcon was amazing to view this year via virtual ticket, though I must admit that I look forward to the new content in 7.2 patch, and also to those mini holiday events like taking a grunts appearance and also getting Horde banner for Ahn'Qirajs walls for a whole year, heck its gonna be fun experience these new things, I like it tbh.  its a cool attraction to be part of like working together with other Horde members of Europe for this is gonna be great and awesome in my opinion.

I can't wait to experience the new Legion invasions upon Broken Isles, I hope they will make something out of those -nethershards- that they gave us a pre-invasion launch where you could purchase item level 700 gear etc.  Really hope they will add something you can buy from them again.

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