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Hi my name is Reignboy or Kor'kosh (prefer to keep real name anonymous ^^ *hug*)

I am a great fan of arts of many kinds ^^ and seek to join the community here so that I perhaps can track some skilled artists down for comissions or simply to enjoy their arts.

I am big fan of Roleplay and well I've made my first order wich got finished very fast, and all the credit of that goes to MonaWolt she made my profile picture here of an orc I roleplay with on WoW.

my interests varies alot, mainly its to live life and do what I like the most wich is sleep,eat and roleplay naturally also to earn for the living xD

with that said my interests of art varies alot, but you can be sure as heck that I love WoW art alot (fantasy arts if I'm not wrong ? )

hope to meet many more nice people in here with awesome art skills and feel free to poke me :)