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How To Commission:

Either contact me here on deviantART, or send me an email at

I ask that if you commission something that you include all the information (characters in question, references of that character, descriptions of what they look like in case they're written, types of poses you would want, etc.) that would be needed to make it how it should be.


Once I receive payment on my PayPal, I'll start working on your commission. Prices are down below for the various things I do, but I'm flexible should you want to talk about it.

Permission & Reposting:
Once completed, I'll send you the finished work. From there, you can note any improvements you'd want, and once it is finalized, I will post it on my deviantART and other public places unless otherwise requested. If you post my work anywhere else, please indicate somewhere that I created it.

Work Process - Pixels
If asked, I will make progress reports on how the work is going. If I feel the work is completed, I will send it to you, the commissioner. If you feel like I can make improvements/more tune it to your tastes, you may inform me and I can make alterations within reason.

If you decide partway through that you don't wish to commission, then I will charge a fee proportionate to how much progress has been made.
If I feel that I can't complete the work to the level that I should, then I will give a full refund.

What I Will Not Make
I will not make anything related to the following: NSFW, Fetishes, any characters from cartoons aimed at children. I am allowed to decline commissions for other purposes, but these are non-negotiable.

What You Can Ask For

Low Res - $7-10 (+$2 for shading, +$2 for extra outfits)

  - Keep in mind that this style doesn't lend well to complex character designs. Outfits will be simplified where they can.

Castlevania: AoS: Bloodstained: RotN - Miriam by ReiforceCustom: RWBY - Ruby Rose by Reiforce

Medium Res - $15-20

  Custom: Calachos - Mount of Kings - Avon Stratford by ReiforceCustom: Calachos - Mount of Kings - Jaunt by ReiforcePaul Robertson: RWBY - Yang Xiao Long by ReiforceCVS: RWBY - Blake Belladonna by ReiforceCVS: RWBY - Yang Xiao Long by Reiforce

Animations - $10 - $30 (Complex)

  - Complex animations will be pretty freehand unless a lot of description is provided detailing what you would like the character to do. 
  - You will receive the first frame before I start to ensure that the character looks as you want them to before animation.
  Custom: Calachos - Mount of Kings - Saint by Reiforce
Custom: RWBY - Float Like A Butterfly by ReiforceCustom: Calachos - Mount of Kings - Thunder Rolls by ReiforceCustom: Shine No More - End of the World by ReiforceCustom: RWBY - Yang Xiao Long by ReiforceCustom: RWBY - StormFlower by Reiforce

Commission: Dinocreep by ReiforceCustom: RWBY - Emerald Combo by ReiforceCustom: RWBY - Ember Celica by ReiforceCustom: RWBY - Magnhild by ReiforceCustom: RWBY - A Lesson by ReiforceTraced: RWBY - Ruby Run Cycle by ReiforceCommission: Robot Runner by Reiforce

Other - Varies

  - If there's something else you feel like asking me about, I'd be happy to discuss it with you. Feel free to shoot a message if you'd like something that isn't above.

© 2016 - 2021 Reiforce
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I'd love to commission a simple animation of an OC facepalming if you still have open spots.  
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Sure thing!  Send me a PM about details and we can talk.
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can i have 1 low res animation slot ? : )
Reiforce's avatar
Yes, I'm currently accepting. What did you have in mind?
caedem's avatar this is nate, he has blue hair, wears a black tanktop with black jeans, and wears a cross necklace ( optional )
his monster form to put it simply his arms turn completely black and his eyes turn black and red. ( one of those pictures i have in that stash folder, one of his eyes is black and blue and that isnt correct. when hes in his monster form its only black and red eyes : ) ) 
he only does ground fighting andno elementals, so anything you want to do with that is fine! 
Fragmented-Starr's avatar
What about background pixels? Do you do those?
Reiforce's avatar
Might as well try it out.  It'll definitely end up looking like this, if that's okay:…

What do you have in mind?  I'll give it a shot, but I'm not 100% confident.
Fragmented-Starr's avatar
I am looking for a bunch of tilesets from the Soul eater anime using rpg maker vx ace. How much would it be?
Reiforce's avatar
Tilesets are a bit different from a background like the Beacon piece.  I've done some tile work before, but pricing varies depending on sizes.
These are tiles in a tileset.  Is that what you'd want?  Or like a shot of the Shibusen?
SlimPickensUK's avatar
For a low res animation, what'd class as simple and what'd be complex out of interest? 
Reiforce's avatar
They're delineated by the two rows.  Stuff like the RWBY girls and the OC team I just uploaded would be qualified as complex while the others would be simple.
SlimPickensUK's avatar
Ah. I figured it'd be that. I was making doubly sure.
thk118's avatar
Oh my god! your pixel art is amazing!
Reiforce's avatar
Much appreciated!
thk118's avatar
You're welcome! keep up the good work ^ ^
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