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doom guy

doom guy, in impresionest digital stily, drow in paint and painted in photoshop with a broken mouse

no australian snipers, comunist nazi balds from space, superhumans from future and emo kids with sword and motorbikes or cute girls with pink hair are than hero than doom guy, who go to kill demons in the deepest place of hell , whit a only live and his great balls, two canonicals times!!!!

( im not sure if doom 64 are canonical , or tnt o plutonia, becouse this wads born to be expansions)
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that's pretty cool!

just work on your grammar a little bit

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Thanks Dennis! and thank for the watch!
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Thanks and my apologies for not answer in time.
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looks like his been useing the plasma rifle too much and its starting to bend from the heat
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Hes really melting, not liking this so much this days. I need to do another one. Sorry for no answerd in time.
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Is no man he's doom guy
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The hero of my life, the more badass character in every game
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Yep he only need is a cool pet like wolf he use to have a rabbit then the rabbit dieed by demons so he beat the heck of the demons
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Ew, wolves. He'd rather fucking break their spine out and feast on their guts, thank you very much.
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a cobernetic wolf whit chainsaws and shotguns, that will be awesome!
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This is to good omg
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A man who been through hell and back one too many times...this man is every monster worst nightmare! The DOOM GUY! NICE!
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This is the definition of "Gaming's Greatest Hero" in a nutshell
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