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Twilight - Telvanni

I don't know.
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Their spies are everywhere. EVERYWHERE!
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I dunno, I'd love to see ponies in Morrowind or the broader TES setting like this. Twi fits right in here. And I just love that face of hers, and that adorable ear. Also, them faces on the mage (just remembered it's Divayth Fyr thanks to the tags) and Spike - says a thousand words indeed.
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"Where's my lazy steward of mine? BARB--No, wait, she's dead.  SPIKE!"
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I spy the Tardis.
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This is an interesting cross over.
Twilight, I'd assume would have an easy time getting used to the magic in the Elder Scrolls universe.
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Never thought i would see a morrowind crossover with mlp :D great work
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This part of a story? It's well down but whys their a dark elf?
That's a Dunmer. Telvanni is one of the three great houses of Morrowind.
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Oh ok uh never heard of morrowind 
No worries, you should check it out it's really fun!
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