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A New Hope (Thrawn's Revenge)

Location  Tatooine
Darkness sweeps across the galaxy, even after the corageous victory of the rebel alliance obtaining the death star blueprints the empire strength is still overwhelming..there is still much to do and much civil war to fight to even begin seeing the glimpses of what many hope will be a better tomorrow..

A new pic to commemorate the 15th anniversary of personally my favourite Empire at War mod Thrawns Revenge! Im fortunate enough to be a part of this project and contribute to it in the ways im able to! :D As always tho i hope you all enjoy and like the pic i must admit it was a fun project to remake such a classic scene even when there where moments i was cursing the light positioning in the original xD

Special thanks to my good friend Inertial, ConnerJB and :iconecho009: for supporting, giving me tips and helping me with the image! ^^
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thanks im glad some people like it ^^

Your welcome 🙏
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What!? I didn't know you were part of the Thrawn's Revenge mod!?

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I am ^^ is pretty cool and people there have been really nice :)

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That's seriously amazing to hear, congrats on that.

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