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No Hope, No Escape. by Reidawen No Hope, No Escape. :iconreidawen:Reidawen 87 15 The Zeta-Xanxhi Station incident by Reidawen The Zeta-Xanxhi Station incident :iconreidawen:Reidawen 28 7 Death from Above by Reidawen Death from Above :iconreidawen:Reidawen 128 12 Miridem: Making Hellfall by Reidawen Miridem: Making Hellfall :iconreidawen:Reidawen 27 2 Miridem Emergency Evacuation by Reidawen Miridem Emergency Evacuation :iconreidawen:Reidawen 36 4 Touching Down by Reidawen Touching Down :iconreidawen:Reidawen 33 7 Surviving the ambush by Reidawen Surviving the ambush :iconreidawen:Reidawen 30 6 Payback by Reidawen Payback :iconreidawen:Reidawen 56 23 Securing the area by Reidawen Securing the area :iconreidawen:Reidawen 29 12 Searching for Survivors by Reidawen Searching for Survivors :iconreidawen:Reidawen 30 6 Christmas present (8). Back to back by Reidawen Christmas present (8). Back to back :iconreidawen:Reidawen 59 11 Outpost Valkiry by Reidawen Outpost Valkiry :iconreidawen:Reidawen 128 14 Christmas early present (7). Damm bugs! by Reidawen Christmas early present (7). Damm bugs! :iconreidawen:Reidawen 30 4 Christmas early present (6). Oh you've done it now by Reidawen Christmas early present (6). Oh you've done it now :iconreidawen:Reidawen 44 8 Mountain paths take me home by Reidawen Mountain paths take me home :iconreidawen:Reidawen 41 8 Koslovic's true face by Reidawen Koslovic's true face :iconreidawen:Reidawen 22 5


Pilot Grapple - Female [Titanfall 2] by IamFile Pilot Grapple - Female [Titanfall 2] :iconiamfile:IamFile 9 0 Forgotten world by Axiom-Anetheon Forgotten world :iconaxiom-anetheon:Axiom-Anetheon 3 0 Green Team, Holding the Line by enderianc Green Team, Holding the Line :iconenderianc:enderianc 30 8 Fordo [Remake - SFM/4K] by Archangel470 Fordo [Remake - SFM/4K] :iconarchangel470:Archangel470 94 5 [Titanfall] M-COR Piloto File by IamFile [Titanfall] M-COR Piloto File :iconiamfile:IamFile 10 0 [SFM] Playtime by AScoutNamedLucyfer [SFM] Playtime :iconascoutnamedlucyfer:AScoutNamedLucyfer 13 13 [SFM] Infernal Prison by AScoutNamedLucyfer [SFM] Infernal Prison :iconascoutnamedlucyfer:AScoutNamedLucyfer 13 0 [SFM] Libera Me by AScoutNamedLucyfer [SFM] Libera Me :iconascoutnamedlucyfer:AScoutNamedLucyfer 15 5 18-0 by TheNebeskyMuz 18-0 :iconthenebeskymuz:TheNebeskyMuz 35 6 Happy late valentine day by BossVeteran Happy late valentine day :iconbossveteran:BossVeteran 26 3 Troubled Horizon by Agent-Louisiana144 Troubled Horizon :iconagent-louisiana144:Agent-Louisiana144 18 0 Pursuit Evasion by Agent-Louisiana144 Pursuit Evasion :iconagent-louisiana144:Agent-Louisiana144 16 0 Fanart: Valentines Day Selfie... by CommanderNova702 Fanart: Valentines Day Selfie... :iconcommandernova702:CommanderNova702 48 8 happy valentine day by spaceMAXmarine happy valentine day :iconspacemaxmarine:spaceMAXmarine 56 5 Change my mind by spaceMAXmarine Change my mind :iconspacemaxmarine:spaceMAXmarine 62 19 We need help here by snip105 We need help here :iconsnip105:snip105 30 7



No Hope, No Escape.
Death...Chaos...Destruction...and Annihilation...The Covenant advances over humanity like a sword..erradicating full colonies and stations before they can even organise evacuations..there is no mercy and sadly..normally no survivors...even the spartans fall to the threat of the covenant..overpowered by their sangheili counterparts and unable to defend themselves against such formidable foes... Will humanity there any hope left?..or is it our destiny as a specie to fall and be forgotten by the tides of time...

((And here is my lastest sfm so far x) took me a while to get the idea but i dont think it turned out bad..but im sure you will all let me know! :D Special thanks to Boss and Auguriste as usual for one helping me with lights for the image and other for the fantastic photoshop work. I hope you all like it and that you hit fav and comment! ^^))
The Zeta-Xanxhi Station incident
Before the reapers arrived to Earth and before Shepard was out of the house arrest a Cerberus Phantom decided to turn on it former masters before they could install reaper tech in her mind..along with her others would revolt..altho it remains to be seen...if they'd escape the wrath of Cerberus's master and the Reapers once they arrive...

(I hope you all like it and that you hit fav and comment as usual! ^^ Special thanks to Auguriste as the last time for the post rendering treatment of the image :3 )

(Phantom name TBD)
Death from Above
Spartan Andrea Denise waits patiently for the arrival of one of the insurrection most wanted leaders..while the rest of Yellow team watches other routes and makes other plans Andrea will be the one that will finally take the criminal out...

(Well i must admit this was a new way of doing an sfm i never did before, while i'd love to say i did it on my own i had the help of a friend called AntiAuguriste who helped me get it just right and then did the post rendering effect, without him this wouldnt be the image i'd be showing today ^^

Andrea Denise belongs to me))
Miridem: Making Hellfall
The skies burn, the buildings fall, marines and security forces join together in an attempt to contain the unending swarm of the Covenant forces for the civilians to escape..many die laying dead and forgotten amongst the ruins other live and must keep fighting to stay that the middle of the most bloodied and dangerous zones special forces known as ODST land in their capsules ready to face the enemy..or so they think...but the covenant always has something hidden but ready to appear in the worst possible moment....

(And here is the 3rd image of Miridem..kinda liking to do this sfms about the planet i hope you all like it too and that as always you comment and fav if you do like it ^^ As always thanks to :iconbossveteran: for helping me with the lights)
Miridem Emergency Evacuation
As covenant forces keep forcing the UNSC out of their positions the last civilians manage to make it to the evacuation ships, the cities now deserted due to it inhabitants being dead or in the transport ships are left for the covenant to roam before they too retreat in order to begin their 'holy' purge of the planet.

((As always i hope you all like it and hit fav and comment ^^ I really appreciate comments and favs i love to hear your opinions about it ^^

Shaine belongs to :iconpanther-d212:
Emery belongs to :iconecho009:
Kristin Helan belongs to me ))


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