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konnichiwa everyone, its been kind of a while Muse Smile Icon 
I am not dead! (lol) just wanted you to know.
Im sorry that i haven't been here... this journal is a real exception. I won't be responding to any comments. I am needed elsewhere. UwU 
its not that i don't enjoy being here with all of you guys, 
but i can't have this and work on my life anymore.
I wanted to put it all down and step away. I would have never returned. Then I saw something, I saw that you guys were still making fanart and birthday gifts for me even long after I left. Pikachu Crying Plz 
I didn't think much anyone would really care that I was gone... its really touching.

I came by today to do one thing. To show all of these new fanarts I have yet to comment on. I cant leave a personal reply to every fanart like I used to, but I am here to let you know...
I see the love and effort you put out to make these beautiful pictures and I appreciate them from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you very much Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Huggy heart) [V6] 
you guys taught me in ways you'd never know and made my life something more than it was, and even if I am not here I will carry this through the rest of my life

Reicheru [BRN] by MissIssaChan  Blood Raining Noight by BaiWaiZai  Akuma no Uta High School by strayopportunity  Neko Chibi by foxythefox964  Reicheru Ketsuekineko-Oni by Highwind-Valor  maid madness by foxythefox964  Is Reicheru Ok by Mostro-alpinista  Reichiru Animated Headshot by HanaoKiku  :.:Desu:.: by KarsiTheDog  Reicheru by nxtequal  [Bust] Reicheru by Empty-Brooke  [Blood Raining Night] Reicheru by Autumn-Kouhai  Reicheru Redesign by PeppermintLoser  Reicheru (my steam picture) by Noupie <da:thumb id="386175966"/>  Reicheru (AKA: Reicheru Ketsuekineko-oni) by Help3r <da:thumb id="419848330"/>  Reicheru by iiCue  Yuki + Reicheru Ketsueki-neko by KatsukiYarakine  reicheru by iluvkiritokun  Reicheru Ketsueki by Demon-Entity   Reicheru's no arms door tutorial by HappilyUniqueSquid  Reichan by PeppermintLoser  Mishon (AKA: Mean-chan from BRN) by Help3r  ReicheruKetsueki icon by PeppermintLoser  Gift! by Mijikuu  Blood Raining Night Beach Fun! (Kisekae) by MakaAlbarn012  happy birthday by JazzyMunch  Thirty Minute Ms Paint Madness by Pugcharm  Reicheru by Angelathefangirl789 Reicheru and Yuki by ViviLocke   reicheru profile  by jenlikesloki  Reicheru Ketsueki by FeeX123 

Mature Content

anime x fanime by N00Q
  Fanfic/ Fanime characters fanart by KoalaofFandoms <da:thumb id="505331644"/> <da:thumb id="489325945"/>   Blood Raining night by quickdraww  Why Cant We Be Friends by PeppermintLoser  Prototype: Blood Raining Night Dakimakura by FlewContrew 
Fanime/ fanfic character fanart- guys edition by KoalaofFandoms  Blood Raining Night by taiodesu4649 Reichiru? Reicheru? I dont feel like looking it up by Wingdingdong
If I've missed anyone, i am truely sorry! Please leave a thumb of your pic if I did.

Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 

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:slipperyhug:  konnichiwa minna se merry christmas!!
it's been a while since you guys have heard from me ^^; i hope everybody is doing okay.

this year has been very slow with progress and very up and down... but hopefully the new year will have a lot of wonderful stuff in store for us! :aww:

Happy holidays everybody :heart: :heart: :heart:

 Bullet; Red Bullet; Green Bullet; Red Bullet; Green Bullet; Red Bullet; Green Bullet; Red Bullet; Green Bullet; Red Bullet; Green Bullet; Red Bullet; Green  GIFTS! Bullet; Red Bullet; Green Bullet; Red Bullet; Green Bullet; Red Bullet; Green Bullet; Red Bullet; Green Bullet; Red Bullet; Green Bullet; Red Bullet; Green 

i'll do something similar to this year like last year!!

1. Chibi Christmas battle!!!! I'll draw a scene with your character in it
2. receive 5 Points
3. A special christmas card from me :)

IF YOU WANT #1! Put "1." at the start of your post.
IF YOU WANT #2! Put "2." at the start of your post.
IF YOU WANT #3! Put "3." at the start of your post.

you can only get one lol :giggle:

every1 who is right before 11am tomorrow will get the gift they asked for!!! (eventually lol)

thank you for the support everyone, I hope everybody has a wonderful christmas and a bright new year!

To all my friends and fans
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Hello  konnichiwa! Hello

hey guys I'm sure you all want to be in the know about episode 11 and chapter 31! I'm sorry for taking so long to update!Neko Emoji-36 (Oh no) [V2]
theres a few things I need to talk about with everyone first Miuna Blushing Icon

When I started Blood Raining Night it was very exciting and so I worked all the time on it. all day and all night. but as Im getting older I'm having more responsibilities to deal with. I don't have a lot of time to work on animation during the day, and it's not healthy when I stay up all night working on stuff, and that's bad for my concentration during the school year. Sleep
not only can I not do that anymore, but the work isn't as exciting as it used to be. It's very hard to will myself to work at it.

It also takes me a lot of time to respond to comments, requests, notes, fan art, and do commissions.

Having all these things to do is like looking at a mountain of work to do. I'm afraid to start on it because the work feels like its never ending. Its intimidating and it makes me procrastinate. ^^;
The thing is...something has to go...but it won't be writing the fan fiction or finishing the fanime! Anime Emoji (Oh yay dance) [V2]


I am finishing :iconfrostyfrostybunnies: and :icontroublebath:s commissions. I have to thank you guys for waiting on me. I am terribly sorry for my slow delivery on them. Yuuta Togashi (Shy Blush) [V1]
after those two commissions...I'm not doing any more commissions. I am sorry.
Maybe one day, but no day soon. They just add onto the work mountain of intimidation, and I feel bad for making people wait for their art. I need to let it go.

fan art

I will always comment on and thank fan art. I feel happy that so many people have given me such awesome fan art.
Thank you guys.
This one makes my heart feel warm! .:blush:. 
Sensei Hanayubi and Mito [ FANART ] by BabehsBby


I will do my best to respond to your comments & notes, but I do get a lot of them. if I don't respond, then I either didn't see it or perhaps it was a question similar to one I already answered. I'm sorry if I don't get around to responding to you. :sad: Thank you for taking the time to comment.


A lot of people want to be my friend online, and that's very sweet. I appreciate that people would want to. :sad:
But I don't like making friends on here because I can't dedicate the time to a friend that they need. I'm not on deviant art much anymore, and so I couldn't take care of my online friends. It's not fair to them, so I can't make that commitment.
But I am more than happy to talk to you!

gifts and holiday stuff

I can't do gift requests anymore. I'm sorry. I like to give people things, but I need to cut down on my work.
But I will still do special holiday stuff! I Love You Emote  They're another way I can say thank you!


I get a lot of requests from people asking if I read their stories, or comment about their characters and give advice.
It's not that i don't like helping people out, its just that it takes a lot of time. and I get a lot of requests. ^^;
It's very unlikely I can help you with requests. I'm sorry...i miss you glomping me 

chapter 31 and episode 11 of BRN

I can't give up on this. I owe it to you guys.
It makes me happy to hear that BRN has inspired some of you and that you can't wait to see new episodes and chapters.
thank you guys for sticking with me and giving me such wonderful comments and fan art!
 hug Let me hug you! Bro hug Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2]Hug 2 Hug Chili Anime Emoji (Snuggy hug) [V2] EXO : ChenKai Hug 

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Kitty Emoticon 
thank you to a certain someone, this account have been brought to my attention:

this Tumblr account

I would like everyone to know that this is not me! this is either a fan account or fake account that someone else made. But they are posing as me and acting like they are me.
this account doesnt seem too active so I guess it isn't too bad ^^;

if you are reading this, owner of that account, could you please write that you are not me on your page? thank you!!

these are my official accounts I have:

my quizilla account is gone!! quizilla is dead Sayu Crying Icon 
this Photobucket account
my youtube account
this Fanfiction account
my fanime website
my fanfiction website

any others are faked or I have forgotten about ^-^

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:iconpinkheartplz: in this journal is a collect of many of the awesome fanart I have recieved over the past 1-2 years! :iconpinkheartplz:

Thank you guys for taking your time to do these! I hope everyone else enjoys them too! I choose these at random trying to get a lot of variety in characters =^w^=! so I'm sorry if your pic didn't end up here! ;-; but I still love it! Feel free to share your fanart bellow if it isn't up here!

Elaine is mommas baby girl by QueenieNekoChan by :iconqueenienekochan: <da:thumb id="505854869"/> by :iconsalmonfan: Reicheru Ketsuekineko-Oni by KarsiTheDog by :iconkarsithedog: Traditional Art DONE! by Kirby741 by :iconkirby741:
Findin' quarters. by Quartette by :iconquartette: <da:thumb id="490623468"/> by :iconiunchmeat: <da:thumb id="477485609"/> by :iconanimecuteygirls: <da:thumb id="475165108"/> by :iconinsomniac-gamer:

Mature Content

A Mother's Love by an-impossible-thing
by :iconan-impossible-thing: Reicheru from Blood Raining Night by YellowLuigi by :iconyellowluigi: Haters Will Hate by Princess-Skye by :iconprincess-skye: Friends by deadlysonicfleetway by :icondeadlysonicfleetway:
Cosplaying Fanime Characters! ~Fanart by Sam-Coates by :iconsam-coates: BRN Fanart by Daleeny by :icondaleeny: chibi little Elaine  by jenlikesloki by :iconjenlikesloki: Hanayubi Sensei by RemiliaPolz by :iconremiliapolz:
<da:thumb id="524191759"/> by :iconhydrosapiens: <da:thumb id="503919762"/> by :iconacldic: <da:thumb id="516641922"/> by :iconroulettelephi: <da:thumb id="520378152"/> by :iconsatanickpaws:

check the creators profiles out! there are very talented and creative artists here! :heart:
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hey this is just to help me keep track of my commissions! I shall update this one whenever i get and finish one


1) Private (done)
2) :iconiiaila: (done!)
3) :icondog-tier-fish: (done!)
4) :iconowlpeiiet: (done!)
5) :iconslyth3rin: (done!)
6) :iconjennarosedove: (done!)
8) :iconlife: (done!)
9) :iconxSweetSlayerx: (done)
10) :iconfrostyfrostybunnies: (in progress)
11) :icontroublebath: (in progress)

thank you everyone for your patience!!! Clap Hug 
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hii guys!!! I finally got around to doing a second one of these lol ^^

This artist highlight is for :iconchamoe:

here is some of their work:
comm: Toffee-tama by chamoe In the name of Murs I will chastise you by chamoe Fishy by chamoe Qing by chamoe

Their work has a lot of soft colors and detailed faces. Even elegant I would say!

You should check out their work and give them lots of +fav  and comments! maybe even watch them because they are :iconawesomesauceplz:
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Anime Emoji (Yaay) Anime Emoji (Yaay) Anime Emoji (Yaay) Anime Emoji (Yaay) Anime Emoji (Yaay) Anime Emoji (Yaay) Anime Emoji (Yaay) Anime Emoji (Yaay) Anime Emoji (Yaay) Anime Emoji (Yaay) Anime Emoji (Yaay) Anime Emoji (Yaay) Anime Emoji (Yaay)

just hi lol

konnichiwa minasan! I'm baaaaaaack from my semi break kinda lol. how is everyone?? I'm doing okay.
I had a real fun time with the chatroom event for episode 10. How would people feel if I hosted like a anime viewing thing every couple of weeks? maybe people can even share their own animations and stuff!! ^-^ Im glad to see that the work I and others do inspire people to animate and it would be great if they got to share their work with an audience!

episode 11

I'm over 100 slides into episode 11 ^^' its not where I want ot be exactly lol...But hopefully this next week I'll get another 100 in!

and almost 1,000 subscribes!!!!!!!

WOW!!!!!!! I"M AT 953 SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!! THAT"S ALMOST 1,000!!!
i really want something special to do for you guys ^^ any ideas?

Anime Emoji (Blushy) 
thank you for enjoying my work and having fun! thank you for all the fan art! thank you for all the comments! If it werent for all your love, brn wouldn't have gotten this far! I Love You Emote 

to all my friends and fans
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come join us watch all of the BRN episodes and the newest one coming out (EPISODE 10)

12:12 pm (west coast)
3:12 (east coast)
official start time: (insert your timezone here):30
Lasts for an hour!

this chat room


 :bademoticon: no spamming
 :bademoticon: no fighting or being mean
Paw Bullet Orange (Outline) - F2U! keep things light and have a good time!

I will enforce the rules if I have to! :angry: 
but don't make me...;-;

A lot of pple might be talking to me so IDK if I can respond to everyone >////<
I might just focus on moderating the chat!


My Dork Dance My Dork Dance My Dork Dance ASHITAAA!!!!My Dork Dance My Dork Dance My Dork Dance 

(tomorrow) HAI, you guys have watied long enough and now you shall view the continual bark of our journey after episode 9! wooo!
Also I shall be more fast at getting episodes out again! it took me 1 year to make 9 episodes and almost two years to make 1...HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? onion head 'shock' Times a bitch

Episode 7 should be reuploading too! Now more appropriate for mature teens and YouTubians alike! :iconsassyalucardplz:


 I miiiiiiight hold a hour long tc party after uploading Episode 10. however I'll most likely be busy so I'll probably just have some light conversation and moderate the chatroom. ^^ that way we can all watch it together and you can watch it with friends!

When: 3:30 on east coast, 12:30 on west coast...pple in the math! xDD
Where: Tiny Chat (my chatroom here)
Bullet; Red no spamming
Bullet; Pink don't be a jerk
Bullet; Yellow Just have fun!
If your being disruptive and just plain mean I will have to kick you out!! :angry: I'm sorry!!
like I said tere's no garantee it'll happen but it might :3

and lastly, thank you everyone for being supportive and constructive with me, for making fan art, for leaving comments, notes, and for enjoying my work and the work :iconyukishinkuchi: has done to help my fanime series!

To all my friends and fans

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dancing-cat emoji dancing-cat emoji dancing-cat emoji 

Before anyhing else I'd like to say that Episode 10 is synched up and complete and is just awaiting for some sound files from last minute contributors! Thank you everyone for your great patience and understanding how long it's been taking to get ep 10 out.


I've noticed a great increase in watchers since I've uploaded Maid Madness and so many of you might not know what it is since I havent discussed it in a while. Meow :3

Maid Madness is a game based off of Blood Raining Night feating original characters and a whole new story.
my buddy BoldZone Games has recently put up a Gamejolt page for it.


DOWNLOAD MAID MADNESS from the BRN Fanime website

Love The more you download the more support we get! Love
we thank everyone who gave us a chance! We're glad a lot of people had fun playing it and with total of 468 + downloads Boogie! 

Here are the updates:

Bullet; Green Sounds remixed so that character voices can be heard more and game music is even in most areas. (fanservice arena was forgotten but its okay sounding xD)
Bullet; Blue Stuff you clean for Arden now appears in your inventory!!!! YEAHH!H!!!
Bullet; Purple more helpful hints added to steer new players in the right direction!

to all my friends and fans

*Free Icon/Emote* Thank You Pusheen
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Purple Hearts - Free to use  KONBANWA MINNA!! I hope everyone is having a vary merry Christmas. im very happy to be able to spend time with my family and fiends. The new year is looking bright with tons of progress! What are you all thankful for? Was anything that you got great or do you just enjoy seeing the family?

Does anyone celebrate anything else? Christmas Tree (Small)


Im vary thankful to have all of my fans, and my friends like :iconyukishinkuchi:
for my slight absence and slow episode uploading, I feel like I owe it to you guys to give you a little something! I tried using the pencil tool for a pixel...


1. chibi Christmas party, I'll draw a scene with your character in it
2. recieve 2 Points

IF YOU WANT #1! Put "1." at the start of your post.
IF YOU WANT #2! Put "2." at the start of your post.

every1 who is right before 11am tomorrow will get a gift!!!

thank you guys, have a fun and wonderful Christmas and New year!

To all my friends and fans
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hey guys!!! ive seen while i was not on the internet a lot that Deveint Art has changed a whole bunch :3
How are you all liking the new changes? I'm not sure how to feel the whole left side of my profile is all filled with recents acitivity >w<


right now I'm in the middle of syncing the audio with the visual ^^'s just very...time consuming.
You feel like your going nuts! Nuu 
There's just so much repeating images when your making the moths move. It's hard to stick to and I've been avoiding it...
But im about 3 minutes in!!! expect episode 10 in a little bit. I just have to push through all this long boring labor >w<


due to how long episode 10 has taken (tho a lot of that was during the making of Maid Madness)
I'll be keeping the episodes around the length of 8 and 7 so I can go back to popping these babies out in a month or two like I used to.


im going to put a warning label on my commission that say "may take a day, may take a long ass time" xDD
but don't think I have forgotten about you!
even my private comissioner who commissioned a very very very long time ago Sad dummy

have any comments?? go ahead! I am a dummy! 

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sorry i've been away for a bit guys, sometimes the internet is really emotinally draining
I'm still working on ep 10 but i'm just not logging on DA much ^^'
wait for a update! :iconprettyplz:

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Hi!  konnichiwa minasan! I know i've been a bit absent late but believe me i and my projects are alive and well lol.

firstly I'd like to say thank you for everyone who is here! it's been so fun to create these projects and the joys that they have brought with them for everybody including myself. Not all of my time here has been smooth but i've fond myself and the community around Blood Raining Night growing and becoming better Clap  There are a lot of talented and old fans that I've had the joy of meeting. I remember when i got 20 subscribers on Youtube and bean so excited...but now my channel has grown to a wonderful 555 subs!! thank you for all the support! :iconyoutube2plz:

There are people who make fan charaters, fan fics and fan art and other things for Blood Raining Night. people also leaving comments and sending me notes :) I appreciate all of that! I'm very worried about not responding to people cuz my inbox tends to fill up quick with other stuff and I have a lot to do already. Sad dummy  i never try to ignore people, I love all that is done but sometimes I will miss things that people send me. and If I ever miss anything I am sorry, truely.

Also I have been getting questions about commissions and I realize you might be a bit worried of your commish will be coming in. I have made a list of commishes I'm doing (mainly for myself lol) but just to remind you guys that while it's taking a long time I have not forgotten.


1) Private
2) :iconiiaila: (done!)
3) :icondog-tier-fish: (done!)
4) :iconowlpeiiet: (done!)
5) :iconslyth3rin: (done!)
6) :iconjennarosedove:
8) :iconlife: (done!)

and :iconkeideos: I have been checking my correspondence area for your commission and I can not find it ): however I won't charge because i don't want you to pay again if you already have. please send me a link to your characters look below in this journal :3 im very sorry for the mistake.

Again thank you everyone for all the support and the awesomeness! if you guys ever need anything talk to me Hug bai~bai!

to all my friends and fans
I love deviantART! 
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firstly I'd like to thank the first 12 people for taking the survey it was very insightful :)
(btw the survey is still open!!)

out of 12 pple, only 1 person said that the game difficulty was "just right" while 4 pple said that it was really hard and 3 said that the game was almost impossible to beat. When me and BoldZone Games came out with the first version we were actually scared that the game would be too easy Sweating a little...  after playing it so much I can beat it in under 30 minutes no prob. but thanks to our survey takers we now know how we can help everyone with the game.

Excited Blush 
Download the updated Maid Madness!!
please remember to delete your old version of Maid Madness

Now that we realize a majority of the people are having big difficulties, we've made canges that will hopefully not only make Maid Madness easier on the players but also more pleasent. These changes being:
Bullet; Red  $3 (instead of $2) per wolf you defeat
Bullet; Orange  $15 (instead of $10) from Arden's first task
Bullet; Blue  $12 (instead of $10) from Arden's 2nd task
Bullet; Green  Lower music volcano during battle and title screen for your ears

hopeuflly we'll start seeing a trend of people who find the game "just a bit hard" now ;o
thankfully the difficulty of the game didn't seem to take away much of the fun. Half the people taking the survey said they thought the game was fun and more than half said they'd play it again :3 (which doesnt make sense but I'll take it lol!)
and to satisfy your curiosity: the 2 most favorite characters by far are Sensei Hanayubi and Niles ^^

thank you for playing and for taking the survey!!!!

hello! I just made a survey for how people are experiencing Maid Madness ^^
take the survey!
it helps us know your problems :)

by the way, Maid Madness has reached 100 downloads!!!!!
thank you everyone! :D

:wink kiss:  Maid Madness Download :wink kiss: 

Click here!

 Changes Made

There was a little glitch in the game that corrupted one of the story branches and a request to change something, but we're proud to say that Maid Madness is back up and running! Please take this opportunity to download it!

Updating the to the new game.

There is a tutorial on the Maid Madness page describing how to update. Simply, you just download the updated version of Maid Madness and delete the old one that you have. If you want to keep your save files, please read on how to do that on the Maid Madness page!

Tell us any problems you encounter!

If you have any problems please, please, please let us know by commenting in this journal or reporting back to BoldZone Games by e-mailing:
We want people to be able to enjoy the full story of this game and be able to play through to all of the endings!
Thank you :iconcherrelann: for pointing out the glitch!

2 soft hearts 
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so sorry for the inconvenience!!!!

Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Senpai notice me) [V3] Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Senpai notice me) [V3] Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Senpai notice me) [V3] Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Senpai notice me) [V3] Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Senpai notice me) [V3] Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Senpai notice me) [V3] Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Senpai notice me) [V3] 
watch the introduction video!
download the game~!

YES THAT"S RIGHT! Maid Madness is a RPG based off of Blood Raining Night!
a lot of OCs from BRN are included in the game ^^ this is a whole new adventure!

BoldZone Games came to me with an idea for his first game and he was so inspired by BRN that he wanted to do a game about that!
Over a ear ago we started Maid Madness on a different gaming format, but switched to using RPG Maker Vx Ace halfway through. that means I had to re do all of my artwork and he had to redo a lot of things too! D:

but through much persistence and dedication for the past 6 months, we now have something very fun to share with all of you!

Do you like any of the screenshots that you find in the game?

Upload them here!


Triple Hearts 
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I'm a bomb im like...literally dieing here...It was decided that I do some last minute artwork stuff and all day I've been drawing or eating with family. there's so little left to do aand yet I don't know if it will get done tonight Waaaah!  oh god I must find the strength to push threw and get this done tonight. so much repetitive crap...Im looking at 3 or 4 more pictures left to do and depending on how detailed it is...I just...GAH Stupid Me! Not to mention it doesnt help that I have to get up surper early tomorrow and I got no sleep last night...
chances of it being posted tomorrow? i would say a good 3 out of 5.

Does anyone know how to work mediafire so you can host a file on your mediafire and have people come and download it? :happybounce:
That would be really helpful so i won't fumble at the last minute

to all my friends and fans
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