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My oldest nightmare

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“Oh, but you must travel through those woods again and again..." said a shadow at the window. "...and you must be lucky to avoid the wolf every time...But the WOLF... the WOLF only needs enough luck to find you ONCE.”

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This is spectacularly haunting!
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Hello mr. Keaton mask. How are you today?
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wonderful light here!
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There's something so familiar about this despite having never seen it before.....very creepy!!
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This is legitimately perfect.
Its so amazingly eerie.
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Now that's a nightmare.
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Impressive! So many details and the atmosphere is really eerie, good work!
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Thank you very much !
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You are very welcome :) !
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I swear to God, and this is no BS, I had this EXACT same nightmare when I was a little kid! It was MY oldest nightmare and here it is, captured PERFECTLY 8D
In my nightmare, the wolf talked. It said something along the lines of "come to dinner"
Fantastic work, and amazing coincidence! Double Thumbs Up Emoticon 
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Thank you a lot ! It's very interesting to hear that ! You had an alternative version of my nightmare ^^
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holy shit... and there goes my heart.
The lighting is amazing, the...well everything. It got me.
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Thank you, I'm glad to hear it =)
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It reminds me of my own oldest nightmare: I'm at home, upstairs, and I know my family is downstairs. I have something to tell them: I call, no one answers. I go down the stairs, and no one is there, or has been there for a long time, judging by the dust that covers everything. I stand still. Then, I notice the sound: a soft sliding sound, like fabric on grass. It seems to come from outside... Only then do I notice that light only goes through the upper half of the kitchen's window. My eyes take a few seconds to adjust to the bright light outside. The object that blocks light is oily and covered in scales. It's at least 1,5m high, and I don't know how large. The whole thing slowly creeps to the left... The window on the left is half-blocked, same way as the other one. So are all the windows around the house... The room behing me further darkens: there's a second row of that sliding thing piled over the first one, almost silent despite its mass.
I suddenly understand what it is. It's a large snake, a serpent imprisonning me inside a dead house. Forever.

...that's a rather long story, for a comment ^^ Anyway, unlike you and your wolf, assuming this actually was your oldest nightmare, I never saw my snake's face: I usually woke up before the story ends. But it's strange how dreams can be similar, answering to fears common to children... Thank you for sharing this painting here, I enjoy its atmosphere a lot, despite it reminding me of my chilhood's fears (or because of it). Great work!
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Wo ! It would make a great short film ! And you're right, it's strange and fascinating how fears and dreams can connect between people. Stunning story, thank you very much =)
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Very cool!
The animal looks so out of place, it's wonderfully creepy!
Great work!
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Wow. it's so eerie yet not truly traditionally scary :D
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It's was the strangest thing about this dream, the atmosphere was just calm and static ^^
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Wow this really manages to be genuinely scary without actually showing anything "scary" like a zombie/monster etc.

It's just so creepy for some reason...
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It's the most difficult feeling to mae in drawing, the uncanny. So it's really encouraging if it worked on you !
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