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{Cover Video} This Broken Soul by reichenator {Cover Video} This Broken Soul :iconreichenator:reichenator 55 4 {Comic Dub} Pure Light Chapter 4 Ending by reichenator {Comic Dub} Pure Light Chapter 4 Ending :iconreichenator:reichenator 4 0 Spyro MAP by reichenator Spyro MAP :iconreichenator:reichenator 13 2 Ask Cynder (Link in Description) by reichenator Ask Cynder (Link in Description) :iconreichenator:reichenator 21 7 Convexity Studios:Top 5 Things We Want by reichenator Convexity Studios:Top 5 Things We Want :iconreichenator:reichenator 3 1 Convexity Studios: Thunder Strikes by reichenator Convexity Studios: Thunder Strikes :iconreichenator:reichenator 22 1
The Legend of Spyro: Heritage Ch. 2
The Runt
The hatchlings stayed under the Guardians' protection for a few more days so that they may be able to supervise them closely and ensure their health. Just as they had predicted, little Phoenus was taking more time to adjust to his life outside his egg. His legs were not getting any stronger, regardless of how much he walked around. He also looked somewhat sickly, much more so than any healthy hatchling should. Inferno took it upon himself to watch over him. He always had him close to Ignitus to keep an eye on both more closely. He wouldn't ignore the other children, Phoenus only needed special supervision.
To his surprise Ignitus appeared to have the same kind of caring towards Phoenus that his father had. During meal times Phoenus would finish his fruit before the others but still whine in hunger. Whenever he did Ignitus would somehow know and share a piece of his fruit. And whenever they were releasing their infant energy by running around he stayed close to him to ensure he
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SFM Test by reichenator SFM Test :iconreichenator:reichenator 29 9
TLoS: Dark Descendant Ch. 4
Welcome Home
Spyro couldn't believe what he just heard. He came to this village just to find peace but ended up finding his mother. 'So this is why Ignitus sent me here.' Spyro thought to himself.
"You mean… you are actually my mother?" Spyro asked with tears of joy in his eyes.
"Yes, Spyro, I was the one that brought in the purple egg to the guardians. I have waited a long time to finally meet you." Icis replied with tears forming in her eyes.
Spyro quickly ran into her arms and hugged her tightly. Flame and Gravel stood there eyes wide and mouths open. They were in a state of disbelief
"Where have you been all these years?" Icis asked him as tears of joy streamed down her cheeks.
"Well, the fire guardian, Ignitus, took my…"
"Yes, I know that part already, but what about the last three years?" Icis interrupted.
"I was trapped in a crystal with Cynder ever since the day Malefor was released, then a few days ago we were released. How did you know about what happened w
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Do you have a death wish? by reichenator Do you have a death wish? :iconreichenator:reichenator 10 11 Demetrius Reference Sheet by reichenator Demetrius Reference Sheet :iconreichenator:reichenator 4 5 Welcome to my bar! by reichenator Welcome to my bar! :iconreichenator:reichenator 2 5 Damian Reference sheet by reichenator Damian Reference sheet :iconreichenator:reichenator 2 5
Ice Diamond {Gift}
Ice Diamond
The life of a prince is a busy one, none knew this more than the prince of the ice kingdom, Tundra. His days were spent learning all of the duties he was to do now and when he eventually became king. It was all so much for the young dragon. He missed the days where he was a mere hatchling where he didn't have a care in the world. Now it was non-stop lessons and public appearances.  
He needed a break.
A few days before his eighteenth birthday, he finally had his chance. While his parents were busy meeting with ambassadors from the Electric Kingdom he only had the day off. He took advantage of this and managed to sneak away from his personal bodyguard. When he was finally free, he did not know what to do. The prince had seen everything that there was to see and nothing particularly appealed to him. Having no idea on what to do he stopped by a cartographer to view the different maps.
"Oh, welcome my prince, how may I assist you today?" The cartographer asked.
"Hello, I w
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Convexity Studios Introduction Video by reichenator Convexity Studios Introduction Video :iconreichenator:reichenator 22 0
Price of Darkness Ch. 21
Ch. 21 Citizens of the Shattered Vale
With everything else dealt with, Spyro and his son made their way towards the Guardians' council chambers. He knew that Phoenus was extremely nervous for the trial, so Spyro let him have his moments of silence. Even though he had reassured his son several times that everything was fine that small cloud of doubt hung over them. There was no guarantee that the Guardians would allow Phoenus to stay free, they could only hope for mercy.
As they walked through the city Spyro received the same amount of attention he usually did, but received a second glance when the dragons noticed a similar looking red dragon. Eventually they passed by dragons that used to be in Phoenus' class that recognized him and backed away in fear. Phoenus could only give each of them a gloomy look, they clearly remembered how he put dozens of his classmates in harm's way when he unintentionally destroyed the school. It may have been nearly a decade ago, but the trauma of that day
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Big Guys Cry Too Remake by Cameo647 Big Guys Cry Too Remake :iconcameo647:Cameo647 76 19 Draw your friends OC meme by Cameo647 Draw your friends OC meme :iconcameo647:Cameo647 30 33 Weirdlanders : Mother's Embrace by WeirdHyenas Weirdlanders : Mother's Embrace :iconweirdhyenas:WeirdHyenas 438 28 PL - Foolish Heart (1/4) by Dragonsia-san PL - Foolish Heart (1/4) :icondragonsia-san:Dragonsia-san 42 32 Glacia, v2 by Murghus Glacia, v2 :iconmurghus:Murghus 17 11 Eira V2 by Murghus Eira V2 :iconmurghus:Murghus 16 3 the Female Guardian of Ice by Murghus the Female Guardian of Ice :iconmurghus:Murghus 22 21 [P] Gru Meme by Neffertity [P] Gru Meme :iconneffertity:Neffertity 37 34 yinglet [experimental] by bas126 yinglet [experimental] :iconbas126:bas126 24 5 Main cast for Pure Light by iiDrBubbles Main cast for Pure Light :iconiidrbubbles:iiDrBubbles 20 2 Night chill by iiDrBubbles Night chill :iconiidrbubbles:iiDrBubbles 8 2 Cynder wing flap animation by RetiredAccount984 Cynder wing flap animation :iconretiredaccount984:RetiredAccount984 10 14 Tori Jewelhorn audition lines by iiDrBubbles Tori Jewelhorn audition lines :iconiidrbubbles:iiDrBubbles 5 0 Takanobu audition lines by iiDrBubbles Takanobu audition lines :iconiidrbubbles:iiDrBubbles 4 0


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Nate Reichenbach
United States
An aspiring police officer with a love of writing fiction on the side. Formerly :iconbegorle01:


Hey everybody, just here to ask for some help. My group, Convexity Studios, is in need of an artist and/or a video editor. If you or anypme you know is interested please let me know. 

Hey everybody. Sorry for the wait, but as promised here is an update on me.

I have been kept very busy in real life. As of last March I am a Correctional Officer. Basically I'm a prison guard working in my State's only women's prison. This is a wonderful change in my life as I am now finally getting my career started! However, that does mean I don't have a lot of spare time, and the spare time I do have is mainly focused on Convexity Studios. I haven't had much time or will to write. I have been working on the next chapter of PoD. I will try to get it done soon, but from now on my plate is going to be pretty full.

Thanks for your patience! I hope you enjoy the rest of my story! And be sure to visit the Convexity Studios Discord channel
Hey everybody, just here to ask for some help. My group, Convexity Studios, is in need of an artist and/or a video editor. If you or anypme you know is interested please let me know. 



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I formed this group to have a bunch of people come together and make big projects. Our biggest one is a 3D animation. We have a Discord if you'd like to come see!
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