Breeding Requests [CLOSED]

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Breeding requests are CLOSED


    Sakura Petal Bullet by SweetContext Kyotas participating must have their Katana of Potency awarded to them.
    Sakura Petal Bullet by SweetContext Users may only post 2 full and 2 split breedings per month, with only 1 split being PotL.
    Sakura Petal Bullet by SweetContext The user posting the breeding must own both Kyotas, or otherwise have written permission for both slots (breeding tickets).
    Sakura Petal Bullet by SweetContext A breeding that contains a starter slot does not count towards your monthly limit.
    Sakura Petal Bullet by SweetContext Breeding comments may be hidden if you change your mind/an admin hasn't gotten to it yet.
    Sakura Petal Bullet by SweetContext Do not reply to your post to edit it, swap Kyotas, etc. You will need to hide your post and repost it if you cannot edit it.
    Sakura Petal Bullet by SweetContext Inbreeding is allowed, but the dam risks infertility and deformed/dead pups as a result. Inbreed at your own risk.

Do not have conversations in this journal. It should only be used for posting your monthly breedings, admins replying with litter rolls, and geno ownership transfers between players.

If you wish to submit a breeding, comment with the form provided below!

Sire Import:
Breeding Ticket: (link to slot permission, remove or state if yours)
Dam Import:
Breeding Ticket: (link to slot permission, remove or state if yours)

Inbreeding?: Yes/No
Type of litter: Full/Split
Litter ownership: (please specify who receives pick of the litter)
Breeding items: (fertility supplements)
Applicable items:
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