Falling Flat (Levi x Thin Reader)

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When word got out that you were dating Humanity’s Strongest Soldier, you had been expecting to encounter some weirdos, given Levi’s celebrity status. However, hadn’t been prepared for the sheer number of people whose attention fixated on you whenever you went out. Both men and women cast jealous glares in your direction. Shopkeepers tried to give you things for free. Complete strangers saddled up to you to ask whether Levi was a good kisser, what he was like in bed, whether his you-know was proportional to his height.

In addition to what they said and did to your face, people whispered behind your back. Sometimes, you merely overheard them on accident, while other times, you were certain they’d meant for you to hear. But either way, they all sneered the same thing.

Why would Captain Levi pick you?

You dodged all the questions and ignored all the glares, but it was hard to get past the multitude of people asking why Levi – who could’ve had anyone in the Walls – didn’t choose someone else. You had often wondered the same thing yourself, and hearing your insecurities echoed in the mouths of every person you passed only served to strengthen them. After all, Levi was a hero, and completely perfect in your eyes. Even after months of dating him, you still couldn’t quite process that he was attracted to anything about you – that he’d pick you when there were more popular girls like Nifa, or cuter ones like Petra.

Most of all, his choice was surprising because you were flat as a board, with no feminine curves to speak of – or any curves, really. Your family was always telling you to eat more, always trying to shove more food onto your plate, even now that you were an adult. Sometimes, strangers made similar, unsolicited comments about how you must be starving. But no one seemed to understand that your body type had nothing to do with how much you ate. Even if you stuffed yourself to uncomfortably full levels, your bones would always stick out, your feminine parts would never fill in.

You weren’t naïve. You’d heard your comrades’ drunken conversations about how they all liked having something to grab onto, how they loved feeling that soft hourglass figure, how they loved watching certain areas bounce and sway. While Levi had never exactly been part of those discussions, you couldn’t imagine his desires would be very different from the rest of them. You couldn’t imagine he would want someone so…lacking.

That concern once again came to mind while you looked at yourself in the mirror, dressed in a nice, casual outfit. It was one of your favorites, but even the most flattering clothes couldn’t create curves where there were none. You frowned slightly at your reflection, accepting that this was as good as it would get.

Right on time, Levi met you at your door before the two of you began your date – which was really just a morning walk through town. You both appreciated the ability to keep things uncomplicated, to simply spend time together. Besides, the crisp weather that accompanied the last few weeks of autumn was refreshing, and its chill gave you an excuse to cuddle a bit closer than usual to Levi while you strolled arm-in-arm through the cobblestone streets.

For a while, you were able to forget everything else and simply enjoy the picturesque town with your boyfriend. Not many people were out this early, so the streets were empty and quiet. It felt like you two were in your own little world.

About halfway through the town, you and Levi arrived at a fountain, where a trio of women had gathered. Of course, they recognized Levi instantly, and they eyed him lustfully before shooting distasteful glares at you. You could practically feel their gazes roving you, judging you, though you tried to pretend you didn’t. You also tried not to feel inferior – but that was difficult when all three of the women had voluptuous, supple breasts and perfect curves.

“Hey there, Captain!” the middle woman called out to Levi, bending over the fountain's edge so her chest was practically spilling out of her shirt. “Why waste your time with that toothpick? I’ve got something that’ll interest you!” For emphasis, she grabbed her mounds and jiggled them, chuckling as they bounced.

You instinctively curled in on yourself, trying to turn away. However, Levi didn’t budge. Completely expressionless, he slowly looked the woman up and down.

When his gaze returned to hers, he replied flatly, “No. You don’t.”

Your eyes flicked to his face, your lips parting in surprise. But before you could fully process what had just happened, Levi was already leading you away. Behind you, the boisterous laughter of the other two women echoed through the square, while the middle one huffed and pouted.

Once you could neither see nor hear the three of them, Levi glanced at you. Then he stopped. “Hey, what’s wrong?” he asked concernedly.

Only then did you realize that your eyes had filled with tears. You turned your face away and blinked rapidly, trying to make them disappear. But it was no good.

“I just…d-don’t understand,” you quavered, still trying to stop the tears from falling. “You could have a-anyone, so why…why not pick someone who’s c-curvy and sexy? Why would you w-want someone f-flat like m-me?”

Levi hissed a curse under his breath, then quickly glanced around to check if anyone was watching. “Shh…” he murmured. “It’s okay. C’mere.”

He led you just around the corner of an alley, so you could have some measure of privacy in case anyone did come walking by. Then he pulled you into his arms, enveloping you in a cocoon of warmth and strength. With the wall at your back and Levi everywhere else, you felt completely hidden, completely safe.

Your boyfriend cooed sweet, whispered words to you as he held you close, trying to calm you while you cried into the crook of his neck. If anyone else had seen, they would’ve been surprised that the famously cold and stoic captain could be so soft, but you knew the truth. He would do and be anything for someone he loved.

“Shh…hey, listen to me,” he murmured tenderly into your hair. “Whether you’re curvy or not doesn’t matter. I love your body either way, because it’s yours, and that makes it precious. Being less curvy than another woman doesn’t make you less beautiful. And…”

He paused for a moment, and when he spoke again, there was a shy hesitancy in his voice. “Since I’m a…relatively s-smaller man, I appreciate that you’re also petite, because…it’s less awkward when I hold you and carry you. You…fit easier. Not that I’d m-mind either way, but…I just want you to know there are advantages to your build, too.”

His words filled you with an overwhelming sense of relief, because you knew Levi would never lie about something like this. To help the Scouts or protect a comrade, of course he’d utter a falsehood without a second thought. But when it came to matters of the heart, he would always be truthful about his feelings.

You sighed, your cries transforming from tears of insecurity and sadness to tears of release. For months, you’d been sick with feelings of inferiority, knowing you could never change your flat frame. But now, you no longer had to worry about not being curvy enough, because Levi loved you exactly the way you were, and his opinion was the only one that mattered to you.

Levi kept holding you until you calmed down, kept murmuring sweet nothings, kept petting your hair. Even when your tears stopped, he didn’t pull away. He waited until he was sure you had gotten it all out, until the redness had disappeared from your eyes.

When he ultimately did release you, it was only to wipe your face with his handkerchief – his actions gentle and comforting. Then he placed a doting, protective kiss upon your forehead. “Ready to keep walking, brat?” he asked you softly.

You smiled before answering quietly, “Yeah. Thanks, Levi.”

He held out his arm, and you took it, looping one elbow through his and placing your other hand on top. You pressed as close as you could while still allowing both of you to walk, treasuring his warmth, as well as the simple fact that he was here with you, supporting and loving you. And maybe it was just coincidence, but you didn’t notice any glares or whispers while the two of you finished your stroll through town, enjoying the beautiful morning with the person who adored you more than anything in the world.

Hello, lovelies! A lot of people requested a story basically the opposite of "Soft", where the reader is incredibly skinny (flat-chested, bony, gangly, however you want to call it). You'd think I would've been faster about writing this, because I somewhat fall into this category myself, but alas, it took me this long to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). Anyway, I hope you enjoy, and remember to make long hissing noises at anyone who dares to insult your meat suit!

((Please do NOT copy or repost any part of my stories.))

*Disclaimer: I do not own anything pertaining to "Attack on Titan". This story is for entertainment purposes only.
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In fiction or in real life, it shouldn't matter if the person you love is skinny, chubby, or anywhere in between. You should love people for who they are, appearances asides

Anyway, love the story!

ahh, Reia!! Once again, well written, well done!! Even the author's note!Bravissimo!! 🤓😉🌼🌺🌹and warm hugs, too!!