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casual game scene
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Hey, love your art so much that I wanted to use it as a background for my Commaful page. It's coming up blank right now on my Commaful page, but hoping it shows up. Thank you in advance.

Hello, i'm from LegendSword a band from Mexico, we love your work, and we want to use this image for our upcoming new album, called "Alexandria" like the library oh the story, can we? we have to colaborate with u, and if you have a patreon page o some we can give you back.

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Thank you! This art was done for the game "Nearwood", I'm not sure if you can use it for other projects. Maybe it's ok, but honestly I have no idea. Of course, I presonally don't have any objections :)

This is beautiful! Could I use it for the background image on a youtube channel that I'd like to start? I'm just gonna do book reviews. Please let me know. Thank you.
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sorry for the late reply, sure, you can use it if you wish :)
Thank you so much
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This is simply beautiful!!! :D (Big Grin) Heart Heart 
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Absolutely stunning <3
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Imagination is simultaneously my best friend and worst enemy, because reality exists
Wonderful piece :heart:
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I just discovered this art section. There's really people out there drawing just room concepts. Amazing, I love it. The atmosphere here is very thick. It reminds me a lot of the MYST series, if you know them.
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It looks so lovely, beautiful and peaceful. Wonderful ^_^
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You're welcome ^^
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This place looks so comforting. I like the warm lighting and how nature is just creeping in. I'm thinking about visiting such places in lucid dreams. Meow :3 
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I'm glad you like it Heart 
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this is amazing how did you draw this?render or in photoshop?
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thanks! yes, it's matte painting done in photoshop. I usually draw big shapes by hand, and than paint them with different brushes, apply textures and so on...
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wow are pro I guess you work in game industry right?
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yep, I work as a freelancer :)
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Isn't it the library from "Nearwood"?!
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This is amazing! Such wonderful concept! =)
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This is amazing!!!! You are awesome lol :)
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