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Tales of Symphonia - Sheena Fujibayashi

There's a little story about this cosplay, so if you're curious to know about it....
I've always been afraid of cosplaying characters with big breats or beautiful bodies, simply because... I'm not really that curvy (I'm quite skinny). My first cosplay (Lust - Fullmetal Alchemist) was a big disaster hahah, so that always made me pretty shy. But anyway, I love Tales of Symphonia since my young teenage times and Sheena still is one of my favorite female, strong characters... so I decided to put my insecurities away and bring that character to life. It may sound a bit silly since she doesn't even show THAT much, but I was quite afraid I wouldn't be able to fit to her and the photos just wouldn't work.

Well, but here it is! I'm actually very happy with the result :D I didn't photoshop my breasts, but they aren't that big either. I used some tricks to make them look way bigger.

Photographer: Collin van den Bos
Costume, plush and makeup made and worn by me


Tales of Symphonia - The Summoner by Rei-Suzuki Tales of Symphonia - So you're asking for a fight by Rei-Suzuki Tales of Symphonia - Confident by Rei-Suzuki Tales of Symphonia - Mizuho by Rei-Suzuki Tales of Symphonia - Presea and Sheena by Rei-Suzuki Tales of Symphonia - Golden Times by Rei-Suzuki

I hope you enjoy it, please leave a comment if it's possible :)

To see more photos and extra content, you can also find me here:

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I know this is old but god damn that's epic. Nicely done.

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Beautiful! I am also a bit shy about cosplaying these body types but I am very glad you cosplayed Sheena. Your costume is amazing and you look very confident.
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Ah, thank you! I'm happy to know that you understand how it is :D
I honestly prefer to cosplay as delicate boys or girls who don't show any cleavage, so I felt quite uncomfortable, but happy to see it was worth it!

Thanks a lot again!
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really nice Sheena cos
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Nossa ficou incrível seu cosplay da Sheena! Os seus do Link tão são muito bons. Você cehgou a ler os mangas do Tales of Symphonia, pois pra min são uma das melhores adaptações de um jogo para manga. E mais uma vez parabéns pelo cosplay! ADIOS!!!
Rei-Suzuki's avatar
Oi, muito obrigada! Na verdade o cosplay de Link ainda é meu preferido (': e sonho em breve poder melhorar esse cosplay e tirar fotos novas. Não cheguei a ler o manga de ToS, mas joguei e assisti as OVAs, porém vc me deixou curiosa agora. Vou procurar pra ler :) e muito obrigada mais uma vez também!
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This is great and I love your Corinne plush.
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Thank you so much! It was very difficult to make so it's great to know it ended up good :)
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You're most welcome. I'm glad to see someone take so much time and effort to make their cosplays look great. I'd do the same thing if I had even a handful of your talent haha.
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Divina! <3
Adorei o plushie! :D
Rei-Suzuki's avatar
Muito obrigada ;_; deu um trabalhão
like from anime I thought it was an anime screenshot : D
Rei-Suzuki's avatar
Awesome! Thank you for saying that :)
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You look really amazing, love the pose.
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Amazing cosplay ! I always found you pretty on your pics, curvy or not ( I myself being small-breasted and skinny too ). And the most important is that for your husband, you're probably the most beautiful woman ever. This gives more confidence than any gigantic boobs, don't you think ? :)
Anyway, good job on the cosplay !
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Awn, this is one of the sweetest comments I've got :heart: thank you for saying something like that (': very lovely!
Elianor-Hesperus's avatar
You're welcome :) small boobs FTW !
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Sheena is my Goddess. Now you are too!!! <3 
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hahaha oh well, thank you Blush 
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