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Ayeka Jurai

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Princess Ayeka Jurai from Tenchi Muyo!

Ages since I made new pictures and new costumes actually =)

This how I visited Moscow in April, it's a convention photo.

We wanted to make a cosplay of this real old school anime for a long time and finally we did it! Even if this costume looks rather easy to make, I spent lot of time while deciding how to make this or that part, and even more time I spent to find all that fabric of different colours and tints ><
Still have some parts that need to be improved.

photo by Kifir

Other shots:

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blaze-jaganshi's avatar
omg! this is the first cosplay i've seen or ayeka, and its perfect! you did such a great job!
AmaiNeiko's avatar
sooo beautiful! :iconloveloveplz:
kuroi-kenshi's avatar
OMG! I never thought I'd see Ayeka cosplay after all these years. You even did her formal Jurai attire. That's just too awesome. Great job. :thumbsup:
conquest79's avatar
thats a really nice cosplay of her nice pose.
CXTKRS1's avatar
One of the best Ayeka outfits to date IMO. Details and colors are amazing not to mention how nice the wig looks.
Rei-Doll's avatar
Thank you so much ))
shessyluvsrin's avatar
Oooh very awesome!
LeoHightower's avatar
Such a beautiful Ayeka cosplay, it's perfect in my honest opinion. :meow: :heart:
HedgehogNeesah's avatar
Nice background, the couch goes with you too :D
Raven-Lore's avatar
Awesome job!!! I love Tenshi Muyo ^_^ great show. You did a really good job.
Sephirayne's avatar
Love that you did this character. Great costume ^^
AmazonMandy's avatar
This is SO perfect, I love it!!
dsjw710's avatar
Love it! Tenchi is a great anime!
lovehurtslol's avatar
thats really beautiful!!!

its funny how cartoon clothes look when actually made into real clothes.
HeroOfTime05's avatar
can you say SPOT-ON COSPLAY?! holy hell...that rhymed!!!^^
etaru's avatar
Beautiful job, I especially love how you executed the wig. It's so rare to see Tenchi Muyo costumes that this is truly a treat <3
drummskid's avatar
id like to see a cosplay of mihoshi and washu
apple-kitty's avatar
KiuXkicks's avatar
Best Ayeka cos play I have ever seen! thanks for sharing!
ForsakenWanderer's avatar
Ooo! Perfect Ayeka :)
JibrilMudo's avatar
You make for a lovely Aeka:)
Q99's avatar
Ooh, Ayeka! :D
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