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Terminator Salvation Wall

By rehsup
Terminator Salvation Wallpapers 1680x1050
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I am sorry, but Arnold was the best terminator and in my opinion is the only terminator.

Arnold Schwarzenegger. . .why did he become a governor!?
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Did you know that Arnold Schwarzenegger was actually casted as John O'Conner and Michael Biehn as Terminator? The original idea was to let te big guy be the hero and the average dude be the sneaky killer robot. It wasn't long before recordings started that James Cameron came up with the idea of doing it the exact other way around; average, sneaky dude ("david") takes on macho machine robot ("goliath"), because that would be much more theathrical. And the Terminator legend was born.
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New Celebrity Crush, Sam Worthington!