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Yes, when I have the time - or better said - when there were the times I had any free time, I also did some traditional media work. Here's something I struggled to finish, but I frankly doubt if I ever will finish it totally to the end. This is the portrait of Lestat de Lioncourt from the times he lived in New Orlean with his one true happy family.

It's all done on hard (~300g/m) dark paper with pencils. I've used various pencils, mainly Derwent ones, but also some old Schwan's, and with some help from a collection of Faber-Castell graphite pencils. I think there were over thirty colors involved in creating this. As for reference I've had only this little still from the movie where you can see Louis, Claudia and Lestat - so much was creted out of my imagination, etc... I don't have any idea how many hours I've devoted to this drawing, because it was done on a Oh, I have 30 minutes now, and seen a pencil somewhere here basis - so, you know. :giggle:

And please, don't say eny word about his hands - I already know (c'mon, I have eyes!) - there parts suck like hell! :faint: Maybe, some time in the future, this or another, I will have time to finish it. Will see... :ahoy:
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honestly I don't think the computer screen does it justice. good work! one of my fav books/characters by the way
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Thank you! Took some time... :giggle: