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1001 Video Games: Wario Land 4

By Regulas314
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Developers: Nintendo RD1 / Year: 2001 / Console: Gameboy Advanced, Wii U Virtual Console / Genre: Platformer

Beat Goal: Defat the Golden Diva / 100% Goal: Defeat Golden Diva on S-Hard Mode with all 12 treasure chests

I love games were I can collect and pick up and hoard just about everything in sight! Games such as Fallout 3 or Skyrim are great in that way where I can just get anything and everything I can get my grubby little hands on, and I owe a lot of my interest in-part thanks to Wario Land 4! And this game really capitalizes on the greed aspect of the Wario games by incentivizing you to beat up and collect every single thing you can to raise your score to the max!

The level designs to be had here are just BEAUTIFUL! Even as one of the earliest GBA titles the graphics haven't aged a day after 16 years and each level looks magnificent! From a toy box world to Arabian Nights to a haunted house and even the Amazon Jungle! But beyond that each level has its own distinct charms for each sector; one example is a volcano that can become ICE! Another has Lakitu draw enemies for you to beat akin to Paint Roller in Kirby's Adventure! And unlike most straightforward point-a to point-b video games this splits it up into 4 different hub worlds with all this variety; even the tutorial level is a blast!

One of the most interesting aspects about Wario Land 4 however has to be the METHOD with which you complete each level. Alongside getting each Keyzer you have to hit a switch which puts you at a time limit to go back to the start of the level and exit! And unlike most games that pull the last-minute time limit mechanic this does it very well by giving you a legitimate and fair level of challenge in retreading your steps; sometimes it's as simple as just going through a gap to get back to the start. all in all this is one of the most technically perfect games for the GBA, and considering its library that says a lot!

Wario Land 4 is owned by Nintendo.

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FUN FACT: The soundfont for this game, alongside music and sound effects later got reused in the first WarioWare game.
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It was the first game of GameBoy Advance I've ever played.
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