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Wonder Park actually looks pretty cool.
FUCK YOU BUTCH HARTMAN! You WORTHLESS CUNT! Mary Kay Bergman was a BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFUL WOMAN! How DARE YOU mock her suicide! Why Tara Strong didn't TEAR YOUR BALLS OFF for this is beyond me!

If you made that joke to my face? I'd kick your ass! The fact that you tried to HIDE THIS is truly Despicable alongside even saying it! I hope your forced to live in a fucking sewer WITH THE WASTE AND VERMIN!
In hindsight the Spongebob episode Oral Report isn't that bad in terms of what an ass Patrick is to Spongebob. I WISH I had someone like Patrick yelling at me to get back to doing reviews and motivating me!
Having finished the Captain Underpants Netflix series I have this to say:

If you're expecting it to be as epic as the movie, be prepared for disappointment. If you wanted a Captain Underpants show that more captures the feel of the books over the movie you're in luck.

I didn't expect the show to be as grand as the movie, ad was still very pleasantly surprised. It's not perfect, but it does manage to make me laugh quite a bit. And that's all I ask for at the bare minimum, to be entertained.
Is... is the Teen Titans Go movie a fucking musical?
Seriously? "Fuck Batman"? This new Teen Titans series looks TERRIBLE! S fucikng depressing and grim! This is why I am glad I was never in the camp that wanted TTG to be more serious. 

You guys do know TTG has the same writers as the 2003 cartoon, right? I've learned to take those critic pisstake episodes as a good laugh tabthe assholes who actually LIKE Zach Snyder garbage! I heavily regret reviewing them because those were VERY OBVIOUS of me trying to Ape MrEnter back when I... clung onto every word he said like a baby chimp to its mother...
I still believe that trying to make your own streaming service is stupid. Disney for example shouldn't be doing this as they benefit more from mergers and partnerships.

If everyone makes their own streaming service it saturates the market and makes the very concept of streaming cost-inefficient. Eventually you'd be paying MORE for multiple services than you would for satellite or cable. That's the whole point of companies partnering with existing services like Netflix or Hulu.

Even if Butch wasn't the scum of the earth his idea is fucking stupid. Im
Pretty sure the Dove company is planning this exact thing.
Oh, and Butch? You know that shit you said about suicide and depression? You DO realize someone shot up their place of business and killed themsleves because they were obsessed with one of YOUR characters right? Yeah anyone remember Randy Stair? Ember's Ghost Squad?

Of course Randy was also very obsessed with the Columbine shooters so I can't wholly pin his obsession with Ember McClain as a cause, but it certainly had an effect on him and shaped his warped psyche.
Is the Sonic Mania DLC worth it? How good are Mighty and Ray?
Now Butch is saying being an introvert makes you an awful person... he could give back all the money he stole and give away all his fucking possessions and I'd never forgive him...
I've listened to "I Can't Decide" a lot more than I'd like to admit...
One of my most prized possessions is a VHS tape containing the very rare TV edit when Funimation first dubbed One Piece from the Skypiea arc.

I copied episodes 144 to 167 when they aired on Toonami from 2007 to 2008.
It just occurred to me it wouldn't be hard to put My Hero Academia on regular Cartoon Network. Edit out the swears, some of the nudity and turn all the blood into glitter slime; that would make All Might's shambled form even better!

The BDSM hero would be hard to work around though but, she's super minor.
At this point I can't help but see Butch Hartman as a real life Cameron Campbell, but worse on every level.
The more I listen to the ignorant, conceited, bigoted, homophobic, psychotic and sickening things Butch Hartman says the more I despise him; and it's getting to the point where I do think I could possibly hate him anymore than I do already.

Apparently OAXIS is a "Christian" streaming serivce, and Butch's definition of Christian equates to the Westboro Baptist Church.

Among other things, in a promotion for his service, he honest to God said SUICIDE is a product of the media! You are a fucking PSYCHOPATH!

And guys, I know none of you believe a word I say at this point, so I'm gonna link you to my sources:
Despite Butch Hartman's horrible behavior and idiocy, I'm still gonna enjoy or "tolerate" his shows. A show long as the creator doesn't put all of themsleves in their show, it doesn't ma the how terrible they are. And even in that case with John K he still did amazing things to circumvent this,
Y'know Cell really does deserve his own movie. He could still be alive for all we know. Who's to say Gohan got rid of every last Cell? If the Cell Jr's can survive he sure as fuck can. And make him snarky as fuck like in FighterZ.

Dragon Ball Z: Emergance-C! MAKE IT HAPPEN!
My lats status post regarding Enter was (mostly) debunked by :iconecclytennysmithylove: I know none of you actually believe I'll get better, but I've at least been trying to make steps towards it. 

I won't ask for forgiveness because I know better and it makes me look much much worse.

The stuff I got with him telling people to chill about Trump was from here:…

Granted that's before his fallout journal but it still stands as a testament of ignorance. He didn't say to give Trump a chance directly, but he heavily implied it. His complaints in regards to Left-Wing media becoming more prevalent makes it sound like a bad thing, but the Left-Wing usually gives you the truth.
There's a very good reason why Butch Hartman's Kickstarter succeeded and Enter's didn't beyond his expectations and wanting too much money for a simple pilot.

Butch Hartman is, or was, a respected veteran of the animation community; not respectable, but respected. He's also created several successful shows that perople remember after over a decade and has DECADES of experience in animation. Enter spent 4 years developing an idea, that, in all honestly has been done before and that someone else could've better developed in 40 minutes. I'm not saying it's a bad idea, just an overdone and overlooked one.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Enter went the way of Icarus. He tried to reach for the sun, and got burned! Meanwhile Butch is... like Narcissus... who was arguably far worse while giving us something of value in his fall from grace.
Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy on my 27th birthday... that was also the day Stephen Hawking died!

the year before I was born, the Japanese voice of Yuki from Wolf Children was born.

5 days after I was born, Lord Slug came out in Japan.

The very day I was born, Howard Ashman died, and the original author of The Rescuers... no wonder I have such a strong connection to those movies...



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