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anything rocks XD
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This is literally the best thing Freiza ever got plastered to! I doubt his role in the new Broly movie will be as memorable as this!
If there's one game that NEEDS a full body remake it's Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly! It should be remade from the GROUND UP with the initially promised 25 levels and 120+ Dragonflies. Ripto and Gnasty Gnorc teaming up, high frame rates of 60fps and practically no load times.

This should've been THE Spyro game! Instead it was malignant garbage. I actually WANT Mr. Enter to do a review of this game! Maybe even James Rolfe, maybe BOTH OF THEM TOGETHER!
Yeah... I'd say I have a bad tendency to over-vent...

This honestly worries me. Is this a new website? An update? Am I gonna have to re-join when this comes out?
One positive thing I can say about Pokemon LGPE is that I love the idea of your Starter Pokemon having PERFECT IVs. They're supposed to be special one-of-a-kind Pokemon, so it makes sense for them to have a perfect stat growth.

I also love how certain moves have been boosted like Absorb and Mega Drain. Gym Leader rematches are nice, but I'd prefer too be able to rebattle all trainers with the Vs. Seeker.
Detective Pikachu might be the first truly GREAT video game movie. Not all movies based on existing video games are terrible but they tend to lack a lot of what makes the games good. That comes from the fact that video games are INTERACTIVE and YOU put yourself into the character(s) you control.

I'd say the best video game movie we've gotten before this, not based on an anime, are the Resident Evil movies.
YouTube isn't working on my consoles. Anyone else have this problem?
10 years ago today Rareware died. Banjo-Kazooie Nuts and Bolts was the killer... Sea of Thieves desecrated the grave. Personally I think Rare was doing alright until this game. Ghoulies, Kameo and Viva Piñata are all great games. N&B really didn't know what it wanted to be.

In lighter gaming news Super Mario Galaxy turns 11 today, its still one of the greatest video games ever made. We also got the PS4 port of Black Flag 5 years ago today; it's probably the best Assassin's Creed game ever.
If what Geekdom101 has said about the new Broly movie is true, I think I'm gonna love this!
The only times Pokemon has legitimately pissed me off is when Black and White 2 and Ultra Sun and Moon came out AFTER the initial versions! THAT is pulling a fucking cashgrab! Those are what BW and SM should've ALWAYS BEEN!

Lets Go is worse though because, while I don't think it's a bad game for kids, it's just trying to appeal to the lowest score common denominator and nothing else. Pokemon has become too safe a lot like The Legend of Zelda and cannot branch off from the formula or canon or whatever.

I know Pokemon is a game that is targeted towards kids, but a lot of ADULTS still live Pokemon to this day, even those who didn't grow up with it. I'm not asking for dark and edgy, I'm asking for something refined while keeping the charm and playability.
The only thing I'm not looking forward to in the Reignited Trilogy is Hurricos. Tom Kenny will never be able to use his SpongeBob voice for the Electrolls...
Remember my old editor Ecclytennysmithylove? As it turns out she's WORSE than I thought. She's a liar and a hypocrite. All I didn't was call her out in lying about a post I made and she blocks me as the final straw.

It doesn't help she always tries to force her ways onto everyone to brainwash them into being to her standards!
The Splat's YouTube channel is FINALLY reuploading Ren and Stimpy clips, but the sound is... really muffled and distorted...
For those who are still confused about why Spyro Reignited should be boycotted, or just isn't worth buying, let me explain:

People still buy physical games so that they don't have to download something via a file that can't be found should something be taken off the store or the servers get pulled. So picture this:

It's 20 years later. You open a sealed PS4 and a sealed copy of spyro reignited trilogy. You will be able to play what's on that disc so long as power exists, don't even need internet connection. Spyro 2&3 are gone if the servers aren't up. Buying a digital copy won't help you if it eventually gets taken off the store or the severs go down.

By contrast the Crash N Sane Trilogy has all 3 games on the disc and doesn't need a patch or Internet. With Spyro you only have one game and what are essentially demos of the others without that patch.

Digital games are only really worth it if they're super cheap or hard to find like Earthbound.
And the award for most unexpected reboot goes to:

Denver the Last Dinosaur!
What's all this?
Deviantart is adding the future update

Put pass: Totaleclipse
I'm gonna be VERY WARY of The Grinch. I actually kinda wanna see this out of morbid curiosity. Matinee it to see it cheap. Yeah this is gonna be what I call a guilty pleasure probably, I'm not ashamed of that.
I'd actually wanna try to make Moondreamers into something salvageable. And yes, for the record, I have seen Camp Candy prior to this, long loooong ago.... I vaguely remember seeing an episode on Fox Kids back in the 90s.

Probably what shocks me at all about Mr. Enter's list is that Popeye and Son isn't on it. Y'know, that cartoon that made it so POPEYE couldn't fight at all and could only throw or use machines against Bluto/Brutus? This show also gave them kids, despite Swee'pea being a thing and forgotten...

You cannot MAKE UP this shit! Allot of Enter's choices actually intrigue me enough to try to reveiw them myself, especially Camp Candy and Kid Video.
repost if u think gromit from wallace and gromit is one of the best animated dogs 
Today lets wish a happy 22nd to Sonic's debut into the 3rd dimension: 3D Blast! A happy 18th to Capcom Vs. SNK, 14th to Halo 2 and Jak 3, 12th to Viva Piñata (I may reveiw an episode or two today to celebrate) and an 8th to CoD Black Ops!



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Catscratch was a show that was bursting wth potential considering Doug TenNapel and his other works being so amazing. But it sadly premiered during a period when Nick first realized SpongeBob was literally like printing your own money! It might also have to do wit being based off Gear, an adult comic book... I don't know.

We get consistency throughout July until taking an 8 week break before "The Ghost of Mrs. Cramdily/A Line in the Litterbox". After Love Cats/Zombie Party a Go-Go!" We take a 2 week break before "Gordon's Lucky Claw/Big-eyed Bunny"; then another 2 week break before "Requiem for a Cat/Scaredy Cat". Things only much worse from here on out...

After this we go on hiatus for 14 weeks before "Hi Ho Kraken/King of Clubs" with a 2 week preceding "Life Savers/Mechanic-Kitties". Then another 2 week break before "My Bodyguards/Charge!" Followed by a 3 week break before "A Wooly Adventure/Evil!" 2 weeks later you get "Clan Destiny/Mall Adjusted" and then a 4 week break before "Two of a Kind/Core-Uption"...

Afterwards we go on another 4 week break before "Katilda/The Scret Door" upon which we go into hibernation for 112 days! After two weekly episodes the series finale "Spindango Fundulation/Duck and Cover" doesn't air for 134 DAYS!
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