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Penelope's Power (AR) [Diary Entry #10]
    Dear Diary,    Cheesy Galore was a blast! Even though I'm supposed to be a tween and not like the pizza place like I did when I was a kid, my superpower helped make things a lot more entertaining—    Grayson Powell adjusted himself on his little turned big sister's lap. Penny didn't mind the little boy. Despite his penchant for sedentary activities, the 5 year old boy could hardly stay still. She placed her pen down briefly and rubbed down his curly dark brown hair which brought a grin out of the pudgy kindergartner.    "Can you read that last word?" Penny asked.    Grayson nodded, "En-ter-tain-ing,"    Penny cooed, "That'
Penelope's Power (Age Regression) [Diary Entry #9]
    Dear Diary,    Brandon and I are—    "Doesn't 'Me and Brandon' sound better?" Brandon interrupted Penelope with a nudge of her shoulder.    Penny rolled her eyes, "Your big boy college education really did go bye-bye!"    Brandon huffed as he kicked his barefoot toes against Penny's bed in mild frustration, "But it seems so weird to say though, I feel like I was saying stuff like that at college. And Mrs. Smith never tells me its wrong in any of my essays."    "That's because you're in 2nd grade!" Penny giggled, "Mrs. Smith is just more concerned you know how to spell words like 'between' correctly, because you're 'between
Penelope's Power (Age Regression) [Diary Entry #8]
    Dear Diary,    Being in charge of a friend group is hard.    Paige and Skylar don't really like each other all that much, but they're both friends with me and I like both of them too. I know Skylar is like my BFF, but Paige is like a little sister to me. I can't just choose one over the other, and besides, they both know I have a superpower.    And that's really the problem right there, they both want me using my power for different reasons.    I tried to use it to please both of them and I ended up just causing a lot of chaos at our Girl Scout meeting. I guess I'll just start from the beginning. . . ----    "Wait," Paige lispe
Penelope's Power (Age Regression) [Diary Entry #5]
    Dear Diary,    I just got back from my sleepover at Paige Bennett's house! It's noon right now and I'm still in my jammies but I have so much to tell you! I guess I should start with that. I'm wearing my flannel jammies again, and I have to say I miss how warm and comfy these are to wear. Paige's mom told my mom she wasn't allowing anything loosely hanging or revealing to be worn so I wasn't allowed to wear my new camisole and shorts. I almost decided not to go because of that, I was going to be the only tween there after all, and if Paige's mom was going to make a dumb rule like that I thought she was going to force us to actually slee
Penelope's Power (Age Regression) [Diary Entry #4]
    Dear Diary,    Urgh!    I just found out during dinnertime from Mom and Dad that me and my little brothers are going to be babysat while they're out celebrating their stupid anniversary together! Can you believe that? Me, a ten year old tween who can microwave meals all by herself, am going to be babysat by some teenage girl just a few years older than me.    I have never been babysat by anyone besides my big brothers before, maybe I shouldn't have turned them back into little boys???    They're basically the reason I have to endure this horror because as Mom says, "The world isn't all about you Penny. I know you think you're all
Penelope's Power (Age Regression) [Diary Entry #3]
    Dear Diary,    So I promised you that I would tell you what I meant in my last entry and I think I finally have the time—    Penelope Powell turned with mild frustration as a she heard a brisk but strong knocking on her door.    "Come in Daddy," Penny said.    Mr. Powell crept into the room like a ninja, looking back out into the hallway, as if he was expecting a horned monster to be stalking him in his own household. He had dirty blond hair, half drained of its color, that extended down to bushy sideburns. A lifelong four-eyes, he wore a brown pair of glasses that gave him the look of a poindexter that sported a strong jawl
Penelope's Power (Age Regression) [Diary Entry #1]
    Dear Diary,    My name is Penelope Renee Powell and I'm a superhero.    Well not really, but I think I have what everyone calls a superpower. So I think that means I'm a superhero. My mom got me this diary for my 10th birthday along with my first training bra a few weeks ago. And I think it's a good idea to start using it to talk about what's happened to me. No one else will believe me, so I guess you're the only one I can talk you about all of this. But first I should introduce myself like a proper young lady.    Like I said I just turned 10 years old, which means I'm not just some kid anymore but a tween. I have an oval shaped fac
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