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Jar Head
My name’s Bill. I’m a brain in a jar. Yep. It’s… well, I can’t really say that it’s a living, but you get the idea. I’m not actually in a jar either, in the strictest sense, since it isn’t a jar exactly. It’s a carbon-ceramic casing filled with a hyper-oxygenated nutrient gel and fitted with a complex web of micro-electrodes, sensors, and stuff like that. The result is that I’m alive, and very, very bored.
Sure, I have access to a few databanks of different things, and every day I get an hour or so in a virtual environment where I can talk to other brains, but honestly… they aren’t all there anymore. It seems that this job is harder on some people than others. I don’t like talking to them much. It’s like being in an insane asylum.
If there was anyone still monitoring us, then I would tell them to do something. Anything. Just start unplugging us for all I care. It’s been… at least a hundred y
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A Festival in the Woods
Armored boots hammered against the forest floor, shattering what had moments before been a peaceful morning. Aaron imagined it had been at least- he hadn’t had a chance to sit and rest since the previous night, and peace and quiet was starting to feel like a distant memory. His plan, or the closest thing he had had to a plan, was to go into the one place where he’d been sure that the soldiers wouldn’t follow- the Dark Woods, the massive trees that loomed over his village like an ocean wave about to fall.  His village eked out their living in the far less bounteous grasslands that bordered it. No-one went in, though there could have been enormous profit from the rare wood and animals rumored to be found there. Everyone was more concerned with angering the unnamed dangers lurking inside.
The soldiers who were chasing him hadn’t been worried about such things, it seemed. Here in the forest the air seemed thick and moist, and strange sounds could be heard. Dist
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“Onward squire! To glorious battle!” Sir Hamnet bellowed, his crimson cape billowing in the wind.
“Yes sir,” his squire sighed. Richard’s life ambition had been to serve alongside a great knight, defending the kingdom from all manner of threats. It had taken years, but he was finally a squire.
The only problem was… the knight wasn’t so great. And by not so great, he meant terrible. In the last two months, Hamnet had loudly told lies about his ‘great feats’ to whoever would listen , when in reality, the greatest thing he’d done was extort peasants, refuse to pay for things, carouse with tavern wenches, and order Richard around. The knights armor had been polished so much that it shone brighter than a looking glass. Maybe not surprising, given that he hadn’t been in a single fight.
Apparently not even Sir Hamnet was immune from consequences though- a messenger had caught up to them and delivered an...  interesting mes
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Windrunners part 1

I was told once that people were the only monsters in the world. For a long time, I believed it.

“This is Merlin calling Revenant.” I said into the salvaged radio. “Merlin calling Revenant.” I released the mic switch and was rewarded with only static. With a sigh I put the mic back on its hook. I’d been trying for a while now- I wasn’t sure how long exactly. Long enough for Alar to fall asleep and start snoring like a choir director that had fallen asleep with his pitch pipe still in his mouth. Annoying as that sound was, more than anything I was impressed that he could sleep- now that we were holed up in the town mini-mall the feeling of imminent danger had lessened, but it was far from gone. Even as I sat there with my back to the wall, gryphon snores and radio static mingling in a strange sort of duet, I had to remind myself that there was nothing creeping up from behind me. That scraping sound I’d just heard wasn’t something
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Boba Fett Cosplay, Salt Lake City FanX 2018 by Regolith247 Boba Fett Cosplay, Salt Lake City FanX 2018 :iconregolith247:Regolith247 7 1 Boussh Cosplay, Salt Lake City FanX 2018 by Regolith247 Boussh Cosplay, Salt Lake City FanX 2018 :iconregolith247:Regolith247 2 0
Brave New World
Dale had been flying for nearly his entire life, starting in a rickety old bush plane owned by his grandfather. He’d gone on to fly cargo planes for the Navy, and after that, passenger planes for an airline. Eventually he’d ended up working for Scaled Dynamics, flying every shape and size of aircraft that he could have imagined. Good times. Happy times.
In all those years, he’d never seen a sky as turbulent as this. The Revenant rocked violently as it was struck by a strong crosswind first from the port side, then from below, and suddenly a downdraft the entire plane plummeting downward as if the wings had been sheared off. Dale had flown in severe weather before- but not like this. Certainly not over Virginia.
“We’re getting the crap beaten out of us down here,” he heard over his radio. The gruff voice was easily recognizable as that of Frank, despite the amount of static that had begun to plague their radios.
“Not much better up here.”
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Scorching Earth part 12 ENDING
Chan was getting nervous- the planes were moments away from launching, but the fighting was also worryingly close. He looked out at the darkened buildings and jumped nervously as something exploded not far away. “How much longer?” Bloggs demanded over the radio.
“Pre-flight checks in progress. Takeoff in one minute.” came the answer.
“Make it faster. All teams, prepare to fall back to the runway.” Bloggs ordered. A flicker of movement caught Chans eye- and then, gunshots. A group of soldiers was fighting… or maybe losing would be a better description… against something that Chan couldn’t get a decent look at, it was moving so erratically. One soldier screamed as he was shot twice, once in each leg. Then another dropped, the handle of his own combat knife visible sticking out of his chest. A third was somehow propelled through the wall of a nearby building. The final soldier was hurled onto his back by the thing, his leg seemingly be
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Scorching Earth part 11
I followed Kamari. The forest had been hit hard by the bombs-  wide swathes had little left except for bare tree trunks jutting upward from ash covered ground, many of the trees still burning. Smoke rose from smoldering branches and logs, making the very air gray. I could feel the heat of cinders even through my boots- I wondered how Kamari could stand it. She hadn’t said a word since we left the rocks. I usually wasn’t bothered by silence, but over the last day or so I’d gotten used to Alar’s chattering.
I let Kamari take the lead- she knew these mountains much better than I did- and there was something about walking ahead of her that seemed inherently disrespectful. After a few minutes she leapt into a tree with relatively intact branches, gesturing with her head for me to keep moving.
The forest here was in better shape- they probably hadn’t wanted to drop any munitions too close to their own base, and the fire couldn’t travel well on these s
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Boba Fett Cosplay- Salt Lake ComiCon 2017 by Regolith247 Boba Fett Cosplay- Salt Lake ComiCon 2017 :iconregolith247:Regolith247 4 7
Caveat Autor: A Frost Bite Halloween Special
He poked at his computer keyboard with a noticeable lack of energy. Things had not been good in regard with his job. Actually they had straight up fired him, after making him wait around for several weeks while they got around to it. So that stunk. He had plenty of time for writing stuff though, so that was good, even if writing wasn’t easy at the moment. But he had once been told that the secret to being a good writer was to just write, every single day, even if it was only a half dozen sentences. And so he poked away.
The words didn’t come easily. They struggled and snapped, tried to get him to back away and find something else to do. He hung on grimly. He hadn’t finished his half dozen sentences yet. What he already had on the page… he didn’t really like. He could feel his current self-pity staining every vowel and consonant like tomato stains on the clothing of a failed stage performer. Not many people know that the throwing of tomatoes originally carr
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Scorching Earth part 10
Ray and Xia waited quietly outside the theatre. Something was obviously going wrong- Frank and Katsura should have been checking in every few minutes, but it had been over an hour since they had entered.
After deliberating, Ray had asked for volunteers to enter the building. Eight men had been selected. None of them had met their check-in deadlines either. Though the other teams were eager to go inside and rescue their comrades, Ray had refused. Against a creature like the kumiho, they would be almost useless. Ray himself had difficulty against illusions- in fact, there was only one person there who could see through them.
Ray looked over at his wife, sitting next to him in the passenger seat. She had changed to her human form very quickly  to make sure that she was not left behind. After such a traumatic event as her kidnapping and subsequent rescue, her being present was nothing less than foolhardy, but Ray hadn’t tried to stop her.
After being married to her for such a lo
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Heritage Flight by Regolith247 Heritage Flight :iconregolith247:Regolith247 3 5 Fifth Generation by Regolith247 Fifth Generation :iconregolith247:Regolith247 4 1 Black Arrows by Regolith247 Black Arrows :iconregolith247:Regolith247 2 5
Scorching Earth Part 9
“I’ll go. I’ll bring them back.” declared the gryphon cub.
His father looked down at him, surprised to see his son was still there. “What? No. You shouldn’t be here. This is no place for-”
“I wasn’t asking permission.” the cub interrupted. “I’m asking if you’ll help me. I’m going either way.”

The older gryphon looked at him sternly. The cub looked back with a surprising amount of determination for one of its age. After a moment, his father nodded. “We’ll talk later.”
Wake up, Grale.
The cub, reluctantly, left the cavern where the elders were meeting. His black feathers blended with the shadows as he left the well lit chamber behind.
“It was my fault,” the cub murmured, feeling guilt press on him like a physical weight. “I should have done something.”

“Calm! Be calm! You’re safe!” P
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Sacred Sentinel by thomaswievegg Sacred Sentinel :iconthomaswievegg:thomaswievegg 211 5 Mission Complete by Zerahoc Mission Complete :iconzerahoc:Zerahoc 15 2 Granny Miggins and Scampi Versus the Magmarach by RussellMarks Granny Miggins and Scampi Versus the Magmarach :iconrussellmarks:RussellMarks 106 11 Shallan Davar by dnavenom Shallan Davar :icondnavenom:dnavenom 82 23
Writing lectures by Brandon Sanderson
This is some of the best advice I have seen on writing anywhere ever, EVER!
I watched and read a lot of stuff that is always all too vague and generalizing. But Sanderson's lectures are concrete, practical and to the point.
This is his lecture from 2012 at BYU in Utah. You can find all videos and notes collected on one site. The maintainer of this site is a former student of Brandon Sanderson and has made all the recordings., under Learn -> Archive.
The lectures alternate between writing and business advice. If you are an aspiring writer, you will find all of it interesting. I'm just writing fanfiction, so the whole publishing side doesn't really interest me.
For the best writing advice, I encourage you to watch these lectures (my personal favorites):
Lecture 1:
Ideas are cheap
Class goals
Discovery writers vs
:iconbarbexy:barbexy 8 8
Sketch of a grey dragon by AlviaAlcedo Sketch of a grey dragon :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 862 24 The Rogue's Son by ElementalJess The Rogue's Son :iconelementaljess:ElementalJess 69 26 Hidden World by Lhuin Hidden World :iconlhuin:Lhuin 2,017 85 Dying of the Light by Noble--6 Dying of the Light :iconnoble--6:Noble--6 112 2 'Spacecraft of the First World War' is out now! by MikeDoscher 'Spacecraft of the First World War' is out now! :iconmikedoscher:MikeDoscher 308 92 14 by FotoN-3 14 :iconfoton-3:FotoN-3 178 1 Expedition by lonefirewarrior Expedition :iconlonefirewarrior:lonefirewarrior 367 35 Depression. by Neodusk Depression. :iconneodusk:Neodusk 642 101 1 of 10 - Boba Fett by SmacksArt 1 of 10 - Boba Fett :iconsmacksart:SmacksArt 91 15 Quickpaint - Ace Pilot Archangel by WMDiscovery93 Quickpaint - Ace Pilot Archangel :iconwmdiscovery93:WMDiscovery93 83 12 August-Alpha by MackSztaba August-Alpha :iconmacksztaba:MackSztaba 128 4


I wish that I could write faster, and update more regularly. But at the moment I have a total of $20 in my bank account with no way of making more, and finals are around the corner. I know, you've heard it all before. The good news is that Part 8 is re-written, and Part 9 is progressing as well as can be expected. I also have a collaborative project with Vanilla12789  in the works- there's only one page done so far, but I think it shows promise! Here's a panel from that page... I'll post the entire thing once it's colored and complete! Make sure you drop by Vanilla's Instagram to see her latest stuff as well!

A sneak peek at a bigger project I'm doing. Check back to see my new couple of graphic novel pages. :) #gryphon #griffin #artwork #art #drawings #drawingsketch #skillz #characterdesign #character #character #birds #birdart #fantasystory #fantasyart #fantasticcreatures #storytelling #storytellingillustration #childrensliterature #childrensbooks #graphicnovel #conceptart #burrbiz #cat #kitty #friendly #artist #illustration #illustratorsofinstagram #illustratorsoninstagram #illustrator #fantasy
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I can't draw worth a darn .The artwork here is amazing nonetheless, and also gives me a place to get feed back on my writing

I do indeed do commissions, preferably in the genres of sci-fi, fantasy, etc. Look at my gallery to get an idea. NSFW is NOT an option. Forget it. Other than that just ask and I'll get back to you!

Around where I live there are not only a great deal of birds of prey about, but also a number of WW2 aircraft that fly regularly. Perhaps, then, my singular obsession with flying is understandable.


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