I looked at my hands today

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I look at my hands,
cracked and worn,
and ponder that we
are supposed to be —
God's hands (and feet)
here on Earth.

My hands . . .
are hard to keep clean
these days.
Working hard
with metal and wood,
paint and acid,
soap and grease.

These hands are cut
by knives and glass,
poked by screwdrivers,
scraped by all manner
of things.

And yet, these hands
have comforted the dying
as they slip gently
(or sometimes violently)
from this world of illusion
into God's welcoming arms
of peace.

These hands have held
a tiny baby
(it fit neatly
into the palm of my hand)
only 15 weeks from conception,
blessing it as it arrived
too early by far from the warmth
of its mother's womb,
returning to God
without ever knowing
the pain and joy
of conscious life.

These hands have helped
to bury over 400
of our nation's veterans,
holding a silver trumpet
on a frost-rimed hill,
playing Taps
as the rifles fire their final salute
while the body
is lowered into the ground.

These hands have clapped encouragement, patted heads, touched shoulders,
kneaded warm dough for bread,
welcomed life into the world,
petted cats and scratched dogs' ears,
picked flowers and captured snowflakes.

These hands have changed
dirty diapers, flat tires,
burnt out light bulbs . . .
these hands have helped
to change the world
in small, unnoticed ways.

God, please bless my hands this day,
use them to bring forth Your kingdom
in peace and love.

©1998     Reg A. Klubeck
Meditation on all we do with our hands
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I really enjoyed this :)
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Thank you! Some of my writing is in PDF format, so you have to click the link. :onfire:
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Wow this was really very beautiful.
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