Fox Tail Keychains
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SOFT AND FLUFFY ! Like a pet you don't have to take care of! Clip it on your bum and call yourself a foxy lady! Clip it on your keys, and you won't loose them again (or if you do, finding them is easy! just look for the fluff!)

I sell quality fox tails with a sturdy lobster clasp keychain attachments.
The clasp is permanently connected to a wire loop that is securely glued to the inner base of the AUTHENTIC *REAL* fox fur tail. 

Foxes are farm raised and humanely treated in Finland in accordance to their stringent animal husbandry laws. In an attempt to prevent waste, I purchase the tails in bulk from furriers who use the rest of the pelt for garments and bedding. All tails are freshly and professionally garment tanned to last a lifetime with proper care and treatment. Most tails are a NATURAL color, some tails are DYED. 

Silver Fox tails are 45+ cm long and roughly 13 cm wide (Coloration is black, with grey-white highlights and white snowball tip)
Indigo Fox tails are 43+ cm long (Coloration is grey with white highlights and white snowball tip)
Cinnamon Fox tails are 40+ cm long (coloration is a reddish brown, with white highlights and white snowball tip)
Red Fox Tails (Coloration is orange/red with black mottling, usually a white snowball tip)
Cross Fox tails (Coloration is similar to red fox but darker with more grey Hughes)
Platnium Fox (Coloration is white with marbled grey/black coloration)
Blonde Fox (Coloration is a light blonde marbled with cream)
Arctic Fox (Coloration is a solid white, these are very densely furred)
Russian Blue Fox (Coloration is white, with grey "frost", aka fur is tipped in grey, this is a natural coloration)
American Grey Fox (Coloration is tan with grey/black markings, often black tipped, these are thinly furred due to the warm climate the species lives in) WILD TRAPPED not farmed.
Kit Fox (Coloration is off-white/cream with black markings, often a black tip) These are a small species of fox, so tails will be shorter.

Dyed Colors:
Dyed Silver Fox (A silver fox dip-dyed, underfur and mottling matches the tip) Available in Blood Red, Midnight Blue, Fuchsia Purple and Teal
Orange Tiger Fox (a arctic white tail with orange/black alternating stripes, underside of the fur is lighter to match authentic coloration)
White Tiger Fox (a arctic white tail with white/black alternating stripes, underside of the fur is lighter to match authentic coloration)
Solid Rainbow Fox (pieces sewn together to create a tail, somewhat fragile due to sewing)
Frosted Rainbow Fox (arctic white tail with tips "frosted" into a rainbow using airbrushing, underfur is white)
Tie-Dye Fox (Arctic white tail miracuously dyed into a beautiful mottled swirl coloration, underfur is a grey tone)
Fire Fox (arctic white tail with tips "frosted" into a maroon/red/orange/yellow/white rainbow coloration, underfur is white)
USA Pride (arctic white tail with base "frosted" blue and tip "frosted" red, creating a Red/White/Blue tail! Underfur is white. This style is great for Harley Quin Cosplayers)
Gradient Dye (Tail is Dip-dyed into a gradient with the tip having the strongest coloration fading towards the base [color is solid to the leather including the underfur) Available in Dark Red, Bright Red, Sunburst Yellow, Limey Green, Sky Blue, lavender purple
Solid Dyed (Tail is a single tone, dip dyed to leather) Available in baby pink, light purple, navy blue, dark chocolate brown, and others

Other Species:
Coyote (tan with black markings, fur is coarse textured and somewhat thin due to the climate these live in). WILD TRAPPED not farmed.
Russian Sable (A rich brown hue, silky smooth fur similar to a mink but longer)
Canadian Lynx (Coloration is tan with black markings and white underside). The SOFTEST of the furs. Like petting a cloud. Short bob-tail.
Finnish Raccoon aka Tanuki aka Raccoon Dog (a very fluffy but short tail, Coloration is tan with black markings)
American Raccoon aka trash-panda (Coloration is tan with black striping, fur is somewhat coarse and thin due to warm climate these inhabit). WILD TRAPPED tails and are not farmed.
Mink (Color options are Brown, Blue/Grey, Palamino, White. VERY silky smooth)

Strong sturdy lobster clasp is attached via a heavy gauge shinny galvanized silver wire.

I have several tails in stock for each color, if you prefer a certain style (extra fluffy, extra long, solid black, grey mottling, etc) please message me to confirm I can satisfy your fullest fluffy desire !

my etsy is www.etsy.com/shop/regineskrydo…
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