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An American Monarchy - Coat of arms

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Published: September 26, 2013
What if the United States had been a monarchy instead of a republic? The concept is not completely outlandish. After all monarchy was the default form of government back when the United States seceded from British rule. There was also plans to offer the Prussian prince Henry the throne.

Had the continental congress elected a king the title is not unlikely to have been changed to emperor, once the nation grew westwards.

This is how a coat of arms of an American Empire could have looked like.
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This coat of arms would not be work as Prince Henry of Prussia was a Hohenzollern, this coat of arms has the Imperial Eagle of Austria, the Crown of Emperor Napoleon III, if you were to do a Coat of Arms of a monarchist America with Prince Henry, the eagle should more look like that of the German Empire eagle or have the Greater Coat of Arms of the German Emperor.
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Don't give Trump any ideas.
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KiwaTecHobbyist General Artist
All hail Elon Musk I, emperor of USA.
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georgiaonmygrindHobbyist Digital Artist
This is beyond spectacular!
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Actually they offered George Washington the title of king, it was his idea to not have any kings.
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Also offered it to the Stuart Prince Charles

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SamCanguta19299SoyuzProfessional General Artist
For Norton I
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Who would he have been married to to rule America?
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Herb wyszedł cudnie :)
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*Cough cough* Austria-Hungary *Cough cough*
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Claudius42Hobbyist Writer
Did you know this was used on the cover of the book, Star Spangled Crown?
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Yes. The nice people at Tumblar House made sure to get my permission first.
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I was wondering if there is a way I could get a svg version of the  Eagle
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Fitting of the glorious reign of Norton I of America.
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Very cool.  Too bad people in the states are genetically predisposed to despise the very thought of a king.  This, in spite of the fact that most of them pretend to be kings, queens, knights and princesses when they're children.  
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George Washington was also offered kingship.
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It's not that far off the mark. I have a pet theory about agreements made after WWII. I won't get right now. But it's based on some historians & scholars research. All wanted to add is that... Although it's not a Monarchy it obviously clear its a very much so an Oligarchy. Right now an estimated that of the roughly 340 million + or - a million or two, five whatever... A minority of apoxemently 1/10th of a 1% control as much or more than the rest of the majority❗️And if that isn't disturbing enough, it's recently been estimated that approximately 800 people around the world hold more a$$ets than the rest of the 7 billion 7 billion and growing far to fast on the planer... Insanity pure insanity.
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Dont they teach people about the glorious Reign of Norton I., Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico, anymore?
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No, no they don't.

That is a tale of a people's leader if I've ever seen one.
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BTW, if some latter-day Emperor Norton declared himself "Emperor of These United States and Protector of Mexico" today, he would seem more politically trustworthy than the sewage tank that we habitually refer to as "Congress"...
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