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Seventies Night Club

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If you don't recognize Snoops from Rescuers in this scene, you probably won't recognize the rest of the seventies era cartoons in this piece. Mainly cause their either hidden in the smoky shadows or they're just off model. Some may hear the sounds of KC and the Sunshine Band, or Bee Gees, but anytime I look at this, I hear this classic song by Slave:…

While I like how this turned out, its not one of my best.

This digital piece was an experiment for me. I've recently got inspired to do this after watching Youtube videos of artist Marco Bucci. I've really gotten addicted to his instructional videos lately, they're not only informative but funny as well. 

But what really catches my attention is his art style. While his work is cartoony and colorful, its very loose with painterly brushstrokes and abstractions. Most if all of his videos feature a time lapse of his entire painting process. This piece was an attempt to study his method of painting.
His painting method was actually a bit challenging for me.
I noticed he tends to do his digital art work as if he's doing an oil painting. He'll start of with an extremely rough sketch, then goes right into filling up the screen with various colors and shapes, and uses them to build up forms.  Which was very hard for me since I like to have everything fully sketched out before I even think of bringing color into the picture. Once he has the forms that he needs, he fine tunes them to his liking. He even has no issues in completely erasing an element if its not working. Turns out in one of his videos, he mentions that he started out as a traditional painter. So it all makes sense.

As fun and frustrating as it was to paint this, it was a new learning experience  for me in digital art. I definitely recommend his videos if you to improve on your artwork.
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Ironically, Snoops WAS the first character I recognized out of this! I saw a couple of the other Disney characters mixed in the background, but otherwise I think I'm at a loss. I watched this movie on VHS back in the mid to later 90s.

This definitely comes off as a painting, with no lines and such. I especially love the club's background, I think you did a wonderful job coloring that. That specifically has a real beautiful texture, and it looks like something I'd like to learn to make in the future.

Overall awesome piece, I'm sorry most of it is a loss on me with the characters. That's on me, and doesn't detract at all from your work. :nod:

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Same here. I recognized him the first glimpse of this picture too

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No problem. It was intended to be a mixture of Disney, Hanna Barbara, and Bakshi characters. So I figured not all the characters would be instantly recognizable. But thank you! :)

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Some crazy stuff happening here. I see Goofy, Cheetah?, Hanna Barbera characters?, I don't really know who they are but seem familiar to a certain extent. This seems like a party held in heaven... I doubt it much. Considering there is Mickey Mouse, and all that this character stands for, this might as well be a party held in hell. I have seen that lion, but don't remember where. Is that Jazmin from Aladdin?

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Haha, it actually is a mixture of various Disney and Hanna Barbara characters and even a few Baskhi ones too. The Lion character is actually from Bedknobs and Broomsticks. I actually didn't put Jasmine in here, didn't really think about in until afterwards.

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I totally get you on trying to learn from Marco Bucci. Today this day, there are still things I don't fully understand from his videos but when I watch him demonstrate, it's complete magic. Kudos to you taking a brave step into developing your style! The impressionistic look reminds me of studio concept art; they sometimes do very fine arty styles. I also really liked your choice of keeping one person in yellow; since you're going for kid's style, most people don't get to use dark colors but you chose to use complementary colors as contrast.

Regarding criticism, You did a wonderful job setting the mood and keeping up with the cartoon colorful style. One thing to watch for is trying to keep bounce light's consistent; if the atmosphere is mostly purple, a lot of the shading will tend to lean purple, unless something else nearby affects the color. The shading on the lion person and leopard woman is a bit too brown for the scene; since the light in the dance party isn't particularly strong, the purple atmosphere takes priority in color. There is also a random rim light on the yellow suit person's sleeve; it feels a bit out of nowhere.

Another thing to watch for is atmospheric perspective. I can see you attempted some, and I think it can be pushed more towards a different hue. For there to be a cone light, there has to be a bit of fog and it gets thicker over the distance. It's a pretty easy fix; you can color pick the background and cone-light colors and just lightly brush over the people at the back in low opacity. There is also a random dark figure on the corner, which can benefit from atmospheric perspective. Goofy though, looks great so I'd keep him the way he is!

Good work and keep arting! Thanks for dropping by.

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Thank you for the well written review. I'm glad you love it!

Since I didn't do any sketches for this one like I do for my other ones, it took a while to get this piece to look decent. So I was bound to encounter some problems along the way. Just like with Bucci, I was trying to play around with shapes and colors to see what comes together. Only difference with Bucci, he already seems to know what he wants his finished picture to look like in the end. I have to agree, the atmospheric perspective could have been pushed more.

Once again, thank you!

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Splendid variety of expressions and postures.

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Nice style. Love your details like 70s.

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Far out baby. The 70's was a wild time for animation.

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Indeed it was. If it wasn't the domination of limited animation by Hanna Barbara and Filmation, it was occasional feature films by Disney, and even then you had the growing trend of adult cartoons sparked by Ralph Bakshi.

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I really love the beautiful colors and the watercolor paint style here. I think a Marco Bucci style would work wonders, you should definitely do more of this! :D

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Wow! Thanks! I definitely will consider doing more like these.

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The style of painting you have chosen to do fits perfectly with the theme here. I honestly think you did a good job here. I'm personally enjoying seeing the different styles you're experimenting with :)

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Thank you! I'm glad you like, its definitely a change of pace I'll consider experimenting more in the future.

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I love the style of this piece!

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