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My Take on The Six Character Challenge

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Iv'e seen this challenge all over this site for the past few days. Normally I'm not a huge trend follower, but this seemed so fun to try out, I just had to take a whack at it.

Hopefully it wasn't against the rules for me pick which characters to draw rather than asking my watchers through a poll or status post what characters I should. There aren't any posted guidelines as far as I know. To add to the challenge, I decided to draw six characters I have never done before.

Jesper from Klaus
Bonkers T. Bobcat from Bonkers
Five from Seven Little Monsters
Slappy Squirrel from Animanics
Mayor Manx from Swat Katz
Sam I Am from Green Eggs and Ham

While this is a digital art piece, most of of line work was done traditionally.
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These look awesome! I really like the pictures of Bonkers and Slappy.

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Thank you! Considering that I never drew those two before, they turned out great!

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Ah, good ol' Slappy! ^^

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you really have a great grasp at the style of cartooning! I'm so envious on how clean you can draw the lines :>
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Thanks! As of right now, Im doing most of my line work traditionally with a pen before scanning it in. Still getting used to a tablet.
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I've been hearing about the six fanart  challenge as it's popular. Very amazing choices here ^^
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The Fact You Drew Someone From Seven Little Monsters,Warms My Heart.XD
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Thanks! It was one of my favorite shows to look forward to when I was little.
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Ya,It Was Pretty Rad. Though Their Mom Was Totally A Old World Witch That Created All Seven Of Them In Her Giant Pot,And I Refused To Believe Otherwise.XD
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Hahaha! The interaction between Slappy and Manx is hilarious! Swat Kats and Animaniacs are some of my favorite cartoons!
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Manx why on Earth do you have a bomb?
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Slappy wanted to give him a gift! XD
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Slappy is wearing gloves now.
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Yeah, I completely forgot she doesn't wear gloves until it was too late. But I figured I might as well roll with it.
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