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King of Wakanda

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Character  Black Panther
 “In my culture, death is not the end. It’s more of a stepping off point. You reach out with both hands and Bast and Sekhmet, they lead you into a green veld where you can run forever.” -Tchalla AKA Black Panther.

To be honest, I forget if this quote is from the movies or the comics. Feel free to remind me of the source if you can.

I actually did a sketch of Chadwick Boseman once over a year ago. I never posted it because I was not satisfied with how it looked. But in light of recent events, I figured now would be a good time to try again.

Out of all the events that have happened this year, this is one of the ones that shocked me the most. Even you didn't like the movie or the other MCU movies, you can appreciate that this actor really enveloped himself into the role. The fact that he did the role in spite of his illness really shows to his dedication as an actor.

I'll be honest, I could have done a better job on this. This was done entirely with various alcohol markers. I used Blick's brand along with an off brand I found from Five and Below. I wanted to go for a nice blended background but it didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted it. Initially I was going to go with simple base colors  and very few shadows to give it more of a comic book look, but I wanted to be a little more ambitious with the shading. Especially since I haven't touched markers in a while.

Also, maybe it's just me, but I don't think I fully caught his likeness enough. I actually thought it looked more like him before I added the color. Plus getting his vibranium suit took some time to figure out as well. Most of the small details were done with white Gelly Roll pens before being colored over with red  and purple markers.
Let me know how you guys like it!

RIP Chadwick Boseman 1976- 2020
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Very nice work! I'm admiring the details on the suite :nod: Well done :)

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Heya Reggie - I'm from ProjectComment and I wanted to give you some feedback on your work. I want to go over what went well for your piece and where things could be improved. First let's go over the positives. I think you do did a very good job on the colours you chose for your piece. They contrast well and really pop out to the viewer. For a comic fan art piece, it's very fitting and I don't think there was another alternative. So you did a very good job with colour! Another aspect you nailed was the style of the piece. Your style fits the subject of your piece, and as I previously mentioned, it works for a cartoon piece. So overall, you did a very good job executing your fan art of Black Panther.

Now let's talk about some of the things that could be improved. The biggest issue I see here is that the anatomy of the character seems to be a little bit off around the legs. They seem to be a little bit short--perhaps this was done to achieve a stylistic visual but it does seem a little awkward. I would make the legs a little longer. The pose seems fine but again the legs seem a bit odd: they go backwards and don't fully support the upper body. I would have changed the legs and bring them more so that they are centre with the body. And a small nitpick to end the criticisms, the background does not look fully blended. You say that the piece was done entirely with alcohol markers and they do work for the most part. I'd just go over some of the small areas where it's not fully blended. But again, this is just a nitpick.

So, overall, I think your piece is very well made and I love the colours. The only issue just seems to be the legs. I look forward to more pieces by you. Keep up the good work!

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Thank you for the review! I do agree look at how that the legs are a bit on the short side. And blending is something that can be improved as well. Much apricated.

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Beautiful drawing of him! :heart:

R.I.P. Chadwick Boseman :(

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God Bless his soul.

I'm still rather annoyed at Disney, but he was a great actor for a great role nonetheless.

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