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Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, she moved to New York to pursue her passion for fashion. Known for having an eye for color and having an adventurous personality, she fit right in the ever changing and fast paced industry. She is currently one of the leading fashion designers in the western hemisphere. 

I felt like doing something more simple compared to some of my other stuff. Decided to try out using hard shadows rather than the soft  ones I normally use. This one was pretty fun and relaxing to do. I used a set of Bic markers I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby last month. They work pretty nicely. 

Only issue I had was when I tried to add highlights on her skin using a white gel pen. But they didn't turn right. So I used a little Photoshop to get rid of them so, Shhhhh....
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You did a very good job with Shhhh, then. ;)

I can see the marker textures, which really adds a bit to the piece I think. I think the first thing that jumps out at me is the eyes, followed by the smile. She does have that islander vibe like Jamaica, which is just added by your appropriate background, too!

Reminds me of which, I'll maybe peruse Hobby Lobby one day after New Years. I've not been in one since 2017, and they built one in the town near to where I live.

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Cool! By all means go for it if you decide to do Hobby Lobby!

Thank you!

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Cute character and I like the landscape the choice of color are very good. It make me feel in vacation :)

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Thanks! That's the type of vibe I was going for.

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She’s really cute, I love her

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