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(Commission) The Blue Prince

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Oil on canvas. 16x20

If you were wondering why I haven't posted anything new as lately, well it's because I was working on this.

Story Time: This is a project I picked up through my local barber earlier this spring. My barber, who happens to be a part-time artist, is someone I often share my newest artwork with. She's always been very supportive of me and is willing to spread the word about my artwork to anyone that is interested.

One of them was a customer she was working on when I came in for a haircut. After she introduced me to him, he soon became my client. This customer was interested in having a portrait done.

My client wanted me to not just do any portrait of him, but one of him as an African prince. He sent me some very useful photos of himself, and an old photo of a Morrocan prince from around the 1900s.

This took WAY longer than I expected it would take. What I though would take 2 months to do took over 4 months to do. I can say with confidence that this is the hardest project I've done all year.

For those who already know me fairly well, you already know I don't paint that often. And I've just recently gotten into the swing of occasional portraits.
But it has been years since I ever touched oil paint. Back when I was middle school, I always loved to paint landscapes with my Bob Ross wet on wet painting kit.
Once I got busier and had less time and space to work with painting, it fell out of practice.

Despite the fact that the oil paint materials have been sitting in a box for years, they were still usable, especially the paints themselves!

And even then, I was still unsure of where to start. Luckily, I was able to complete most of it through the lessons I got from my art teacher.

In the end, I managed to pull it off and had a very satisfied client at the end of the day this past week.

On a serious level, I learned several valuable lessons with this project.
The most important was probably the most painful in the long run. Don't undercharge your own work. I charged my client $250 in advance for the whole project, long before I realized what an enduring project it would be. Up until this point, I never charged that much for something painted. By that time I realized this it was too late.

It helps to be patient. It took almost two months to paint the prince's turban and the rest of his royal gear. And it took another two just for the client's face. But the results were more than excellent by the end.
Thankfully my client was also very patient in waiting for the painting to be finished. In the meantime, I occasionally would sent WIP shots to him so he could know how it was coming along.

Micromanaging the proportion was something I did consistently, even when I thought I was done. Something odd would always stick out that needed to fixed. I never settled with it being just good enough, I pushed my skills to the limit.
And of course, I gained tons of experience that will come in handy the next time I have to do another portrait. I'm just praying the next once won't involve a turban! XD.

I know it's different from what I usually post, but I hope you guys like it!
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Congrats on the daily deviation feature! the portrait contrasts with the background and the details of encapsulating the person is accurate - even the clothing looks real too! your Works show diversity which is great . This encouraged me to post my realism works in the future even though it’s not something I usually do but I think the techniques are similar from cartoons to realism

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Wow, thank you! I am glad your deciding to do show your realistic stuff! Even it is different from the stuff your known, its definitely worth sharing. :)

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I absolutely love the clothing!

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Amazing portrait work and inspiring story of creation :)

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This is just amazing

I have no other words.... just amazing

I can see your work in art museums

I hope they loved this

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Oh thank you! But they did love it!

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So are you excited for the Animaniacs

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It must have been quite challenging, but yet you succeeded despite the initial difficulty! It also shows you can make more realistic depictions as well: the commissioner must have been happy! :)

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Oh, he was! He definitely was.

Realism is something I don't do as often, but I always feel like I learn something new whenever I do something in that category. Thanks!

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I see... well, yes. I guess getting out of your comfort zone from time to time might be for sure a great opportunity to learn something new!

Also, my pleasure!

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Your work was featured in Themed Thumbshare Thursdays Vol. 9

Thank you for sharing your wonderful work! :tea: :heart:

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Your'e Welcome! Thank you too!

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Congrats on the DD!

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Fantastic work. In the end what matters is the satisfaction of knowing what you've accomplished.

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Oh, yes! That's very true! I'm extremely pleased with how well this turned out! Thank you!

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Very very nice. I love the colors and the style of artwork that you do.
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Thank you! Glad you do!

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Cottonmouth from Luke Cage!
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