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Cartoon Models in Various Sizes

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These models started out as a series of sketches I did in my sketchbook a while back. 

I had held off on posting these for a while a while because they looked quite right to me at first.On top of practicing on drawing characters in different sizes and structure, I've been practicing more on drawing women. 

I love how well these turned out. I've really been practicing more on have more of a soft painterly look to my characters, so I decided not to fully ink in the outlines for the characters. Getting the bold shadows to look smooth and natural took some time to get right. I may decide to do something like this again in the near future. Maybe I'll actually give these three names.
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I like the cartoony yet slightly realistic style!

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Heya! Coming in from @ProjectComment

Very fun set of characters you have here. The facial features especially look awesome. They each have distinctive personalities (I love the big guys smug face) and the facial anatomy looks very refined yet nicely exaggerated. You have a good grasp non anatomy, shape and style and I think the coloring works nicely with the neat line work as well – you have shadows in the right places and I think all of these characters look functional and believable.

I would like to offer some feedback on the anatomy though – some of these characters appear somehow very top heavy. It almost feels like they could trip over having such large heads and torsos compared to the legs. I know you’ve aimed for exaggeration, but I think with a little tuning they could look a bit more natural.

The cartoonified characters often follow the rule of variation where thick and thin areas follow each other (e.g large head + small torso + large feet) The first one for instance has a very long torso compared to the legs, which works fine on the second character, but here makes him appear like a dwarf. His lean body type would hint more towards a taller person – but he’s supposed to be like Asterix for example he would need larger feet to balance his head and a bit more 50/50 legs torso ratio. The second guy looks more balanced but in his case I think a smaller head would balance up the large body (kinda like Obelix) so that he has a small head, large body and small feet – again following the variation rule. His arms also appear veery long – I think he might even be able to touch the ground with his fingers. The lady I think looks fine, her anatomy is very balanced and she has a nice curvy figure.

Overall a great set!

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Thank you so much for the constructive review! Really appreciate the tips on making them less top heavy! Stylized anatomy is something I'm always trying to improve in, so stuff like this helps a great deal! :)

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I honestly love theses models! I know it was more of a practice, bit I envy your way of showing so much expression and and character types in your drawings :p
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Thank you! I always try to have characters be fun and lively.

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I really like how every characters have different personnality through their body language. You've a good attention to detail ! The shading is also very nice and coherent. Two things I've to say about this piece : cut out the borders. We can see some black lines on the corner ... And the feet of the lady looks like she's standing on her toes.

But else, very good work. I like the thin outlines aswell :3

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Thank you! I honestly didn't notice those black borders were there. Glad you pointed them out.

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super cool!! I love these varied body shapes!!

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Thanks! Glad you do!

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great poses and anatomy . i like the diffrent type of they body it kinda made it more interesting good job .

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Figure practice! I need to get into the habit it of doing this again. I had started digitally with free Reddit requests, but stopped after some depression last summer. I think its a great goal you're trying different body types, and you get varied and interesting cast when you can alter different features.

I think the most favorite out of this batch is the short redhead, and probably the girl afterwards. Really love how you detailed the guy's hair, and not lining doesn't take away from the overall art's quality. Great work!

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Thanks. In all seriousness, I hope you're doing much better since last summer. I'm glad to hear this was inspiring for you to get back into drawing. Go for it!

This was really fun experiment that I wouldn't mind doing again one day! Glad you loved it.

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i love these bodies!!

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Yeah you should name them,they all seem like they have their own personalities.
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Thanks! I'll consider doing that when I decide to draw these characters again.

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Interesting characters! They each show personality with their poses! I also like that they have different yet similar clothes on :D The soft painterly look works well, too.

I do think the hand of the red-haired moustache man looks a bit rigid (the one leaning on his hip), it might look more natural if the fingers were spread apart more and the hand was at a different angle so the palm would sort of fold around the hip.

I do have to say, I really like their noses :D Perhaps a strange and small thing to focus on, but I just like that they look unique :)

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Thanks! Glad you like it! Wanted to make sure each character looked unique from another. I still struggle with hands every now and then, so I'm working on that.

Thanks again!

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I'm liking the different body-types represented! You drew them well~ :)

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Thanks! Glad you like them!

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