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Whenever I start drawing for the day, sometimes the hardest thing to do is figuring out what to draw. It can either be having too little ideas of what to do, or in this case too many.
Honestly I intended this to be my very first art post for the new year, but it ended up taking a little longer than usual. 

For this one, I ended up using three new art tools. All the line work was done with a calligraphy pen, it was so much doodling and figuring out how to use it, I knew I had to use it in a full piece. While I had a little trouble controlling line weight, I think I did an okay job with it!
Then I used a small set of alcoholic markers I found from Ross as a color base. I swear shopping for Ross is like doing a treasure hunt when it comes to getting some nice art supplies. Especially ones vivid as these.
And last, all the shading was done with a new set of Caran D'ache Luminance colored pencils. While they are expensive as well, they are vivid in colors and very creamy. I really need to do a full piece with just these one day!
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Hi there :D! I’m from ProjectComment 😊! I’ve also seen your work around the forums a bit, it’s very nice ^_^.


I just want to say I really love this piece! They way that you laid it out really gives it a truly happy, colorful, imaginative feel! I can just feel the imagination pouring out of you as you work, and it seems to brighten up your day as well (as I’m sure many artists can relate to with their art and imagination making their days a bit more exciting ;)). You’ve really tapped into that aspect nicely! Especially fitting with the brainstorming title of the work. And having so many characters and colors really shows how you feel when you have so many ideas raging in your head, and you’re trying your best to capture just one to start with.

It also has a very nice graphic design feel to it: the top part feels “heavier” with all of the characters, but their colors seem to make it feel lighter, like a hot air balloon effect, adding to the whimsy 😊. And the details you’ve added! Wow, I really applaud you on that! I love how you’ve captured so many characters and details, and yet still make each one recognizable and able to be distinguished from the rest.

And the way you spread the colors out so characters wouldn’t blend into each other is awesome! It takes you through the piece very nicely.

This is going out on a limb, but the only thing I might suggest for the coloring is to maybe have put a small splash of one of the colors in the bottom part of the picture? That way the viewer’s eye would be a bit more tied to the entire piece instead of mainly the vibrant top (because your self insert is very interesting, too! Don’t want him to be overlooked!). But the effect you have right now is nice.

Another thing I noticed is that your self insert seems to look a tad too squished anatomy wise ^^;. Maybe move his chair out a bit so you can see his form a little more clearly? That way you feel the “hunched over, in the zone” feeling a tad bit more ^_^.

You said you did the linework in the calligraphy pen? It’s very nice :)! I don’t know much about those pens, but I know that some cartoonists use special pens and ink for linework, so the fact that you tried that is a) very awesome and b) adds to the cartoony and lively quality of the image!

I also really love the texture you’ve added via the colored pencils ^_^! The marker as a base/colored pencil combo works really well here, again, to solidify that “traditional cartoon” touch.

Overall, lovely piece! I really feel like a kid again looking at it and seeing all the colors and characters 😊. Thank you for sharing this and really showing just how an artist feels when trying to brainstorm their next picture! If you have any questions about my comment, feel free to let me know. It’s my first time, so I might’ve worded something a bit weird.

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Hello, sorry for the late reply! But thank you! I think you voiced your points nicely!

Mixing colored pencils with marker bases is something I've been playing around a lot more frequently lately. Looking at it now, I do have to agree the anatomy could have used a bit more work.

Really glad you like the line work! Calligraphy pens are pretty tricky to work with since they put out a lot more ink. So they take just a bit longer to dry as apposed to regular pens. I had to constantly be aware in how I was holding the pen not only for line weight but also so I wouldn't smear the lines I made.

Thanks for your well written review!

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Haha, you're fine! I know life is busy :). But yay, glad the comment was ok :happybounce: !

But yeah I've noticed that mixing colored pencils with a different, usually more "wet" media has a really cool effect :D. It also doubles as helping to make the areas feel more "fully colored" as the marker or watercolor underneath fills in any color that the pencils might have missed (those dreaded bare spots the pencils can't get sometimes x_X).

And yeah anatomy is hard, especially when doing cartoony stuff as you're already stretching reality, so I totally get it (I'm still learning a bunch myself ^^;). But I still think you did a wonderful job overall, you have a very nice style of cartooning!

Wow, pen and ink work has always scared me when it comes to doing outlines, so you're definitely brave for venturing out and doing that :D.

But no problem, thanks so much for reading it :D!!

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Amazing! And yeah, brainstorming and figuring out what to draw next can be tough sometimes, but we all get through it.

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I know right? Isn't it the truth. Also, thank you!

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Oh, man, this looks amazing! :D I always love your cartoony style, and I love the contrast with the colorful and the greyscale. It's a great representation of imagining and brainstorming. Nice job!

(Also, based on this drawing, looks like you're left-handed like me. Always nice to meet some more leftie artists! :highfive:)

ReggieJWorkshop's avatar

Yes! I am indeed a leftie! Thank you so much!

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Aww, this made me smile! Very nice effect with the black and white and colour. I love how expressive all the characters in the thought bubble are.

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Thank you! Glad you like it!

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Great work you do, too!

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