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    Yui stared intently at the sheet music in front of her. The sheet music stared back. Fingers poised, hovering over the smooth ivory keys, she slowly depressed the first one. The piano let out a weak tinkle; a shy whisper that sounded too much like a scream in the silent room. She moved onto the next note, then the next one, and the next one, and the next one, until—
    She repeatedly jammed her index finger into C. “That's not right. I missed a note somewhere, didn't I?”
    Initially, Yui had been enthusiastic about taking piano classes. She'd sung in her church choir, but she'd never learned to play an instrument before. Since there was a perfectly good piano in the mansion, Yui figured that was the best place to start. And after two weeks, nobody had burst into the sitting room and yelled at her for playing it without permission.
    Not that anyone could've heard her playing in the first place.
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Laito Sakamaki - Diabolik Lovers by RegenesisX Laito Sakamaki - Diabolik Lovers :iconregenesisx:RegenesisX 1 0 Book Cover - The Sun by RegenesisX Book Cover - The Sun :iconregenesisx:RegenesisX 1 0 Book Cover - Stupid Hose by RegenesisX Book Cover - Stupid Hose :iconregenesisx:RegenesisX 1 0 Book Cover - White Christmas by RegenesisX Book Cover - White Christmas :iconregenesisx:RegenesisX 1 0 Hatoful Boyfriend - Bookshelf Birds by RegenesisX Hatoful Boyfriend - Bookshelf Birds :iconregenesisx:RegenesisX 1 2 Book Cover - Legacy by RegenesisX Book Cover - Legacy :iconregenesisx:RegenesisX 0 4 Book Cover - Making the Cut, The Third by RegenesisX Book Cover - Making the Cut, The Third :iconregenesisx:RegenesisX 0 0 Book Cover - Making the Cut, The Second by RegenesisX Book Cover - Making the Cut, The Second :iconregenesisx:RegenesisX 0 0 Making the Cut, The First by RegenesisX Making the Cut, The First :iconregenesisx:RegenesisX 2 0 Book Cover - Christmas Cheer by RegenesisX Book Cover - Christmas Cheer :iconregenesisx:RegenesisX 0 0 Book Cover - Umbrella of Gas by RegenesisX Book Cover - Umbrella of Gas :iconregenesisx:RegenesisX 0 3 Book Cover - The Ten Rules of Genesis Rhapsodos by RegenesisX Book Cover - The Ten Rules of Genesis Rhapsodos :iconregenesisx:RegenesisX 0 0 Book Cover - The LOVELESS Incident by RegenesisX Book Cover - The LOVELESS Incident :iconregenesisx:RegenesisX 0 0 Book Cover - Roulette by RegenesisX Book Cover - Roulette :iconregenesisx:RegenesisX 1 0 Book Cover - Of Puppies and Kittens by RegenesisX Book Cover - Of Puppies and Kittens :iconregenesisx:RegenesisX 0 0


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Prompts for Writers
1. Staccato
2. Loves me not
3. Murderous
4. Lethal habits
5. Nemesis
6. Infestation
7. Telemarketer
8. "You're so full of shit."
9. Sentimental
10. Ambitions
11. Sacrifices
12. Little quirks
13. Renaissance
14. Slender
15. Spiders
16. Pagan
17. Jewelry
18. Filthy
19. Respectable
20. Nobility
21. Asphyxiate
22. Radiant
23. A waste of time
24. Outstanding
25. Hold me
26. Whispers
27. Don't worry
28. Smother
29. Crush
30. Crash
31. Slow motion
32. Funeral
33. Cross
34. Tattoo
35. Olive
36. Prime numbers
37. Guilty
38. Stop and stare
39. Friction
40. Jaw
41. Sleeping bag
42. Rough
43. "You take that back."
44. Scissors
45. Touch the clouds
46. Tackle
47. It takes three
48. Forbidden
49. Viral
50. Retreat
51. Can't say I'm sorry
52. Wire
53. Lead
54. Pop
55. Web
56. Time capsule
57. Gamble
58. Introduce
59. Wh-what?
60. "Don't touch me."
61. Play pretend
62. Tea time
63. Veranda
64. Unwind
65. Suicide note
66. Gag
67. Fantasy
68. Piano
69. Unfortunate
70. Pillowcase
71. Backed up
72. Calcul
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Thirteen Writing Prompts
Hello dearest fellow deviants. The following is a list of thirteen prompts, some of which are based on secrets, confessions, obsessions, and such - hopefully it will inspire you or get you out of a writer’s block funk.
1. I’m (finally) over you.
2. My hero was murdered; he did NOT commit suicide.
3. We could be soul mates.
4. Seven. The number of men I’ve kissed who I don’t know.
5. It’s not as hard as you think to say Au Revoir.
6. Last night I had to bury your bones in the field that you loved.
7. You’re supposed to be dead!
8. The house down the street.
9. I thought you smelled like heroin.
10. Lucky Charms.
11.  Some aren’t epics, some are short stories.
12. I see your point, but I choose to ignore it.
13. That’s my lucky number.
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31 Character Trait Prompts
This promts List was compiled by the lovely Sibel, whose main account can be found in the authors comments.
It was inspired by Bailey's,  list of 31 writing prompts.
Our list was developed to help encourage ideas for character attributes rather than themes for entire pieces themselves; as such, you can use these character attributes to any level of significance within your pieces. You can choose whether it applies to the main character themselves or someone that they either know of or that has had any influence on them.
There are three lists that we’ve developed; the first is more general, with non-specific attributes and qualities, whilst the second is full of more specific characters that you can use, and the third is more specific to the character’s job.
Please note: this is just a challenge and inspirational list, not a competition, but we’d love you to notify us of your favourite pieces and characters so we can keep track of them in a favorites folder and
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Difficult 50 Word Challenge
1. Psychosocial
2. Psychomotor
3. Anesthetized
4. Multicausal
5. Reciprocity
6. Mannequin
7. Neurological
8. Corrugated
9. Delirium
10. Reanimation
11. Supplanted
12. Hormone
13. Pigment
14. Degenerative
15. Interpersonal
16. Deficiency
17. Ethnographies
18. Ventilation
19. Endurance
20. Stimulant Disturbances
21. Division
22. Fertile
23. Maladaptive
24. Medial
25. Physiological
26. Awarded
27. Atmosphere
28. Attribute
29. Insulate
30. Regulate
31. Derby
32. Transhumance
33. Aridity
34. Drought
35. Subsistence
36. Migration
37. Concentrated
38. Biproduct
39. Domesticates
40. Mechanized
41. Post-harvest
42. Slaughter
43. Reconstruct
44. Aggregation
45. Profound
46. Stuporous
47. Socioeconomic
48. Infrastructure
49. Deration
50. Industries
:iconnghh:Nghh 103 14
OC Writing Prompts!
For any of you who are writers as well as artists, I have a list of writing challenges and prompts for you to try out! And even if you're not a writer - check them out, and see if you'd like to draw instead!
If you try any out, please post them up - I would love to read them all!
1st Writing Prompt - Take two characters you’ve created from seperate stories, who have never met, and now trap them in a broken lift together for twenty minutes. What do they do?
2nd Writing Prompt - Pick a colour and then a type of weather, and that is the name of your new superhero character. Write a basic profile about him/her - looks, age, origin, powers, weakness, etc.
3rd Writing Prompt - Pick a song from a soundtrack of a movie you have not seen, and listen to it a couple of times. As you do, write whatever comes to mind without stopping until you come to what feels like a natural end.
4th Writing Prompt - Pick a month from the year (September, October, November, etc…) Now personify them
:iconthe-oc-house:The-OC-House 96 27
30 Day OTP Challenge LIST ! ! ! !
:star:On the following days, draw/write your OTP:
:bulletgreen:01 - Holding hands
:bulletgreen:02 - Cuddling somewhere
[Bullet; Green]03 - Gaming/watching a movie
[Bullet; Green]04 - On a date
[Bullet; Green]05 - Kissing
[Bullet; Green]06 - Wearing eachothers’ clothes
[Bullet; Green]07 - Cosplaying
[Bullet; Green]08 - Shopping
[Bullet; Green]09 - Hanging out with friends
[Bullet; Green]10 - With animal ears
[Bullet; Green]11 - Wearing kigurumis     Kigurumi
[Bullet; Green]12 - Making out
[Bullet; Green]13 - Eating icecream
[Bullet; Green]14 - Genderswapped
[Bullet; Green]15 - In a different clothing style (Visual Kei, gyaru, lolita, ect. )
[Bullet; Green]16 - During their morning ritual(s)
[Bullet; Green]17 - Spooning
[Bullet; Green]18 - Doing something together (this can be anything from watching tv to having sex.  Just remember to tag appropriately.
:icon30dayotpchallenge:30DayOTPChallenge 11,598 4,327
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United States
Someday, I hope to write something half as good as Psycho-Pass.

What You Can Find Here:
-Sketches of various characters
-Old book covers for my fanfiction
-Short drabbles that haven't made it to yet
-A lot of yelling about Japanese rock
  • Listening to: Two Steps From Hell
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    Welp we're fast approaching November and that means NaNoWriMo is just around the corner. I'm not ready ;-;
    I first heard about National Novel Writing Month fairly recently. I was part of a creative writing class in my senior year of high school in which we all attempted to write novels (I failed), and I believe this was when NaNoWriMo was first brought to my attention. 50,000 words in one month. It's quite the undertaking.
    Making the Cut was my first successful novel-writing venture, and a story called "Magnetic" was my second. Magnetic doesn't get any italics because it isn't cool enough to really be considered a legitimate novel. I guess it has a beginning and an end, but I wouldn't say that it had any direction or conclusive plot. I just wrote it because I felt, at the time, that I had to finish it. And, in a way, finishing it was probably conquering something sort of personal. Things weren't going well at the time, so I guess delving into the world of writing was the best place I could've gone. Legacy could almost be considered a novel, if I would just take the time to sit down and add those last couple of chapters. Sigh.
    Either way, I think I came to some sort of realization today? And that is, I want to be an author. Somewhere in the past couple of years, I've managed to convince myself that I'm not good enough to become one and that I should settle for something more practical, like becoming an editor or a literary agent, because I'm sure that I could do both. And then I thought, "Wouldn't I feel frustrated, helping other people publish books and never publishing my own?" I don't know if it's just having become an adult that's given me this idea that I need to give up on dreams and pursue things that are practical, or if it's just what I've been dealing with recently, but today, for the first time in a really long time, I thought, "I really want to become an author. That's what I want to do." I mean, I tell people that's what I want to do, but I don't think I've believed it myself. I think a part of me has never considered the future, or never wanted to consider the future, because the dream that I used to have was just getting foggier and foggier. I spend a lot of time wishing I had a horse or some friends that actually lived in the same city that I do, and possibly some dumb, innocent fantasies about Japanese people, and I let something really, really important to me fade into the background. 
    I used to spend so much time in my world of writing. I used to rewrite school days in my head at night with how it would've been for my characters. I used to talk about Raven so much, he became somebody everyone knew. I feel like if my past self could see my future self right now, she'd be really disappointed. Not because I wanted to achieve anything by a certain age, but I know I at least thought I'd be somewhere. I would've accomplished something by at least having finished the novel I want to. I haven't stopped coming up with characters and ideas. But I open word documents a lot less frequently now. I start "Chapter Ones" even less. I was far more prolific when I was younger. I wasn't even that good of a writer back then, but I didn't care. I just wrote because I wanted to. Now I care way too much. 
    I failed NaNoWriMo last year because I was too intent on producing some sort of artistic piece. I can't say I'll reach 50k words this year, but it's going to be different. 
    This year's project is called The Dogma of War, and it's going to be a rewrite of Making the Cut and Legacy as an original piece. There's just something I liked about writing both of those stories. Some feeling they gave me. So I want to try to recapture it again, but make it something that I might be able to share with more than just the world of fanfiction. Creating a new world and scenario started off a bit difficult, but a lot of things fell together really quickly and I have a lot of hope that it will at least be a fun, dramatic adventure. I'm not anywhere near ready for NaNoWriMo to start, but I'm so excited for it. And I haven't been this excited about something in a long time. 
    I'm ready. I'm ready to write again. I'm ready to get taken on some grand, emotional adventure and who really cares whether it's the best writing I've ever done? Noir will be in it, so everything will be fine.
    Come at me scrublord, I'M RIPPED. 



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