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Haven't posted here in a while. We're more active on Facebook. Anyway, if you're wondering where Vol. 2 is, we had to delay (as it says on the website right now). We're almost finished with it, though, and should be starting sometime soon but we can't give a concrete date yet. We're also finishing work on a PDF version of Vol. 1.

I wish I had more to say, but that's officially what's happening right now. You may see some more concept art trickle onto this group soon from the creators, but that's all that's planned for now. However, I'm personally trying to pursue a graphic novel adaptation of this story. It's been a tough pursuit so far but I'm going to see how far I can get with this on my own. The problem is I'm not skilled enough in this area to do everything. So I'm looking for help. Particularly for pencilers or sketch artists. My plan is to eventually get a new touch screen convertible (laptop or ultrabook with tablet use) to use scanned or digital drawings and try my hand at digital inking and whatever else I can utilize to get a graphic novel going. If you're interested, let me know.

At this moment, like the rest of ReGeneration, this is not a job offer. This is a group hobby we do for fun and for free. However, unlike the main blog, this direction may end up turning into a possible way for monetizing from our work down the road. Keep in mind, though, that it's not at that point yet.

UncertainSound ( (@PostwarOrphan)
On Thursday we tested out a brand new feature we're going to be using throughout the rest of the year while we prep for Volume 2. It's live Hangouts on our new YouTube channel! You can watch the entire first test hangout we did by clicking here and follow our Facebook and Twitter pages to be notified of when we do another one!
We just finished the first volume and though we didn't get any submissions for our art contest, we still want art to have some involvement in this story. We're working on a PDF for the entire first volume to be available for download before Volume 2 launches (February 2013) and we're looking to include as much artwork as possible for it. So submit anything that has to do with ReGeneration to this group and we'll include it (with credits) in the PDF as well as give you llamas!
August 25th is our final deadline for the art contest. We're going to post our podcast a little later this time so you'll have a little longer, but you should be submitting anything you have soon if you want a free item from our store. We don't have any submissions yet so if you submit anything you are likely to win!
If you're wondering where Q&A #7 is, I've decided to stop posting Q&A's after podcasts as they are time consuming and we have not been getting feedback based off them. Instead, we are going to stick with our podcast to answer questions as well as using Facebook for replies and discussion boards. You are welcome to continue using those methods to ask us anything or our personal DA profiles as we do not receive notices for comments on this group. A revamped "About" page on our website is coming soon which may include further contact info, though not right away as we're still deciding on those methods. We will still use these journals for announcements and news.

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